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Let’s get acquainted with the plans of museums and exhibition halls for the first month of autumn.

The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve is preparing for a large-scale exhibition-festival dedicated to the theater of the times of Catherine the Great, the Biological Museum tells about the influence of shellfish on culture and art, the Multimedia Art Museum opens seven new exhibitions at once, and the Sadovoe ring ”offer a glimpse into Moscow at the beginning of the twentieth century in 3D format. Read more in the article.

When planning a cultural trip, do not forget about safety – your own and those of others. In museum halls, you must wear a mask and maintain social distance. A ticket to a museum or gallery must be purchased online in advance.

Jeff Cowan. Photos “in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Dates: until October 24

Address: Petrovka Street, 25

Age limit: 0+

First in Russia Jeff Cowen’s solo exhibition, One of the most famous American experimenters in photography. Cowan began his career in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a street photographer, but later completely abandoned documentaries. The photographer prefers film, manual development and printing. His contemporary works seem to be a greeting from the early twentieth century, a shot from a non-existent film, or a book illustration. The exhibition includes more than 170 works, among them – abstract collages, twilight landscapes and portraits full of otherworldly glow.

“Caution, poison!” at the State Biological Museum named after K.A. Timiryazeva

Dates: until December 31

Address: Malaya Gruzinskaya street, 15

Age limit: 0+

Exhibition dedicated to natural poisons – sources of not only mortal danger, but also drugs for various diseases. The exposition includes poisonous animals, plants and mushrooms from the museum’s collection in the form of stuffed animals, wet preparations and herbaria – from a viper in a forest near Moscow to exotic dart frogs in Central America, from scorpions and poisonous tropical fish to pale toadstools and fly agarics. Information stands will not only tell about the medical discoveries associated with them, but also give advice on who and what to fear.

“Treasures of Poseidon” in the State Biological Museum named after K.A. Timiryazeva

Dates: until December 31

Address: Malaya Gruzinskaya street, 15

Age limit: 0+

Molluscs greatly influenced the culture: from some they extracted the purple pigment, which gave a luxurious color to clothes for monarchs, others replaced money, and others served as a source of inspiration for the Rococo style. At the new exhibitionshells of mollusks from the museum’s collection are presented, the exposition tells about where else their owners left their mark.

“In a different perspective” at the Museum of Zelenograd

Dates: until December 12

Address: Zelenograd, Gogol street, house 11v

Age limit: 6+

Exhibition talks about famous residents of Zelenograd who have reached heights both in their professional activities and in the creativity that they have been doing and are doing in their free time. Among the heroes are the chief architect of Zelenograd Igor Pokrovsky, who founded the satirical ensemble of the Central House of Architects “Kohinor”, the architect Yuri Sverdlovsky, who painted landscapes and icons at his leisure, the physicist Immanuel Marshak, who translated foreign fiction. The exhibition is based on archival photographs and stories from the life of remarkable Zelenograd residents.

New exhibition season at the Multimedia Art Museum

Dates: September 10 – November 15 (dates are subject to change)

Address: Ostozhenka Street, 16

Age limit: 12+

“Multimedia Art Museum” opens the season with seven new exhibitions. The exhibition “Once Upon a Time, Somewhere But Not Here …” will present iconic works by Sarah Moon, created between 1990 and 2018, – from architectural photography and landscapes to fashion shots and portraits. “Primrose. Early Color in Russian Photography ”will tell about the appearance and development of color in photography in the 1860s – 1970s and will show the works of both masters (Alexander Rodchenko, Vladislav Mikosha, Georgy Petrusov and others) and unknown authors. New projects will be presented by the art groups “MishMash” (“Day by Day”) and “EliKuka” (“The Power of Art. Overdue Anniversary”). The exhibition “I am not from here, I am a stranger” is dedicated to the memory of Oleg Tselkov, a classic of contemporary art, one of the leaders of non-conformism. Visitors to the Closer to the Meaning exhibition will see the works of Nikita Alekseev, the founder of the Aptart movement, who passed away this spring. Finally, Sergei Shutov’s exhibition “Strangers Don’t Walk Here” will present the artist’s iconic works created in the 1990s – 2000s.

