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Non-profit organizations are engaged in training foster parents, adaptation of people with mental disabilities and rehabilitation of sick children. How the Moscow Government supports them – see the article.

People who work for charitable non-profit organizations (NPOs) are almost always on their feet. They conduct trainings for their wards, develop rehabilitation programs, purchase rare medicines and equipment for children with serious illnesses. It is possible to withstand such a load largely thanks to the support of the Moscow Government.

Getting help has become easier since 2021. Now participate in the competition “Moscow is a kind city” can be NGOs registered at least a year ago. And the minimum grant has doubled – up to a million rubles. Application for this year’s competition begins September 15th

Read about how grants have already helped three winners of the competition in this article.

Caring for children’s health

Charitable foundation “Ship”Specializing in especially difficult medical cases, received a grant “Moscow is a good city” for the project “Social support for families during the treatment of children in hospitals.”

In particular, the funds went to the creation of a cartoon about volunteering “Real Wizards”, which was released in April. It explains what volunteers do at the foundation and how to become one. “In real life, there are people who would like to make the lives of little patients in children’s hospitals brighter. They just need to be advised how to help, ”the cartoon says.

The fund was also provided with free premises on Profsoyuznaya Street.


According to him, the foundation primarily takes care of children with rare diseases. Once the parents of a girl with Laron’s syndrome (dwarfism) turned to “Korablik”: at the age of three she was as tall as a doll and did not grow. “There are no more than 200 people with such a diagnosis worldwide, many remain dwarfs for life. Scientists are trying to find a remedy, but so far there is only one experimental drug, and that is not in Russia, and it is not prescribed for children. Nevertheless, our partner doctors during the meetings of the discussion club managed to agree with the Ministry of Health of Russia on the import of this drug into the country. The girl began to undergo therapy and has already grown up a little, ”says Igor Pyatnitsa.

The Foundation also helps children injured in road accidents. “It happens that expensive and non-standard implants are needed. For example, a boy recently received a skull injury and doctors partially removed his skull bones. With the money we raised, we managed to get rare plates made of a special material: they grow and change shape along with the skull. The child will not have to undergo repeated operations, ”says Igor Pyatnitsa.

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Help parents

The Arithmetic of Kindness Charitable Foundation has received a grant from the Moscow is a Kind City competition. This is about two million rubles for the implementation of the project “Equal to equal” (creation of a self-help group for parents of adopted children).


The foundation takes care of about two thousand families. Parents who have signed up for the Peer to Peer program attend 19 meetings, during which the facilitators, who have previously received additional pedagogical and psychological education, analyze situations. “We simply could not adequately assess our strengths, had no idea what we would face when the child appeared. We were not ready for the diagnoses that were given to my son … Now I became more calm about everything. The fact that there are people who have the same problems as us reduces the level of anxiety. Our boy will soon be 10 years old, and we plan to take at least one more child, ”one of the project participants wrote to Svetlana Stroganova.

According to the head of “Arithmetic of Good”, one of the topical problems that are discussed at the trainings of the program is returns: the family takes on the upbringing of the child, cannot establish contact with him and sends him back to the orphanage. “Moreover, this happens not only with people who have adopted someone else’s child, but also with blood guardians. For example, a teenager’s parents died, his grandmother took him in, but could not cope. And the grandson moved to an orphanage. We work with such grandmothers to prevent such situations, ”says Svetlana Stroganova.

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Adapt children

The Dream League Center for Social Assistance and Adaptation for People with Infantile Cerebral Palsy (ICP) and Other Disabilities became the winner of two competitions “Moscow is a Good City”. Thanks to this, he received a free space on Oleko Dundicha Street, in which he created the Dream League family center, as well as a grant in the amount of 5.3 million rubles, which was allocated for the implementation of this project.


There are several groups in the center – children and adults. In each, no more than four people study: people with mental disabilities and disorders of the musculoskeletal system often find it difficult to study in a large company, they need time to figure out and complete the task. Teachers teach drawing, dancing, singing. At the end of the year, students participate in a reporting concert.

“Sometimes children come who have never painted before and who have no hearing. But the main thing in this project is socialization. During the classes, the children find friends, they stop being afraid of people, “says the project manager of the Dream League.

One girl with autism spectrum disorder was first brought in by her mother, although she lives in a nearby house. After a few lessons, the student began to come by herself.

“The most difficult thing is to prove to parents of special children that it is through creativity that they develop and adapt to society. While we are working on it. We beat butter in a jug like a frog from a fairy tale, ”Elena Dmitrieva smiles.

What kind of support does the city provide to socially oriented NGOs?

Get support

Grant competitions for NGOs are held annually in the capital. One of the main ones is “Moscow is a good city”, which is supported by Department of Labor and Social Protection of the City Population… The grant can be received by non-profit organizations that have existed for at least a year and develop social projects for the older generation, people with disabilities, large families, homeless people, and the unemployed. In addition to monetary grants, 50 premises were donated to NPOs for free use for three years.

In 2021, the conditions for participation have been simplified. Thus, the minimum period for registration of a legal entity has been reduced from one and a half years to a year. You no longer need letters of guarantee from co-executors of the project. It is not necessary for an NGO to invest in its project. The contribution can be, for example, a technical base or volunteer activities. Finally, the restrictions on the salaries of project participants have been lifted. The size of the minimum grant has also increased.

In addition, the Department holds a separate competition for premises for non-profit organizations that are involved in the rehabilitation and socialization of young people from neuropsychiatric boarding schools. The selection takes place among NGOs that implement projects of training accompanied accommodation for people with mental disabilities.

Also non-profit organizations participate in Moscow Mayor grant competition… In 2021, NGOs could submit projects to the competition in one of 12 nominations: “Volunteering and Volunteering”, “Charity”, “Family Moscow”, “Ecology of the Metropolis”, “Youth of Moscow”, “Safe Moscow”, “Our Heritage”, Healthy Lifestyle and Sport, Civil Initiatives, Urban Innovations, Creative Moscow and Media Media-Moscow. The total amount of grants is 400 million rubles.

By the way, today every resident of the city can support the work of social NGOs – with the help of a charity service at… To make a donation, you need to log in to the portal and select the program you are interested in in the sectionfunds, then indicate the amount of the contribution and click the “Help” button. Citizens can donate and help sick children, veterans, people with disabilities or animals.

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