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Dear Andrey Ivanovich,

Dear veterans,

I am grateful for the hospitality that is traditionally present here. I am especially grateful to the Governor of the Volgograd Region A.I.Bocharov for the program that made it possible to touch the heroic past of this great city without exaggeration.

Today we were at the ceremony of transferring the banners from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for eternal storage in Volgograd. The banners return to the lands where they fought in mortal battles under them and survived. I believe that this is of great importance for the education of young people. We are trying in all areas, including the foreign policy, not to allow “winding up”, forgetting, rewriting history, revising the results of the Second World War, enshrined in the UN Charter and the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal. These results haunt many. Moreover, they are striving not only to be noted or to promote their diplomatic paradigm, but they want to use “attacks” on the USSR, they are trying to put the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany on the same “plank”, accuse of unleashing World War II, and much more. All this is used in real politics. This is part of the line of the West to weaken and unbalance us. Containing us is the dream of Western politics. This is vividly manifested, including at the United Nations.

Every year we introduce a resolution on the inadmissibility of glorification of Nazism, for which the overwhelming majority of UN member states – dozens of states – vote. Westerners shyly abstain, citing the fact that they cannot vote for something that “restricts freedom of speech.” This is such an indistinct, harmful, criminal explanation that there is nothing to say. We are not against freedom of speech. When it is used to indulge the neo-Nazis who glorify those who fought on the side of Hitler and declared criminals, it is not freedom of speech at all, but “attacks” on the UN Charter, the Nuremberg Tribunal, his sentence.

This policy is based on concrete steps. They do not just vote against the fact that historical memory does not allow such crimes to occur again. They shield neo-Nazis, extremists, radicals who march under the SS banners in the Baltic States and, unfortunately, in neighboring Ukraine, where the people are made hostages of indulging neo-Nazis. Therefore, what has been done in Volgograd today is of direct importance for our foreign policy.

We must educate our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren in respect and sacred reverence for the memory of those who defended our independence. Today, Governor A.I. Bocharov was told that it would be great if such youth initiatives with their peers from abroad, with Volgograd residents and residents of other regions of the country would be promoted in parallel with the majestic monuments of specific historical facts, if they have an international dimension. We will provide all kinds of support, there is no doubt about it.

Today I will be glad to hear from you if you (as I am sure) are interested in foreign policy, ask questions, leave comments, give advice. We treat your colleagues with awe.


Foreign Minister Lavrov: I am touched by this meeting. It is unbureaucratic and symbolizes the connection of times, the continuity of generations. EF Rogov bequeathed to me to firmly repulse attacks on our Victory so that no one would tear off a single piece or bite it off. I dare to assure you that we will continue to implement these veterans’ precepts with all our might.

These attacks are not only intended to rewrite history, but are aimed at weakening us. This is already a real policy. V.F.Shestel mentioned I.V. Stalin, who was the Chairman of the State Defense Committee and was supposed to lead all the processes. I absolutely agree that history should not be touched. Attacks are made on J.V. Stalin, as on the main villain (they try to present him as such). Lumping together everything he did before the war, during the war, and after the war is also part of the same attack on our past, on the results of World War II. History must be protected. After World War II, Stalin Street appeared in France. It is located there. History must be perceived in its entirety, ambiguity and complexity. Even a normal person does not have simple stories. There are always conflicting perceptions of what is happening.

A.I. Kolotushkin mentioned that he took part in the creation of our nuclear shield. In fact, it was a feat, thanks to which we still live and have the opportunity to be absolutely independent and rely on ourselves, on ensuring the interests of our people. If you hadn’t managed to create our bomb quickly enough then, I don’t know how history would have developed. Now there are documents that indicate that the Western allies in the Second World War were preparing an attack on the Soviet Union. But we got a shield on time, and a deep bow to A.I. Kolotushkin for that. And T.V. Kolbasina very sensually talked about her childhood impressions. It is necessary to protect and preserve this memory in every possible way. This is our sacred duty.

Now the search engine movement is actively developing. I was in Rostov-on-Don. There, just like here, young and only guys are engaged in search work and find the remains of those who fell during the Great Patriotic War, they try to determine whose remains are from the DNA of relatives. This is the hardest job. Not everyone can be identified, but those who did succeed are buried under their own names in a mass grave. I believe that the search movement is the most uplifting impulse coming from below, the natural desire of our youth to know the truth about their Motherland and ancestors. This movement must be supported in every possible way. This is an invaluable part of our future history that we must remember today.

I would like to once again thank the Governor of the Volgograd Region A.I. Bocharov for the opportunity to meet with you, to touch your feelings, which will serve as an additional charge of energy in our work in foreign policy.

May God grant you health and long life.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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