Anna Titova. Amazing journey of a mischievous man “in the Vadim Sidur Museum

Dates: September 7, 2021 – February 27, 2022

Address: Novogireevskaya street, house 37a

Age limit: 0+

“The Amazing Journey of the Mischievous” – research work of the artist Anna Titova, who rethought the permanent exhibition of the Vadim Sidur Museum. The museum, which appeared in 1989 within the walls of a former flower shop, was transferred to the fund of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2018. Titova’s project offers a new format for the audience’s meeting with the works. The exhibition consists of several parts: on the first floor, the results of work with the personal archive of Vadim Sidur are presented, on the second – with the Perov self-organizations. The emblem of the project is the animated boy Gopi, a character invented by Siddur for illustrations to the fairy tale of the Indian writer Vasamurti “The Amazing Journey of the Mischievous Man” (1969). Shrinking to the size of an ant, the hero of the Gopi’s book spent a day in the insect world and learned compassion, courage and concern for others.

Edgar Planes. Freedom to Dream and Live “at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Dates: September 8 – October 10

Address: Gogolevsky Boulevard, 10/2

Age limit: 0+

“Freedom to Dream and Live” – the first in Russia personal exhibition of the Spanish artist Edgar Planz. He became famous for his characters – the little men Juanin and Olivia, animal heroes. The plan fits them into the context of a modern city, confronting fictional characters with real-world problems, inspired by comics, street art, and the aesthetics of children’s drawing. The exhibition will feature over 100 works, selected by curator Pablo G. Villasan.

Dates: September 15 – November 7

Address: Taganskaya street, 31/22

Age limit: 18+

Exhibition is a series of works created by the artist Alexei Gursky for the 130th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Bulgakov and resembling posters for a non-existent film adaptation of one of the most famous works of the writer – the novel “The Master and Margarita”. The heroes of the paintings are Russian and foreign artists in the images of the characters in the book. The artist saw the features of Koroviev, for example, in Alexander Petrov, and Yeshua in Jared Leto.

“Look at me with love” at the Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Abroad

Dates: September 9, 2021 – January 10, 2022

Address: Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya street, 2

Age limit: 6+

Exhibition “Look at me with love”Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Dovlatov, is a photographic chronicle of the life of the writer. The exposition, prepared by the curator Natasha Sharymova, tells about his life in the USSR and the USA, where he emigrated in 1978. In the House of the Russian Diaspora, you can see photographs from the archives of the Dovlatov family and the writer’s half-sister Ksana Blank-Mechik, as well as photographs taken by Sergei Dovlatov’s friends and professional photographers.

“Moscow and Russia in stereoscopic photography. Reopening the archives “at the Garden Ring Museum

Dates: September 18 – October 10

Address: Prospect Mira, house 14, building 10

Age limit: 6+

Exhibition presents fragments of archives of amateur photographers Peter and Mikhail Vtorov, Alexander Karzinkin, Pyotr Postnikov, Sergei Chelnokov, Vladimir Shukhov, who worked in the technique of stereo photography. Paired shots, when viewed at the same time using special equipment, create the effect that we used to call 3D. “Reopening the Archives” not only introduces the phenomenon of Russian amateur stereoscopic photography, but also allows you to look into Moscow and other cities of Russia at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Exhibition-festival “Theatrocracy. Catherine II and Opera “in the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

Dates: September 19 [2021] – January 22, 2022

Address: Dolskaya street, 1 Age limit: 6+

The term “theatrocracy” rendered in the title, Was invented by the director and theorist of the theater Nikolai Evreinov to designate the 18th century, referring to the increasing power of the performing arts at that time. The exhibition-festival will tell about the court theater of the time of Catherine II, its significance and influence on different areas of the life of the then nobility. In the exhibition halls of the main Tsaritsyno palace, exhibits from 27 Russian museums can be seen. Among them are the works of the court theater decorators of Catherine II, her autographs, librettos for operas, props, lighting fixtures and items of theatrical interiors, original and restored theater machines, ancient musical instruments. In addition to the exhibits, it will be possible to watch a VR performance. The extensive educational program also promises to be interesting – it will be possible to follow it on the museum’s website.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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