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Mikhail Mishustin at the presentation of state and government awards to cultural and art workers

Mikhail Mishustin: Dear colleagues, dear friends, good afternoon!

We have gathered here today to express our respect and gratitude to cultural figures: artists, musicians, directors, composers, conductors and teachers. Truly talented people who are sincerely dedicated to their work.

List of awardees

List of cultural and artistic figures who have received state and government awards, August 31, 2021

You work hard and hard to please viewers, listeners, make a real contribution to the development of Russian culture. And the awards that will be presented today are, first of all, a sign of the state’s recognition of your merits.

For our country, culture is, first of all, serving people, striving to give them new impressions, emotional support and, of course, knowledge. This is understood by everyone who has chosen this path for themselves – and each of the well-known, respected professionals present here, and many other workers of cultural institutions throughout the country. And of course, our youth, who are still studying and are only looking for themselves.

Works of culture and art – cinema, performances, musical works – have always helped people to experience difficult moments in their lives, to find strength to overcome difficulties, inspiration for creative searches. Culture also helped a lot last year for people who faced restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Online access to films, books, concerts, theatrical performances, lectures, museum excursions turned out to be absolutely necessary. Millions of users could watch the broadcasts of the Kultura.rf portal for free, and its children’s audience grew by a quarter. All this time, communication with the audience, even if online, was not interrupted. Moreover, in the digital space, new opportunities have appeared for interacting with viewers and listeners from different regions of Russia.

At the same time, it was not easy for professionals working in this field. A lot of projects have stopped. In some regions, they were forced to renew restrictions on visits to public events or public spaces.

Immediately, the Government included almost all cultural institutions among the victims of the pandemic. Repeatedly provided support, including the purchase of equipment, which helped to protect visitors from the risk of infection and illness. And in the spring of this year, we clarified and finalized plans for the implementation of the state program “Development of Culture” for the next three years, taking into account the new challenges and tasks to achieve the national development goals set by the President.

One of the key priorities in our work is to ensure the widest possible access to cultural values ​​for every citizen of Russia.

Among the measures that have already been taken is the development of a network of cinema and concert halls for broadcasting the performances of leading creative teams. And of course, the “Pushkinskaya Karta”, which is being introduced at the initiative of the President from tomorrow, in order to make our museums, theaters and concert venues more accessible to young people. The card will be valid throughout Russia without restrictions for schoolchildren and students aged 14 to 22 years. This is almost 13 million people.

It will be possible to use the card as part of the excursion. Visit state and private museums, galleries, theaters, conservatories.

The program will not only help young people to touch the historical values, masterpieces of national and global significance, but also support our cultural institutions that will participate in it. In addition to the state order, they will attract additional funds. And this is billions of rubles, thanks to which federal and regional, as well as municipal organizations will be able to receive federal funding.

I think this is a very good measure of support in general. Perhaps new masters and talents will grow out of today’s visitors tomorrow. Especially if they receive the appropriate education.

But many children’s music and art schools are in need of major renovations today. As part of the implementation of the national project “Culture” by the end of this year, we plan to complete these works in 165 such schools in 76 regions of the country. And over the next three years, there are plans to renovate and renovate nearly 500 more buildings for children’s art schools across the country. It is important that children can develop their abilities in this area in the most comfortable conditions.

In addition to educational institutions and specialized training, young talents also need an appropriate base. Each musician should have their own instrument.

We recently approved a strategy that will help stimulate the production of musical instruments and sound, in particular wireless, equipment in Russia. We are allocating funds for the construction of cultural development centers in small towns and rural areas, including in the Far East.

Of course, we will continue to support children’s and puppet theaters, libraries in the regions. For this, the Government will allocate an additional 2 billion rubles. Libraries will have new books, equipment for working on the Internet, conditions will be created for people with disabilities. And in children’s theaters equipment for sound and light will be installed, old chairs will be replaced. In total, these funds will be used to modernize 30 theaters and 150 libraries.

We will continue this work. Indeed, in the regions it finds a lively response, including from people who willingly work as volunteers, doing a lot to preserve and develop our cultural heritage.

Today’s laureates have made a great contribution to Russian culture and art. There are many bright moments, successful performances and creative discoveries in the biography of each of you. For many years, you have served your audience sincerely and loyally.

Dear friends!

We can talk about your talents for a long time. After all, creativity is not only the hours and days when you are working hard on a new project. This is your whole life. Contribution to the culture and history of Russia, which has become an important part of everyday life and for many of your contemporaries.

These are performances and concerts, films and television programs, theaters and universities. This is music that sounds not only at concert venues, but also in the headphones of listeners of all ages. These are laughter and tears, joy and sadness, many other vivid emotions that the images created by artists bring to people’s lives. These are creative teams whose performances leave unforgettable impressions. And of course, young people who study with you to become true masters in their profession.

Now in our country there is an explosive growth of creative industries. This is a promising direction. The President drew attention to the fact that it requires special support. And the Government is ready to help.

This year alone, the Presidential Grants Fund will receive 11 billion rubles. Another 3.5 billion comes from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. This is a great help. We expect that with the development of the creative industry, new actors, composers and musicians will appear in the country.

Before we move on to the most enjoyable part of today’s ceremony – the presentation of the awards, I would like to sincerely thank everyone present for what you have done to develop Russian culture and art.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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