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Within the framework of a special exercise with military command bodies, formations of military units and logistical support organizations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, MTO units worked out the use of forces and means of logistical support during the period of direct preparation and repulsion of aggression in the Western and Arctic theaters of military operations. The formations and military units solved the problems of material and technical support at the main basing points, in scattered basing points, in the places of deployment of formations and military units of the Northern Fleet.

More than 30 practical episodes have been worked out to ensure the reception and preparation for a second flight of fleet aviation, as well as the implementation of actions by the forces and means of logistics to ensure its dispersal.

In practice, the elements for preparing the runway for flights, the deployment of a system for direct cover of the airfield, the landing of personnel on military transport aircraft, the elimination of hot spots and fuel filling, the deployment of the field pipeline complex and the supply of fuel from the warehouse have been worked out. In the course of practical actions on the airfield support of the naval aviation of the Navy at the Severomorsk-1 airfield, 37 aircraft of all types were involved, which made about 50 sorties.

At the main base of Severomorsk, practical measures of special types of technical support were worked out.

Subdivisions of the area of ​​the logistics center, a separate automobile battalion and a detachment of support vessels completed the tasks of preparing and supplying torpedo weapons to various types of ships, including the newest frigate of project 22350 “Fleet Admiral Kasatonov” and the destroyer “Admiral Ushakov”, bunkering of the tanker and refueling of the ship at the fuel depot, loading missile weapons on ships and submarines, refueling ships at the roadstead, delivering and supplying material resources to ships, as well as questions on liquidating the consequences of bottling oil products at the roadstead and at the base.

The technical reconnaissance group and the repair and evacuation group worked out the issues of deploying an assembly point for damaged fleet vehicles.

The Integrated Security Center organized anti-sabotage defense of the fleet basing points, which demonstrated the use of project 21980 P-421 and P-429 anti-sabotage boats, as well as high-speed boats, when repelling an attack from sabotage groups of a conventional enemy.

As part of the comprehensive support of the naval forces at the maneuverable basing point, the tasks of replenishing the stocks of weapons, ammunition, military-technical property, food, fuel and lubricants were solved. Scheduled preventive technical inspections and repairs, as well as other logistics and technical support measures were carried out.

A special exercise on the material and technical support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with military command and control bodies, formations, military units and MTO organizations is carried out on an annual basis. One of the main tasks of the exercise is to improve the forms and methods of performing a set of tasks assigned to the system of material and technical support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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