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In the Murmansk region, a memorable and memorial alley dedicated to the heroes of our fellow countrymen has appeared. Nine stands along the sidewalk leading to the House of Youth on Stroiteley Street in Apatity were installed as part of a socially significant project of the All-Russian military-patriotic public movement and ANO Drozd-Khibiny.

In the table of contents of the alley there is a memorial sign, along the edges of which there are two border pillars with the coats of arms of the USSR and Russia, as a symbol of the fact that the border of the state neighboring on the side of the Murmansk region with two countries is under protection.

As the head of the regional headquarters of the Murmansk region Almaz Biktimerov said, initially the Alley of Memory and Glory was conceived as a project dedicated to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. But after talking with the Yunarmeys and their parents, it became obvious that it was necessary to expand the exposition and be sure to mention modern heroes – participants in local wars and conflicts who did not spare their lives in the name of the Fatherland.

“The Yunarmeys actively participated in the creation of the street exhibition. They brought photographs of their relatives and friends to decorate the exhibition. Most of the portraits on the stands are our fellow countrymen, whom we are rightfully proud of. For example, Hero of the Russian Federation corporal Igor Chilikanov. This is not just an alley – it is a link between generations. And also a vivid example of valor and courage for young people, ”Biktimerov explained.

It took more than a year to create a turnkey exhibition. The opening ceremony of the Walk of Memory and Glory was attended by veterans, servicemen and residents of the city. The Yunarmeys proudly presented the project. Ruslana Demicheva throughout the event stood next to the photographs of her relatives – veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

“Yes, on one of these steles, my grandparents. When they announced the creation of a commemorative alley, I immediately ran home, talked to my parents, and we took away the photographs. But when I saw the result of the project, I felt a sense of pride: pride for my ancestors, pride for the Soviet people, who stood up against such a cruel enemy, ”she added.

The place for the alley was not chosen by chance. The road along which the stands are located leads not only to the Youth Army House, but also to other socially significant objects in the neighborhood. Portraits of heroes-fellow countrymen, whose names will forever remain in history, can be studied by the residents of the city passing here.

In the future, the Alley of Memory and Glory is planned to be expanded. An exposition dedicated to the young defenders of the Fatherland will appear here. And in the very near future, lessons of courage and solemn receptions in the ranks of the youth army will begin in this place.

“There is no better way to get acquainted with the pages of the history of the Fatherland. Such galleries are like animated pages of books. No less impressive exposition “Who protects us and how”, thanks to the support of the military, was opened the day before in the House of Youth in the town of Polyarny. The exhibition presents samples of military uniforms and weapons. It is always easier to remember important dates when you see exhibits representing different eras of time before your eyes, ”stressed the leader of the Youth Army, Olympic champion Nikita Nagorny.

And earlier in the city of Polyarny, the Youth Army House was solemnly opened, in which the headquarters of the movement of the entire city district of Aleksandrovsk was located, which, in addition to Polyarny, included two more settlements – Gadzhievo and Snezhnogorsk. The Center for Continuing Education with an area of ​​720 square meters was redesigned for thematic spaces and educational sites. Each of the boys and girls can find something to their liking here. There is a scientific and practical laboratory “Agrokub”, a business game “What is the House of Youth?” Most of the classes and master classes will be conducted by the servicemen of the Northern Fleet Submarine Forces, who patronize the guys.

All-Russian youth military-patriotic movement Yunarmiya was created in 2016 at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense and with the support of the President of Russia. Now there are more than 850 thousand participants in its ranks. The main task of the movement is patriotic education, as well as the physical, intellectual and social development of young people.

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