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In the new academic year, Moscow schoolchildren and their parents will have several innovations at once.

In the new academic year, Moscow schoolchildren and their parents will have several innovations at once. She told about them Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

“The last days are the most troublesome, everyone is busy preparing for school, this is especially exciting for the children who are going to the first grade. This year we have 116 thousand of them. In general, the Moscow education system will accept 1.5 million children. More than one million will go to school, 430 thousand – to kindergartens and 100 thousand students – to colleges, ”said Anastasia Rakova.

The academic year in Moscow schools will begin in full-time mode in compliance with epidemiological safety measures. If a student is diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, then the whole class will undergo a 14-day quarantine, and study will continue online using the services of the Moscow Electronic School (“MESH”).

Today, the situation with the incidence of coronavirus has stabilized. The total number of cases in a week decreased by 20 percent, hospitalized – by 15 percent. 77 percent of employees of educational organizations are vaccinated with two components of the vaccine, 84 percent – with the first component. Anastasia Rakova noted that this makes it possible to start the educational process in full-time form with additional sanitary and epidemiological measures, which were worked out in detail last year.

Thermometry will be carried out at the entrance to the school. To minimize contacts between children, the principle of separation of streams will remain: for each of the parallels of classes, the time of arrival at school and the schedule for the beginning of lessons are determined. Each class has a separate office, which will reduce the movement of children around the school. This applies to lessons in all subjects, with the exception of those where special equipment is required (for example, physical education, art, labor, technology, physics or chemistry). In such rooms, after each lesson, disinfection will be carried out. All school premises will be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. There will also be used antiseptics for treating hands and bactericidal, closed-type lamps, safe for children, for air disinfection.

School staff, in addition to teachers, must wear protective equipment. The wearing of masks for teachers is advisory in nature.

“The epidemiological situation also allows us not to restrict children in extracurricular activities. Schools organize excursions and visits to museums. To date, no restrictions on circles and sections are introduced either. We will try to organize groups in circles and sections according to separate parallels, ”added Anastasia Rakova.

Moscow parents have the opportunity order hot meals for kids. The city has the Moskvenok service, thanks to which you can order hot meals from the school canteen menu online on the portal or in the Moscow State Services mobile application. Starting with the new academic year, the number of schools where this service is available will increase. And from October 1, the service will work in all schools in the capital. This will allow parents to create a menu for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, taking into account the taste preferences of the child and his health characteristics. When choosing dishes, information is available on the composition, calorie content and content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The service will soon be available in the “Mesh Diary” mobile application.

A pre-vocational education project is expanding in Moscow. From September 1, a new direction opens in 66 schools – media classes. Here, students will get acquainted with the profession of a journalist, will be able to attend master classes and lectures on the basis of leading universities that train specialists in the field of media.

Pre-vocational education projects are being implemented in more than 400 Moscow schools. Senior students in practice get acquainted with modern solutions in various fields of science, master professional equipment, conduct research and practice at the sites of universities and employers. This year, more than 50 thousand high school students will study in pre-professional classes – this is more than half of all high school students.

Updates have occurred in “Moscow Electronic School”… Starting this year, the MES will include the best partner educational materials that are already popular among schoolchildren. Thanks to this, an additional 45 thousand units of new tools and materials will appear in the library: interactive presentations for lessons, design and research tasks, virtual laboratories and tests. Most of the tasks are self-checking, that is, after completing the work, the teacher, student and parent can immediately see the results.

At the beginning of the academic year, MES will also have new virtual laboratories for drawing, inorganic chemistry, computer science, mathematics, biology and physics. They primarily complement specialized subjects in classes in various professional areas and provide students with opportunities for greater development and creativity. Virtual Labs help the teacher apply personalized and blended learning in the classroom for children of all backgrounds.

Another novelty of the Moscow Electronic School is the Student Portfolio service, which will allow you to collect in electronic form all the achievements and successes of the child: in Olympiads, contests, sports competitions and sections and much more. Also, students and their parents will be able to independently enter information into the new service, edit data and share their portfolio with friends, teachers, organizations.

Interdepartmental cooperation is developing in the capital. School medical certificates are converted into electronic format. The MES and the Unified Medical Information and Analytical System are being integrated. As Anastasia Rakova noted, this eliminates the need for parents to bring medical certificates and cards: information is automatically sent to the school from the polyclinic. Also, from now on, information about the physical culture health group will be transmitted to the educational organization.

By the beginning of the school year, several more educational services were converted to electronic form. You can apply to enroll in a kindergarten electronically since 2013 on the portal. Now both the application for admission and the conclusion of an agreement with the institution will be drawn up online. The parent will receive an education contract for signing and tick the box that they have read and agree. The document will be sent to your personal account, and the verification of the information provided will take place through interdepartmental interaction.

Parents of children attending kindergartens are compensated for part of the parental fee. Previously, to submit an application, it was necessary to personally contact the educational organization, fill out a paper application and provide a package of documents. Now the service will be available electronically, no documents will be required. The smart form will itself analyze the information specified in the electronic application and form the result of the service. Thus, the term of its provision will be shortened.

“Moscow Electronic School” is a project developed by the Moscow Department of Education and Science together with the City Department of Information Technologies for teachers, parents and students. MES includes digital services that help organize the educational process, monitor the child’s progress and safety.

Since 2012, you can apply for enrollment in circles, sports clubs, houses of creativity in electronic form. Now you can conclude online and, if necessary, terminate the contract. You will be able to subscribe to payment and to notifications about receipt of a receipt in your personal account.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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