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The best photo from the voting on the site of the “Active Citizen” will be the cover of 10 thousand new transport cards.

In the project “Active Citizen” voting for the photo has started, which will be placed on the limited edition of the Troika card with a circulation of 10 thousand copies. The photographs show the city recreation areas, landscaped according to the program “My region”… The images were received from the townspeople as part of a special photo competition “Troika card – new sights of Moscow”… Participants’ applications were accepted from 11 to 23 August. Voting will last until September 20.

497 entries were received for the competition. 41 photos were included in the voting list. Now each of them claims to decorate the issue of the limited edition of the “Troika” card.

According to the terms of the competition, the photographs must show one of the 12 new sights of the capital. All of them were equipped within the framework of the “My District” program, which deals with the comprehensive development of residential areas of Moscow, including their improvement. The list includes pictures of such objects as the park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow, the park of the Northern River Station, the eco-trail at VDNKh, the Yauza park, the Ovchinnikovskaya embankment, the park near the Tsyganka river embankment, the Mark Chagall embankment, the recreation area near the Nizhny Kamensky pond, Children’s Cherkizovsky a park, an alley with portal lanterns on Svoboda Street, a park on Simferopol Boulevard, a park in the floodplain of the Ivnitsa River.

In the park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow, more than five kilometers of the left bank of the Moskva River were repaired. There appeared footpaths, a promenade with convenient descents to the water and wooden decks on the shore. A stage with an amphitheater, a light-dynamic dry fountain, playgrounds and picnic areas with gazebos and barbecues were installed. Sports facilities were also equipped in the park: football fields and tennis courts, a volleyball and basketball court, a beach volleyball field and workout zones.

The park of the Northern River Station was opened after restoration last year. Stained-glass windows, stucco molding and an observation deck on the roof were restored in the station building. An amphitheater, benches and poufs in the form of sea boulders have appeared on the renovated embankment.

The twisting half-kilometer eco-trail above the Wild Nature landscape park appeared in the year of the 80th anniversary of VDNKh. It allows you to walk along the reserved Sheremetyevskaya oak forest, to look at nature from an unusual angle, without harming the age-old trees. In the dark, lighting on the trail turns on.

In the Yauza park in 2019, the territory along the Zapovednaya street was landscaped. A pedestrian gallery, viewing platforms on the hills, children’s play areas and a stage with an amphitheater “Singing Field” appeared there.

New lanterns were installed on Ovchinnikovskaya embankment, sidewalks were widened and bicycle parking facilities were equipped. A green barrier of trees and bushes separated the pedestrian and roadways. Relaxation areas include comfortable sofas, benches and park chairs.

Designer lamps, cocoon chairs and park sofas have appeared in the park near the embankment of the Tsyganka River. The main decoration is a wave-shaped wooden embankment. Here they made a children’s playground with a mini-climbing wall, a bungee rope and a sandpit, an amphitheater with a stage, and in the sports area – exercise equipment, ping-pong tables and a football field.

The Marc Chagall embankment is a part of the future public space along the entire western coast of the ZIL Peninsula and around the Novinka backwater. The public space will be equipped in a few years. A smart landscape was created on the open embankment with the help of artificial hills-pavilions, and a promenade was arranged near the water. Pedestrian and bike paths are lined with trees and bushes for protection from the wind and sun.

A mini-park for adults and children with fantasy playgrounds, bush sculptures and a skate park was set up next to Nizhny Kamensky pond in Zelenograd.

On the territory of the Children’s Cherkizovsky Park, three playgrounds, paths and an amphitheater were renovated. And also equipped an area for sports. There is a skate park and a large pump track for cyclists, an outdoor gym, ping-pong tables and a kilometer long bike path.

The alley with portal lanterns on Svoboda Street was renovated in 2019. In the dark, new lanterns here create the illusion of a light portal or an endless arch of light.

A new park with huge playgrounds has appeared on Simferopol Boulevard. For sports, there is a skate park and a pump track, as well as exercise equipment and horizontal bars. Dog owners train their pets here in a special comfort zone.

The footpaths of the park in the floodplain of the Ivnitsa River are paved with contrasting tiles. Here playgrounds were made in the form of a ship and a castle, and wide sun loungers were installed near the pond. There are simulators for sports, and a special area for walking and training pets.

For the first time, a competition for placing photos of Muscovites on the Troika thematic map was held last year. Then the contestants sent 350 photographs, and the participants of the “Active Citizen” recognized the image of the park “Khodynskoe Pole” as the best. The work of Alexander Lyubarsky received 43 thousand votes.

Muscovites sent over 120 works to the competition of photographs of regional attractions

The Active Citizen project for online voting appeared in 2014. In seven years, more than five million people have joined it, of which almost two million will be in 2020. Participants decide which streets, courtyards and parks need to be improved, how city clinics, libraries, multifunctional centers should work, and also choose events for festivals and celebrations. Since the start of the project, Muscovites have taken part in more than five thousand votes. Decisions supported by a majority vote are implemented in the city.

You can find out what has appeared or changed in Moscow thanks to the voting on online map… More than 1.6 thousand objects are applied to it. And in the heading “Pulse of the Capital” it is possible to assess the changes that have taken place in Moscow.

Since the end of last year, project participants also have the opportunity to send their accumulated points to charity. The Active Citizen project is being developed by Moscow Department of Information Technologiesand the state treasury institution “New management technologies”.

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