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It will host the south-western and southern sections of the BCL, open the Ulitsa Generala Tyuleneva station of the Troitskaya metro line, and complete overhaul of the children’s music school named after A.M. Ivanov-Kramskoy.

Sergei Sobyanin inspected the building of the children’s music school named after A.M. Ivanov-Kramskoy, in which the renovation was completed, the progress of construction of the Ulitsa Generala Tyuleneva metro station of the Troitskaya line and the festival site in Teply Stan.

According to him, this year they plan to open the southwestern and southern sections of the Big Circle Metro Line. And three years later, residents of the south-west of the capital will be able to use the new Troitskaya (project name – Kommunarskaya) metro line.

“We are simultaneously building all sections of the Kommunarskaya line – from the MCC, BCL and to Kommunarka. All sites are under construction. Commissioning is planned for 2024. This whole line consists of several sections, they must open at the same time. One of the stations is General Tyulenev Street, an important station. It will unload the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line and Sokolnicheskaya line stations located in Teply Stan by 20-25 percent. And in general, Teply Stan will be one of the best districts of Moscow in terms of the provision of metro stations, ”said the Mayor of Moscow.

Dmitry Gerasimov, General Director of JSC “URST”, noted that now work is going on at five stations simultaneously. “The station, which is now being built, is part of the Troitskaya line. Monolithic work at the station is 60 percent complete. The length of all five stations at which URST operates is 13.5 kilometers. In the tunnel dimension – 26 kilometers. To date, 23 kilometers of tunnels have been covered, ”he said.

Troitskaya metro line (project name – Kommunarskaya) will run from the ZIL station, from which it will be possible to change trains to the station of the same name on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) to Troitsk. It will provide high-speed rail transport for residents of the TyNAO. More than one million people live in the zone of attraction of this line and several hundred thousand more work or study. The South-West Administrative District will also receive an additional metro line.

The 40-kilometer line, which began construction in 2018, will reduce the load on the central and southern sections of the Sokolnicheskaya and Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya lines. The intensity of traffic on the adjacent streets will decrease – this will improve the environmental situation in the city. The line will have 17 stations, two of them – Sevastopolskiy Prospekt and ZIL – will become interchange stations at the MCC. From Akademicheskaya it will be possible to transfer to the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line, from Novatorskaya to the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line. A large interchange hub with the Sokolnicheskaya line will be created at the Kommunarka station. The new station “Ulitsa Generala Tyuleneva” will be located along the street of the same name at the intersection with Teply Stan street. Passengers will be able to go to General Tyulenev and Teply Stan streets through the underground lobby.

The station will be decorated in a modern aesthetic with dynamic oblique lines and an asymmetrical composition. The ceiling will be made suspended from large-format triangular aluminum honeycomb panels of various sizes, anodized titanium. Linear luminaires will be placed between the pendant modules.

Panels with the station name and line diagram will be placed at the level of the car windows. The walls will be closed with a hinged noise suppression system – a prefabricated structure made of aluminum honeycomb panels with a height of 1.2 meters. Two rows of circular columns will be faced with gabbro radius elements. The floor is finished with gray granite and gabbro-diabase, laid diagonally. The oblique lines of the floor will overlap with the ceiling pattern.

Now at General Tyulenev Street, specialists are engaged in basic structures, waterproofing and backfilling. The construction readiness of the station is 27 percent.

Tunneling is carried out according to the technology traditional for the Moscow metro – with the help of two tunneling complexes with a diameter of six meters. At the moment, tunnels have been completed from Novatorskaya to Mamyry, including the Ulitsa General Tyuleneva station.

The tunnel boring complexes “Evgenia” and “Darya” have been driving the running tunnels between the stations “Mamyri” and “Bachurinskaya” since January – February this year. The right tunnel was covered 55 percent (1.38 kilometers), and the left one – 48 percent (1.23 kilometers).

Festival site in Teply Stan

A new festival site was opened in July this year, it is located at Teply Stan street, possession 1b, not far from the exits from the metro station of the same name.

“I’ve been to this site before. There was an unkempt market here. Then they planned to build a residential quarter here. We seized it all and decided to make just such a fair, ”said the Mayor of Moscow.

The site is decorated in a merchant style. Experts have erected wooden towers with elements of the architecture of Ancient Rus, decorated with sculptures and panels with the heroes of Russian fairy tales. There are three commercial chalets, two catering chalets, a free carousel, a stage and a sports area. In summer from 10:00 to 21:00 a rollerdrome is open for visitors. To get there, you need to register through the application or on the Moscow Seasons website. It has already been visited by about 2.5 thousand people. In winter, an artificial ice rink will appear here.

On the territory, which is located next to the site, the landscape park “Birch Light” was equipped. Additionally, 350 trees, one thousand shrubs and more than 10 thousand flowers were planted there. The park has a recreation area, a children’s playground and a swing.

“Teply Stan has its own festival site where you can celebrate the City Day, which will take place here this weekend, to celebrate the New Year, May 1. It has its own center of social life and residents do not need to travel to festival grounds in other districts, to the city center, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

According to him, such sites appear in all districts, because each district is a whole city in terms of the number of inhabitants. The Mayor of Moscow congratulated the townspeople on the upcoming City Day.

