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The VII International Army Games this year were held from August 22 to September 4 simultaneously at 23 training grounds and in the waters of the Caspian, Arabian and Japanese seas. In addition to Russia, the contests were hosted by 10 countries: Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Vietnam, Iran, Qatar, Kazakhstan, China, Serbia and Uzbekistan.

For ARMI-2021, the Russian Federation provided 11 training grounds located within the boundaries of the Western, Southern, Central and Eastern military districts: from Vladivostok to Moscow, from Tyumen to the mountains of the North Caucasus. Twelve more landfills were operated outside Russia in ten countries from Vietnam to Algeria.

Within the framework of ARMI-2021, 34 competitions in field, air and sea training were held, in which 277 teams from 42 countries (including the Russian Federation), representing Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, took part.

Five countries took part in the Games for the first time: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cyprus and the Kingdom of Eswatini.

The most representative teams were presented by our colleagues from Belarus, Uzbekistan and China. Belarusian servicemen took part in 27 competitions of military games, the team of Uzbekistan – in 24 competitions, China – in 21. The Russian team took part in all 34 competitions. This large-scale representation is critical to determining the overall team event and is an incentive for other countries to send as many teams as possible to the Games. It is gratifying to note that other countries, despite difficult conditions, sent their teams to Army-2021.

Thus, Vietnam was represented in 15 competitions, Iran in 13, Kazakhstan and Venezuela in 11, and Tajikistan in 10. Each country independently determined for participation in which competitions a team should be nominated. The total number of participants this year exceeded 5,000.

The Russian national team won its first victory at ARMI-2021 in the Sayan March ski mountaineering competition, which was held in April this year at the Ergaki military sports training center in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to the results of the fulfillment of all the special tasks of the competition, the representatives of Russia became the best by a wide margin from their rivals – the national teams of Abkhazia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and South Ossetia. The second place went to the military personnel of China, and the team of Uzbekistan closed the top three.

19 teams took part in the Tank Biathlon competition (08.22 – 4.09), which was held at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow region. These are representatives of Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, South Ossetia. Team Mali – participated in the competition for the first time.

All teams played on T-72B3 tanks provided by the Russian side. The PRC team used a tank of its own production – Type 96, and the Belarusian team used the T-72 tank, which was modernized at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia.

Based on the results (ranking) shown by the teams in 2021, the teams of the participants were divided into 2 divisions. Thus, the first division included 11 teams (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Venezuela and Syria). The second division consisted of 8 teams (Abkhazia, Qatar, Myanmar, Laos, Mali, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and South Ossetia).

This year, the final race of the tank crews of the second division ended as follows – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, South Ossetia.

The national team of Kyrgyzstan, as the winner of the final in the second division, received the right to play in the first division the next year.

In the first division, teams from Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan reached the final of the Tank Biathlon. The tankers of these countries will go to the start today, September 4, at 15:30 to fight for the main cup of the “Tank Biathlon”.

For the first time, a competition of military topographers “Meridian” was held at the Alabino training ground near Moscow (23-27.08). It consisted of three stages, during which the contestants performed tasks as intended as part of topographic and geodetic calculations, as well as fire missions. Military topographers from Belarus, China, Vietnam, Iran, Laos and Russia took part in this competition.

The winner of the competition was the Russian team. The second place was taken by the military personnel of Belarus, and the third place was shared by teams of topographers from China and Vietnam.

Another competition “Army of Culture” (08.22 – 1.09) was held for the first time on the territory of the Patriot Exhibition and Convention Center and the Alabino training ground. The competition was attended by professional performers, creative teams, as well as representatives of military museums and cultural centers of the armed forces of the states participating in ARMI-2021.

The Russian team won this creative competition, the second place was taken by China, the third place was shared by Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Pilots from Belarus, China and Russia demonstrated their skills in piloting airplanes and helicopters in the popular Aviadarts competition (22.08 – 4.09). The competition was held at the Dubrovichi training ground, Ryazan region. Belarusian and Chinese pilots competed on their aircraft.

Russian crews won in the nominations of bomber, assault, long-range and army aviation on combat and transport-combat helicopters. This turned out to be enough to win the team event and take the cup of the entire competition.

