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The final performance of the XIV International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower” took place on Red Square.

The main theme of this year’s Festival was such concepts as Time, Music and Peace. “After all, it is music that can cheer up, heal the soul, give people hope when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging in the world, which destroyed the usual way of life and brought a lot of troubles, safety, care for family and loved ones, friendship and freedom of movement, – said the head of the Artistic Council of the Spasskaya Tower Festival, Lieutenant General Sergei Khlebnikov.

For 11 days, from August 26 to September 5, 25,280 spectators attended the evening military music performances.

On Red Square, 29 military orchestral, creative and equestrian groups from 5 countries – Russia, Belarus, Greece, Mexico and Qatar – performed. Along with the excellent performances of national military bands, guards of honor and creative teams of the participating countries, invited Russian and world pop stars presented their talent and vocal skills to the public: Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Turetsky Choir and the Soprano group, Till Lindemann. By tradition, each performance ended with a grandiose colorful fireworks.

According to the head of the Spasskaya Tower Festival Directorate Sergei Smirnov, the total number of participants in the Festival (the main stage and the equestrian arena) was 1,698 people (including musicians, soloists, dancers, conductors, flag-bearers and horsemen). 18 conductors and 108 dancers came to Red Square. The number of the combined orchestra of the Festival, which consisted of all the participants of the Festival, was 1,200 people.

The most representative was the Combined Orchestra and the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Airborne Forces. Its program was attended by 150 people. The Orchestra of Suvorov members of the Moscow Military Music School named after Lieutenant General V.M.Khalilov (146 people) and the Central Frontier Ensemble (120 people) performed in a slightly smaller composition. The smallest group in terms of the number of participants is the equestrian show “Hidalgo” (6 people). Of the foreign collectives, the Qatar Police Orchestra (87 people) declared the largest composition.

In their programs, the participants of the Festival used 1041 musical instruments – 817 wind instruments, 169 percussion instruments, 13 strings, 7 keyboards and 35 others (electric guitars, bagpipes, button accordions). The largest number of instruments was used by the Suvorov Orchestra – 150. Of these, 100 are wind instruments, 5 percussion instruments and 2 keyboards.

59 horses entered Red Square and the horse riding arena. In their performances, the participants used various weapons – carbines, rifles, checkers, sabers and pikes.

The oldest participant of the Festival is Lev Kolokoltsev, a musician of the Military Model Orchestra of the Guard of Honor. He is 80 years old. The youngest participant – a pupil of the Boarding House of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – is 13 years old.

In the equestrian arena, 88 participants performed: 66 riders, 10 children from the flanking group and 12 soloists of the Moscow Cossack Choir. The youngest participant Dmitry Kovalenko is 6 years old.

The size of the equestrian arena was 25 x 80 m. It was erected in 5 days, 600 tons of sand were brought in to cover, and 4 tons of water were required daily for irrigation.

330 tons of metal structures were used for the construction of the stands, another 150 tons were required for the construction of the control tower and podiums for the press center and tents. 450 units of lighting devices were installed in the stands, 1584 stage pyrotechnic items and 1375 volleys for high-altitude fireworks were used during 11 days of the Festival. More than 6,000 meters of cable have been laid.

“It took 3.3 kilometers of wires to switch all the equipment, the total power of all sound amplifying equipment was 120 kilowatts, 90 radio systems were connected in a single grid,” says Dmitry Rudakov, chief sound engineer of the Festival. “To put it simply, the task of the technical service of the Festival is to place and adjust the sound equipment so that the viewer, no matter where he is on the podium, can hear comfortable sound everywhere”.

The fourteenth Spasskaya Tower Festival is over. We hope that the participants will take home with them warm impressions of Russia, its rich culture and glorious history, the hospitality of our people and the warm welcome of the public. And in the hearts of the audience there will be a bright multinational musical festival, grandiose in its scale and unique in its emotional impact.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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