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At the Pravdinsky training ground, within the framework of the Zapad-2021 joint strategic exercise of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, an episode of practical actions of the forces was played out, during which the tasks of maneuvering defense at the final line and in an offensive using aviation were worked out.

Subdivisions of the army corps, air defense units and naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet were involved in the episode of the exercise.

During the exercise, under the cover of air strikes and artillery fire, the defending side fortified the occupied line in order to conduct a further counteroffensive.

Su-27 fighters were on duty to provide cover for the offensive in the given areas. In order to gain air supremacy and repel enemy air strikes, fighter aircraft simulated air battles to clear the airspace. In the course of working out the tasks, the crews performed maneuvers at the limiting parameters for overload and angle of attack.

According to the plan of the commander of the army corps, after stopping the mock enemy in front of the forward edge, all forces and means of the formation dealt a concentrated fire strike against them.

The defeat of the identified “enemy” was carried out in a complex manner, while the actions of aviation alternated with the defeat of missile forces and artillery. The identified reconnaissance means and columns of armored vehicles of the imaginary enemy, which were advancing within the reach of cannon artillery and Hurricane multiple launch rocket systems, were targeted. For the most effective destruction of targets hidden by the terrain, and objective control of the damage inflicted on the enemy, unmanned aerial vehicles were actively used.

During the episode, in order to reduce the combat capabilities of the enemy ground grouping, front-line bombers Su-30SM attacked previously reconnoitered objects in the depths: command posts, field depots of weapons and logistical equipment. Thus, favorable conditions were created for the transition from defense to the offensive of motorized rifle and tank units with minimal losses.

Another blow to the positions of the “enemy” was inflicted by the Baltic Fleet naval aircraft Su-24 and Su-30 SM.

The pilots performed an imitation of dive bombing with FAB-250 aviation bombs. This method of bombing ensured the successful overcoming of the air defense in the target area, made it possible to use the tactical surprise factor, which allowed the aviation to operate in low cloud conditions.

Before the start of the counterattack, artillery with concentrated fire and fire on individual targets defeated high-precision weapons, tanks and armored vehicles, thereby violating the firing order of the conditional enemy and creating conditions for their destruction with fire from tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The work of the artillery was supported by the crews of the Mi-24 fire support helicopters. Performing the task, they approached the target at low altitudes with a rounding of the terrain.

In turn, the actions of the “enemy” aviation were simulated with the help of lighting mines. Air defense units armed with Tunguska anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems and Igla portable anti-aircraft missile systems fired at simulated air targets.

After a concentrated strike of artillery, aviation, a tank company and tank platoons, the manpower and armored vehicles of the conditional enemy in strongpoints were struck using the “tank carousel” technique developed thanks to the experience of the military operation in Syria, which makes combat vehicles practically invulnerable.

On the eve of the offensive, UR-77 demining units were used, which took up launching positions in advance at the front line of our troops. They launched demining cord charges, thereby making passes through the minefields.

Further, for the development of the offensive, in cooperation with army aviation, tactical airborne assault was used. The landing force landed from Mi-8 helicopters by landing method under the cover of Mi-24 combat helicopters. To exclude the defeat of enemy air defenses, the helicopters used individual electronic warfare equipment and heat traps.

As a result of joint actions, the defeat of the forces of the mock enemy was completed and the troops restored their position along the forward edge, gaining a foothold on the achieved line. Also, during the exercise, measures were worked out for the comprehensive support of troops in the field.

In total, more than 300 pieces of equipment, more than 20 aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles, and about 5 thousand servicemen were involved in the exercise stage of the SSU “West-2021” at the Pravdinsky training ground in the Kaliningrad region.

The joint strategic exercise (SSU) of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus is held every two years in accordance with the decision made by the heads of the two states.

Exercise “West-2021” is the final stage of joint training of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation this year.

Practical actions of troops (forces) take place from 10 to 16 September 2021 at nine training grounds located on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the waters of the Baltic Sea, as well as at five training grounds of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus.

In total, up to 200 thousand personnel, about 80 aircraft and helicopters, up to 760 units of military equipment, including 290 tanks, 240 guns, multiple launch rocket systems, take part in the SSU “West-2021” on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus and mortars, as well as up to 15 ships.

The maximum number of personnel of military units involved in training, subject to the Vienna Document 2011, on the territory of the Russian Federation does not exceed 6400 military personnel.

The return of military command and control bodies and troops to the points of permanent deployment after participation in the exercise is planned until mid-October of this year.

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