Chinese pilots have won fighter and military transport competitions using J-10 and Y-9 aircraft. They also managed to take two second places in long-range and bomber aviation, as well as third place in military transport aviation.

The crews of Belarus won three sets of silver medals in the nominations for assault aviation and army aviation in combat and transport-combat helicopters.

The Safe Route (22-29.08) and Engineering Formula (22-28.08) engineering and sapper divisions contests were held at a training ground in the Tyumen Region. The servicemen performed tasks of engineering reconnaissance of the terrain, equipping a ford, making passages through anti-tank ditches and rubble, and also many other tasks. In addition to Russia, the competition was attended by teams from Belarus, Vietnam, Laos, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, India and Egypt.

In the “Safe Route” competition, the Russian team took the first place, the Uzbekistan team took the second place, Vietnam took the third place, and Belarus took the fourth place.

The Russian team also successfully performed at the Engineering Formula competition, the second place was taken by the team of Uzbekistan, and the third – by Belarus.

The Open Water competition (08.22 – 2.09) for pontoon-ferry units was held on the Oka River in the town of Murom, Vladimir Region, at the Vantovy training ground. The competing teams of Russia and Belarus demonstrated their skills in fulfilling the standards in conducting engineering reconnaissance of a water barrier, equipping an amphibious and bridge crossing, crew actions and calculations of special equipment and ferries.

The first place was won by the team of the Russian Armed Forces. During the tense struggle, the servicemen of the 11th Guards Separate Engineering Brigade of the Southern Military District, representing Russia, coped with the final stage in 44 minutes 22 seconds. The result of the Belarusian team is 49 minutes 44 seconds.

In Ryazan, at the Dubrovichi training ground, the Airborne Platoon competition was held (08.22 – 2.09), in which units of the Airborne Forces of 18 states participated. Paratroopers from Russia, Abkhazia, Algeria, Belarus, Brazil, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Congo, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mali, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, South Ossetia competed in the accuracy of shooting from small arms, skillful possession of military equipment , and during the march, the opponents passed a test for the physical endurance and coherence of the unit when performing a special task. Chinese units used their parachute systems and small arms during the competition. For the first time, Brazilian paratroopers took part in the competition.

According to the results of all stages, the Russian team took the first place in the team competition. The second line of the tournament table was shared by the national teams of paratroopers of Kazakhstan and China. The third place was won by servicemen from the Republic of Belarus.

Also in Ryazan, a new competition of the International Army Games was held, the “Tactical Shooter” competition (08.22-2.09), in which teams from 17 countries took part: Russia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Congo , China, Mali, Namibia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and South Ossetia.

The competition ended with the victory of the Russian national team, the second place was taken by China, the third place was taken by the military personnel from Kazakhstan.

Automotive support specialists competed in the competition “Masters of armored vehicles” (22 – 29.08). The conditions of the competition included high-speed overcoming of obstacles on automobile equipment, fulfillment of standards for the repair of automobile equipment and shooting from small arms.

This year, servicemen from Russia, Belarus, Egypt, China and Uzbekistan took part in the competition. The competition was held in the city of Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh region.

The military drivers of the Russian national team became the winners. The second and third places are taken by teams from Belarus and Uzbekistan.

Teams from Russia, Belarus, Israel, China, Mongolia, Serbia and Uzbekistan took part in the “Military Rally” competition (22 – 29.08). Competitions were held on the roads and special stages of the Republic of Tuva. On the UAZ and KAMAZ off-road vehicles, the contestants covered more than 2,000 kilometers of a difficult terrain route, practicing the delivery of military cargo to extreme distances.

According to the results of all stages of the competition, the Russian team became the winner for the fifth time in the history of the competition. The second place was taken by the crews of China, the third – by Serbia.

The competition “Excellence in Military Intelligence” (08.22 – 4.09) was held on the basis of the educational complex of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School (NVVKU). It was attended by six main teams from Russia, China, South Ossetia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and India in full force, as well as eight singles – these are the teams of the Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, South Africa, Tajikistan, Cameroon, Kingdom of Eswatini.

In a bitter struggle, the Russian national team won, the second place was taken by the military personnel of China, and the third – by Belarus.

