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During the drawing of the main stage of the joint strategic exercise (SSU) “West-2021” at the Mulino training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region in order to gain fire superiority and defeat critical targets of the imaginary enemy and his reserves, assault, operational-tactical and long-range aviation of the coalition group of forces inflicted “Enemy” a massive air strike.

In a massive air strike using reconnaissance and strike complexes of operational-tactical and long-range aviation, over 60 units of aviation equipment were involved, including Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft, 12 Su-25 attack aircraft, 16 SU-30 multifunctional fighters, 6 Su fighters -35, 16 front-line fighter-bombers Su-34, 6 front-line bombers Su-24, as well as 6 long-range aircraft Tu-22M3.

After conducting additional reconnaissance of targets hit by Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft, fighter cover for the actions of assault and operational-tactical aviation by clearing the air space by conducting highly maneuverable air battles was carried out by multifunctional Su-35S fighters, which entered into a maneuverable air battle with the “enemy” planes that had broken through.

A squadron of modernized Su-25SM3 aircraft equipped with the GLONASS navigation system and the latest SOLT-25 electronic-optical guidance system, which allows the pilot to detect and track warm-contrast ground targets day and night on a distance of several kilometers. With the use of new systems of electronic-optical guidance, the accuracy of hitting unguided aerial bombs dropped by the navigation method of bombing approached the parameters for high-precision weapons.

Operating in the strike echelon, four flights of multifunctional Su-34 fighter-bombers hit critical targets and armored columns of the imaginary enemy with 24 high-explosive fragmentation bombs of 500 kg caliber using an onboard defense system.

The combat use of aviation was carried out from heights of 600 to 1200 meters in pairs and units. The aircraft took off from military airfields located in the Lipetsk, Voronezh, Kaluga, Saratov and Tambov regions.

During flight missions, air crews used high-explosive fragmentation bombs, destroying targets denoting critical objects of the imaginary enemy, including control systems, air defense systems, and equipment parking.

Fighter cover for the actions of strike aviation was provided by the crews of the Su-35S aircraft of the Western Military District.

After the combat use of aviation weapons during the drawing of practical actions of the main stage of the SSU “West-2021”, the crews of the operational-tactical and long-range aviation aircraft returned to the operational airfields.

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The CFM Board of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus is held every two years in accordance with the decision adopted by the heads of the two states.

Exercise “West-2021” is the final stage of joint training of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation this year.

Practical actions of troops (forces) will take place from 10 to 16 September at nine training grounds located on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the Baltic Sea, as well as at five training grounds of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

In total, up to 200 thousand servicemen will take part in the SSU “West-2021” on the territory of Russia and Belarus, about 80 aircraft and helicopters will be involved, up to 760 units of military equipment, including 290 tanks, 240 guns, multiple launch rocket systems and mortars , as well as up to 15 ships.

The maximum number of personnel of military units involved in training, subject to the Vienna Document 2011 on Confidence and Security Building Measures, on the territory of the Russian Federation will not exceed 6,400 servicemen.

The return of military command and control bodies and troops to their permanent deployment points after participation in the exercise is planned until mid-October.

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