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September 11, 2021 4:29 pm

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Photo by M. Mishin. Press Service of the Mayor and the Moscow Government

There is more greenery on the island. There they laid over 59 thousand square meters of lawns and laid out 6.4 thousand square meters of flower beds.

In Moscow, after the accomplishment of the improvement, the embankments of the Balchug Islands were opened.

“Such a large comfortable space was made on the Balchug Island – from the House of Music to the House of Culture“ GES-2 ”, – noted

Sergei Sobyanin… – You can now walk not only along Zaryadye and the Kremlin embankment, but also from this side. It is a good space. ”

Complex improvement of Balchug Island, carried out this year, covered Repinsky square (Bolotnaya square), Sofiyskaya, Raushskaya, Sadovnicheskaya, Kosmodamianskaya embankments and adjacent Sadovnicheskaya streets, 1st and 2nd Raushskaya, Faleevsky, Komissariatsky and Sadovnichesky side streets.

Despite the fact that this territory is located a stone’s throw from the Kremlin and Zaryadye, before the improvement there was not enough greenery here, and the narrow and broken sidewalks were inconvenient for pedestrians. It was uncomfortable for everyone: local residents, hotel guests, office workers and music lovers who come to concerts at the House of Music.

Green, cozy and safe

The main idea of ​​the improvement of Balchug was to conditionally divide the urban space into historical and modern.

The sidewalks on the territory of the island itself – on Sadovnicheskaya Street, in lanes and along buildings on the embankments – are used mainly by local residents and office workers. The movement along them is calm and unhurried. It will remain so. In the course of the improvement, these sidewalks were tidied up and added resting places with classic Moscow benches.

On the embankments near the water, tourists walk, and the townspeople ride scooters and bicycles. There, the urban space was designed in a more interesting and modern way. Some of the new lanterns of Balchug are made in the style of minimalism, others resemble old gas lanterns. Embankment parapets are accented with special lighting.

In total, over 1.1 thousand small architectural forms, 27 navigation steles, 806 lighting poles and 913 parapet lamps have been installed on Balchug. In order to increase the safety of pedestrian and transport traffic, 32 video surveillance cameras and 19 traffic lights were installed. The facades of seven buildings have been repaired.

In addition, the reconstruction of the drainage network was carried out: 1.7 thousand meters of storm drains were laid, 152 storm gratings and 200 observation wells were installed. The overhead lines have been removed underground in a cable duct with a length of 17.1 kilometers. For quick repairs and convenient connection of additional lines, 405 cable wells were installed.

There is more greenery on the island. More than 59 thousand square meters of lawns have been laid there and 6.4 thousand square meters of flower beds have been laid out, and this fall almost 600 new trees and 11 418 shrubs will be added to them. Among them are European pallida lindens, red maples, lobel elms, ornamental apple trees, field trees, cotoneaster and white turf. New green spaces will give a fresh look to boardwalks and become a natural barrier that protects pedestrians from road dust. The squares on the Kosmodamianskaya and Sadovnicheskaya embankments will play with new colors.

The project is important from the point of view of the improvement of the Repinsky square, a large green space of Balchug, created for the 800th anniversary of Moscow in 1947. The existing trees have been preserved as much as possible and new green spaces will be planted in the fall based on archived situational plans. And the new lanterns, benches and urns are in the style of the late 1940s.

A pedestrian zone connecting the Cathedral of Christ the Savior with Yakimanka has been created near the historic building of GES-2. From the Patriarshy Bridge you can go down to Bolotnaya Embankment and sit right by the water.

“This is HPP-2, which was decommissioned 10 years ago. The power plant was built for the first electric tram in the city of Moscow, a hundred-year-old station. And it has now been reconstructed, ”added Sergei Sobyanin. “There really is such a unique complex turned out.”

Improvement of Balchug Island is the largest project to create a high-quality urban space in the center of Moscow, which was implemented this year.

It’s gotten better: what else has been improved in the capital

This year, over five thousand city objects are being put in order. Their total area is more than 6.6 thousand hectares, including 21 streets and embankments, 118 parks and landmark objects, 29 transport infrastructure facilities (approaches to metro stations and the Moscow Central Circle, railway platforms of Moscow Central Diameters, industrial enterprises, reconstruction of roads for organizing new routes of land transport). Also, 36 territories (quarters) were landscaped in the “from house to house” format, over 3.5 thousand courtyards and 400 territories of educational organizations.

Among the large objects are the embankments of the Balchug Island opposite the Kremlin, two floodplain sections of the Chermyanka River (the right tributary of the Yauza River) from Dezhnev Passage to Molodtsov Street (along Yurlovsky Passage) and from Musorgsky Street to Dezhnev Passage (along Musorsky Street), Leninsky Prospect (from Kravchenko Street to the Moscow Ring Road), Krasnaya Presnya Street and the December Uprising Park, Zvenigorodskoe Highway to the Third Transport Ring.

In the summer, we implemented a large-scale program for the improvement of school yards and stadiums, as well as the territories of kindergartens. 400 schools and kindergartens now have quality space for recreation and sports. The main works were completed in late August – early September. The remaining objects are planned to be commissioned by the end of this year.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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