Now the site is hosting the Flower Jam festival, which began on September 1 and will last until October 1. Guests can buy original ice cream, designer handmade toys and much more. The festival was attended by more than seven thousand people, about 600 people rode on the carousels. In addition, 250 portions of ice cream and 350 portions of snacks (waffles, pancakes, sandwiches) were eaten, 68 liters of drinks (juices, fruit drinks, lemonades) were drunk, 79 jams of jam were bought.

Within the framework of “Flower Jam”, more than 30 sites operate throughout Moscow. Over 75 thousand living plants were required to create landscape projects, about 170 more green mini-projects will appear as part of the traditional “Amateur Flower Gardens Contest” – it will be held at the district sites on September 11 and 12.

50th Anniversary Gift: Refurbishment and New Instruments for the Music School

Children’s Music School named after A.M. Ivanova-Kramskoy, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, is located in the Teply Stan district at the address: Akademika Vinogradov Street, house 7. The three-storey building with an area of ​​4.6 thousand square meters was built in 1987. It houses 40 classrooms, three concert halls (large for 250 seats, small and orchestral for 50 seats each), a choreography hall with a special flooring, machines, mirrors, as well as a library and a museum of classical guitar. Major repairs were made here in 2012-2013.

In December 2020, they began current repairs, which ended in 2021. Acoustic panels were installed in the premises, new floors were laid, doors, staircase fences, air conditioners and lamps were replaced with energy efficient ones. In addition, some sections of the water supply and sewerage pipelines were replaced. The interior decoration was carried out in the same style as the Art for Children project. Over 600 units of new musical instruments, furniture and equipment were purchased for the school.

The daughter of guitarist Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy Natalia Ivanova-Kramskaya, guitarist and music teacher, thanked the Moscow Mayor for visiting the school.

The history of the school began in 1971, when music classes at the regional committee of the trade union of the Cheremushkinsky district were transformed into an evening school of general music education No. 58. In 1987, the school received its own building on Akademika Vinogradov Street, where it is now. In 2005, the institution was named after the guitarist, composer and teacher Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy (1912-1973). At the same time, a museum of classical guitar appeared here, which was founded by his daughter and school teacher – Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Natalya Ivanova-Kramskaya.

At the school, students are taught to play the piano, strings, folk, wind and percussion instruments, vocals and choral singing. School competition – three people per place. Now more than 800 children study here. Graduates have repeatedly become laureates of international and all-Russian competitions and festivals. 87 teachers work here, one of them is an Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, and four more are honorary workers of culture of the city of Moscow.

Complex improvement of Leninsky Prospekt

Leninsky Prospekt is one of the largest outbound highways in the city. It runs from Kaluzhskaya Square to the Moscow Ring Road, after crossing which it turns into the Kiev highway. The main goal of the avenue improvement is to create here a comfortable urban environment for local residents, while preserving the transit function. The project provides for the preservation of the historical appearance of the highway.

The work takes place in three stages. First, they put in order a five-kilometer section from Kravchenko Street to the Moscow Ring Road, its area is 74.4 hectares. These works were completed in early September. In addition to the roadway, sidewalks were also repaired. Experts have installed over 650 new lanterns in various formats – from four to nine meters. 43 contrast lighting poles were installed at the pedestrian crossings. We also made a 4.3-kilometer bike path, along which 230 bike parking lots and 18 bike and scooter rental stations.

Specialists have placed about 860 small architectural forms, 12 navigation steles and 13 information pylons along the avenue, and equipped 21 public transport stops. Four playgrounds have been renovated in adjacent yards. In addition, they laid out 305.6 thousand square meters of lawns, planted 519 trees and 9325 shrubs.

Sergei Sobyanin examined the park, which is located at the address: Leninsky Prospekt, 152, building 1. Here a group of initiative citizens led by local resident Tatiana Volovik carried out landscaping.

“And we would like to say that Moscow needs more conifers, beautiful junipers in summer and winter,” added Tatyana Volovik.

Also, work is going on from the Garden Ring to Universitetsky Prospekt (68.5 hectares, length – 5.2 kilometers) and a section from Universitetsky Prospekt to Kravchenko Street (40.8 hectares, length – 3.8 kilometers). Work on the second stage will be completed in 2022–2023, and on the third – as the construction of the Big Circle and Troitskaya metro lines is completed.

Improvement of the quarter in Konkovo

In April – September this year, specialists carried out work on the comprehensive improvement of the quarter bounded by Sevastopolsky Avenue, Ostrovityanov, Profsoyuznaya and Miklukho-Maklaya streets, including the territory of school No. 17 (two school buildings and four kindergartens). The total area of ​​the improvement is 29.5 hectares.

A convenient road and path network was created for local residents, 16 children’s and seven sports grounds were put in order. A safe rubber covering, artificial grass covering was laid on them, play complexes, simulators were installed.

More than 700 small architectural forms were replaced in the quarter, about 300 lighting poles and 168 handrails for people with limited mobility were installed, 660 “squares” of flower beds were broken, 86 trees and about 12.5 thousand shrubs were planted.

In total, in 2021, 21 streets and an embankment, 118 parks and iconic objects, 3.5 thousand courtyards, numerous healthcare and transport facilities will be landscaped in the capital. In the summer, we implemented a large-scale program for the improvement of school yards and stadiums, as well as areas of kindergartens. In 400 schools and kindergartens, a quality space for recreation and sports has been created.

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