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September 15, 2021 7:04 am

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VDNKh Press Service

VDNKh invites schoolchildren to learn and have fun. Excursions, lessons and master classes will be held in the pavilions, museums and laboratories of the exhibition.

To better understand the natural sciences in the halls of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center, to consolidate knowledge about the world around at the City Farm, or to learn how to draw comics – VDNKh offers to combine lessons and entertainment. Acceptance of applications for participation in the project “Classroom program” is open. Special sets of events have been developed for schoolchildren. It will become easier for teachers and parents to organize useful leisure activities for children.

Children will have walks and excursions around the territory of VDNKh, visits to museums and pavilions, as well as master classes in creative laboratories and sports activities. Only organized groups of schoolchildren accompanied by adults (teachers or parents) can participate. Each group must have at least 10 people. The programs correspond to such school subjects as history, Russian language and literature, physics, chemistry, the world around, biology, technology, as well as creative disciplines. They help to consolidate the knowledge gained in the lessons, and apply it in practice, to see how different sciences affect a person’s life, enriching it in all areas. Classes can be tailored for students of all ages. To visit them, you need to register and buy tickets for project site… For the convenience of participants, school buses will enter the territory and free parking throughout the day.

At VDNKh, the rules recommended by Rospotrebnadzor apply: visitors must keep their distance and wear masks in the premises.

Visit a spaceship and see rare plants

The program “Space: From Dream to Rocket” will appeal to everyone who dreams of distant stars and space flights. Participants will find an exciting quest in the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center. While completing tasks, the children will learn what astronauts eat, how their life in orbit goes, what different types of spacesuits are needed for, and much more. In addition, schoolchildren will visit the Buran interactive museum complex and see a model of the command post of the spacecraft, a copy of the laboratory stand for checking the readiness of onboard systems before flight, and models of ejection seats. The program is designed for schoolchildren from first to third grade.

And for children interested in nature and the world around them, VDNKh has developed a special program called “Learning – Color!” Schoolchildren are invited to walk with a guide along the central alleys of the exhibition and Michurinsky Garden. During the excursion, they will be shown how to take care of fruit trees and ornamental plants, they will be told in what months the exhibition can see the flowering of lavender, rose, mallow, verbena, tulips and peonies. In addition, the children will visit the “Floriculture” eco-center, where they will be shown rare plant species. Classes are designed for students from first to fourth grade.

Practice calligraphy and learn about the culture of the peoples of Russia

What materials were used for writing during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and what the books were decorated with, you can find out thanks to the program “How We Write. From Cyrillic to Emoji ”. It will be of interest to schoolchildren from fourth to sixth grade. Participants will visit the Slovo center of Slavic writing, where they will be able to study what graffiti looked like in an ancient temple and read the messages of ancient Novgorodians. And at the master class in calligraphy, they will analyze the main features of the ancient styles of writing – from strict charter to ligature. In addition, the guys will practice writing letters and words with a wide pen.

Another program titled “History of Victories: XX Century in Two Hours” will acquaint schoolchildren with the unique architecture of VDNKh and the culture of the peoples of Russia. They will have an excursion along the Central Alley and a visit to the VDNKh Museum. The guides will tell you how the idea of ​​creating the exhibition came about, how the pavilions were built, why one of the 16 statues was removed from the Friendship of Peoples fountain. This lesson is designed for fourth to ninth grade students.

Create your own comic and learn the basics of rock climbing

Participants in the “Time of Discovery” program will come up with their own plots for graphic stories and learn how to sketch them. In addition, they will be given lessons about plants and animals. Classes will be held at the comic book house and at the “City Farm”. They are designed for the second – fourth grades.

For children of the same age, the Mission Achievable program may be suitable. It will appeal to fans of sports and active lifestyles. These are trainings with experienced instructors in a rope park, as well as in a climbing center.

It will be interesting for senior pupils to immerse themselves in the history of VDNKh and the development of domestic transport. This opportunity is provided by a program called VDNKh special purpose.

The guides will tell you about the pavilions in which there used to be and there are now expositions dedicated to transport, on what it was possible to drive through VDNKh, as well as about the cars in which the first persons of the country and guests of honor moved. Then the schoolchildren will visit the largest museum of special services in Russia, open to a wide audience – the Museum of the special purpose garage of the FSO of Russia.

VDNKh is a unique public space that includes a historical and architectural complex, a landscape park with original architecture and modern museum and educational sites, many of which have no analogues in Russia and abroad. The total area is over 325 hectares. On its territory there are 49 cultural heritage sites, including pavilions, sculptural compositions and historical fountains.

The exhibition has always been and remains one of the main places in Moscow for school trips.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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