The “Equestrian Marathon” competition (08.22 – 08.28), in which 4 equestrian units from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan took part, was held on the territory of the Republic of Tuva. The equestrian units overcame the most difficult route, during which they demonstrated their skills in shooting, horse control, and the ability to navigate the terrain.

The first place was won by the team of Russia, the second place was shared by the teams of Uzbekistan and Mongolia, and the team of Kazakhstan was on the third step of the podium.

On the basis of Terskol in Kabardino-Balkaria at the competition “Elbrus Ring” (08.22 – 4.09) units of the mountainous parts of Russia, Abkhazia, Armenia, India, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and South Ossetia measured the strength and skills of climbers, coordination of actions in difficult conditions mountainous relief. The climbers finished their competition by climbing the highest mountain peak in Europe – Mount Elbrus on September 2-3.

In a tense struggle, the Russian national team won, the second place was taken by the military personnel of Uzbekistan, the third – by Kazakhstan.

At the “Clerk” training ground of the Primorsky Territory, the marines measured their skills in the “Marine landing” competition (08.22-29.08.). The competition was attended by units of the marines of Russia, Abkhazia, Venezuela, Iran, China and South Ossetia. During the competition, the marines showed their professional skills, and the crews of armored personnel carriers, the ability to overcome obstacles at speed and fire from standard weapons.

As a result, the Russian team took the first place in terms of the total points scored for the three stages of the competition, and the team from China took the second place. Marines from Iran closed the top three.

The Sea Cup competition (22 – 04.09) included two divisions. Competitions among the participants of the Asia-Pacific Region division were held in Vladivostok. The crews of the ships from Russia, Vietnam and China tested themselves for their ability to fight for the survivability of the ship, hit sea and air targets, and skillfully perform mooring operations.

In this division, the victory was won by the crew of the Corvette “Perfect” of the Pacific Fleet. The second place was taken by the Vietnamese Navy team, and the third place was taken by the Chinese team.

The competition of seamen belonging to the “Caspian Division” of the “Sea Cup” competition was held in Iran near the port of Bandar-e-Anzali. The sailors from Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Kazakhstan demonstrated their maritime skills. The crews of surface ships worked out the issues of using the ship for its intended purpose with the implementation of combat exercises of artillery firing at air and sea targets.

The seamen of the Iranian national team won in the “Caspian Division”, the Russian team is in second place, and China is in the third place.

The Sniper Frontier competition (08.22 – 4.09) also included two divisions and was held in different countries – Belarus and Vietnam.

At the training ground near Brest (Belarus), snipers of special forces in the “Professional” division competed. Teams from 11 countries took part in these competitions: Russia, Belarus, India, Iran, Qatar, China, Pakistan, Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka.

Among the special forces units, the military from Belarus won, snipers from Russia came in second, the team from China closed the top three.

The “Sniper Frontier” competition for the combined arms units of the “SVD” division took place in Vietnam. The competition was attended by teams from Russia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, Laos and Uzbekistan. The winners of the competition were snipers from Vietnam, in second place were military personnel of Uzbekistan, in third place – in Russia.

This year, for the first time, the “Faithful Friend” competition (22 – 30.08) was held on the territory of Algeria. Military personnel – dog handlers from Algeria, Belarus, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Russia – demonstrated interaction with their four-legged assistants. Competitions included marksmanship, overcoming a 300-meter obstacle course, defensive service and a team relay.

Competitions were held among men’s and women’s teams. According to the results of the competition, the male and female teams of Uzbekistan became the winners. Teams from Russia took second place, and the third was shared by the men’s team from Belarus and the women’s team from Algeria.

Also for the first time the competition “Guardian of Order” (29.08 – 4.09) was hosted by Serbia. Teams from Russia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Iran and Serbia took part in the competition for military police units. Military policemen measured their strength in performing individual special exercises for fire training, overcoming an obstacle course, and also performed as a team on an obstacle course 8 kilometers long.

The team from Serbia won the competition, the second place went to the Russian military, the third place was won by the team from Kazakhstan.

Car inspectors of the Russian military police won gold medals at the Road Patrol competition (22-26.08). This competition was held for the first time in Qatar. Our team won the victory in difficult weather conditions – in the forty-degree heat, competing in extreme driving, fire training, special tasks with experienced rivals from Belarus, Iran, Qatar and Uzbekistan. The second place in this competition was taken by the team of Belarus, the third – by Uzbekistan.

In Vietnam at the competition “Emergency area” (28.08 – 2.09). competitions were held for the rescue units of Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Laos and Mali.

The teams from Vietnam and Russia fought for the title of champion in the final, and Belarus and Laos competed for the third place.

During the last stage, “Victory Dash”, the participants were required to complete the task of evacuating the conditionally emergency equipment, provide assistance to the conditional victim, extinguish the fire, march across rough terrain, and repulse the attack of the conditional enemy.

The Russian team, represented by the servicemen of the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defense, won the champion title and took first place, ahead of the rivals by more than 7 minutes. In second place is Vietnam, in third place is Belarus.

At the competition “Masters of artillery fire” (24.08 – 2.09), which took place in Kazakhstan, mortar crews of nine countries demonstrated their professional skills: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

The hosts of the competition – the artillerymen of Kazakhstan – won, the team of Russia took the second place, and the third – Azerbaijan.

Also in Kazakhstan, a contest “Falconry” was held (08.24 – 2.09), during which at the Matybulak training ground, combat crews of unmanned aerial vehicles from Russia, Belarus, Iran and Kazakhstan demonstrated their skills in controlling them day and night.

Three of the four teams participating in the competition used air reconnaissance complexes that had already been “run in” at the International Army Games. Russia – the domestic “Eleron-3SV”, Belarus again the Russian “Superkam-350”, Kazakhstan used the Israeli “Skylark-1E”, and Iran this year brought a novelty of its own production – the “Chamrush” complex.

Prize places in this competition were distributed as follows – Kazakhstan is in the first place, Belarus is in the second, Russia is in the third.

In the capital of Belarus, Minsk, at the “Confident Reception” competition (08.22 – 3.09), military signalmen from Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, China, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mali, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan competed in the skill of confident reception and transmission of control signals, deployment of reception stations and movement of communication nodes.

The victory in this competition was won by the signalmen of Belarus, the second place was taken by the military personnel of Russia and China, and the third place was taken by the teams of Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

Also in the city of Brest was held the competition “Polar Star” (22.08 – 4.09) where nine special forces from Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, India, Iran, China, Morocco, Pakistan, Uzbekistan competed.

The Russian team showed high coherence in the performance of tactical actions, the landing, during the defeat of targets from small arms, and excellent results in competitions in army hand-to-hand combat. However, according to the results of the competition, she took second place, sharing it with the team of Uzbekistan. The leaders of the competition were its owners – Belarusian special forces.

This year, at the “Clear Sky” competition of anti-aircraft gunners (22.08 – 4.09), teams from Belarus, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and China competed with our national team.

Professional competitions of air defense specialists in the speed of fulfilling the standards for moving to a firing position and firing accuracy when performing firing missions were held at the Korla training ground (China). The Russian side performed on the new Typhoon – Air Defense technology, tested at last year’s competitions.

In this competition, anti-aircraft gunners from Russia became silver medalists, and the Chinese team won. Soldiers from Egypt received bronze medals.

The program of the competition “Suvorov Onslaught” (08.22 – 4.09), which was also held at the Korla training ground, included checking the skill of the crews in controlling the BMP in difficult conditions, overcoming water obstacles afloat, as well as the accuracy of firing from standard weapons. Teams from Russia, Belarus, Venezuela and China took part in this competition.

The Russian crew, performing on the domestic BMP-3, demonstrated one hundred percent fulfillment of firing missions from the combat vehicle’s armament at the firing lines and clear overcoming of obstacles on the track.

As a result of the competition, the Russian team won silver medals. The crew of the Chinese team showed the best time in the race and won gold. Bronze medals were shared by the crews of teams from Belarus and Venezuela.

Specialists of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of Belarus, Vietnam, China, Uzbekistan and Russia competed in the Safe Environment competition (22.08 – 4.09).

According to the results of three stages of the competition, a team from China won the victory and the Cup of the Safe Environment competition, a team from Uzbekistan got a silver medal, and a Russian team won bronze medals.

The “Warrior of Peace” competition (22.08 – 1.09) was traditionally hosted by the Republic of Armenia. Six teams from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Greece, Kazakhstan and Qatar took part in a competition for military personnel with diverse training, where there is a place for both the professional combat training of a soldier and the demonstration of his personal intelligence and creative abilities.

The first place in the overall standings was taken by the Armenian team, the second place of the podium was taken by the Russian servicemen, and the third place was shared by the teams of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In Uzbekistan, at the Forish training ground, the Military Medical Relay Race (23.08 – 2.09) was held, where military medics from eight countries demonstrated their skills in providing first aid, and in relay races, the ability to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield.

The national teams of Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Palestine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan took part in the competition.

According to the results of the team classification, the Russian team took second place. The first place is for Uzbekistan, and the third is for China.

For the first time, the “Field Kitchen” competition (22.08 – 2.09) was held outside the Russian Federation. The best military chefs from Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan came to the competition in Uzbekistan. During the competition, specialists competed in the ability to cook dishes from the products established by the competitive requirements, as well as in baking bakery products.

The hosts of the competition were military personnel from Uzbekistan, the second place went to military chefs and bakers from Russia. The Belarusians shared the third step of the podium with their colleagues from Vietnam.

The “Depth” competition (23.08 – 1.09) was held in the Iranian port of Konarak on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. Military divers from Russia, Venezuela, India, Iran, China and Syria competed in it.

The teams of the Russian Navy and the Iranian Navy each scored 5449 points and shared the first place in these competitions. The Chinese team ranked second with a score of 3776 points. The Syrian national team got the third place with 3293 points.

Teams of engineers and specialists in missile and artillery weapons from Russia, Vietnam, Iran and Uzbekistan took part in the competition “Master gunsmith” (22.08-3.09), which was held in the Iranian city of Shahinshehr. Contestants competed in the ability to repair missile and artillery systems in the field.

Iranian gunsmiths became the best in the competition. The second place was taken by the team of Uzbekistan, and the third place was taken by the national team of Russia.

* * *

Competitions in the contests were held mainly with the use of Russian-made equipment and weapons, as well as the countries of the organizers of the contests. The host country provided the teams with equipment and all types of its support (repair, maintenance, refueling). Also, the host side provided the teams with the required amount of ammunition for training and stages of competitions, organized accommodation, food, medical support for personnel, taking into account the implementation of all sanitary and anti-epidemiological measures to counter coronavirus infection.

According to the Regulations on the conduct of Army-2021, the teams were given the opportunity to use the equipment that is in service with the national armies. In a number of competitions, they performed with their own equipment and with their own ammunition. For this, the Russian side ensured the delivery of all equipment by rail to the competition sites.

To participate in aviation competitions, 50 aircraft and helicopters of the Air Force of Russia and the countries participating in the Aviadarts competitions were involved.

In the Sea Cup competition from the Russian Navy, two small artillery ships and an escort ship were involved.

In total, more than 1000 units of weapons, military and special equipment, aircraft and ships were involved in ARMI-2021.

All participants in the competition were accommodated in hostels with excellent living conditions. Meals were organized taking into account the peculiarities of the national cuisine using buffet elements, a choice of 2-3 dishes.

At the places where the competitions were held, all servicemen had a wide cultural program that allowed them to get to know Russian history and national flavor even better.

This year, the participation of the All-Russian public movement “Yunarmiya”, military-patriotic clubs and other public organizations in providing and organizing leisure activities for spectators who came to watch the competition was widely represented.

A Fan Club, expositions and stands of military-industrial complex enterprises, central bodies of military administration, where everyone could get acquainted with the latest developments and simulators, a children’s playground and catering facilities were set up at the Exhibition and Convention Center.

Press centers were organized for representatives of the media at all competitions. Press tours to the locations of the competitions were held: “Engineering Formula” (Tyumen) and “Airborne Platoon” training ground “Dubrovichi” in Ryazan.

The winners of the International Army Games – 2021 were determined based on the results of each competition, as well as in the team event. For their rewarding, 3200 medals and 34 cups were prepared for the winning teams of the competitions.

Today, September 4, at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center with the participation of representatives of the teams and the leadership of the military departments, the countries participating in the Games, the closing ceremony of the VII International Army Games will take place, at which the winning team will be awarded the International Army Games Cup.

The ceremony starts at 19:00 Moscow time.

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