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The integration processes of the Russian Federation and Belarus are based on the principles of trust, taking into account the interests of the citizens of the two countries and with full preservation of the sovereignty of the states. This was announced on Friday by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State.

“Of course, it is necessary to form a single space based on the principles of openness, transparency and mutual trust, on rules that take into account the interests and needs of residents and entrepreneurs, of course, while fully preserving the sovereignty of our states,” said the head of the Russian government.

According to him, the task of the current meeting is to fulfill the agreements reached at the talks between the Presidents of the Russian Federation and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko on September 9 in Moscow on deepening integration.

“The leaders of our countries have made a fundamental decision to deepen integration in the Union State, and our task is to fulfill the agreements that were reached at the highest level, which is why today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State is of particular importance for the development of our fraternal relations,” the head of the cabinet said. ministers of the Russian Federation. “We are sincerely interested in bringing our cooperation to a new level and giving an additional impetus to the integration processes in the Union State,” he assured.

Mishustin said that “there is only one issue on the agenda of the meeting.” “We have to approve the main directions for the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty on the creation of the Union State for the current and the next two years, as well as 28 sectoral union programs,” the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation specified.

He recalled that in the preparation of these programs “not only representatives of the authorities took part, but also of banking structures, business circles, the opinion of citizens of states was taken into account.” The Russian prime minister is confident that it is the citizens of the two countries that “should feel the positive effect of the integration processes.” “All Union programs are fully coordinated, it was a complex, large-scale work that required a lot of time and effort, in which almost all ministries and departments in Russia and Belarus are already involved,” the Russian Prime Minister emphasized, thanking everyone for the work done. “We hope that in the near future all documents will be approved by the Supreme State Council under the leadership of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, this will create a reliable legal basis for joint work to strengthen Russian-Belarusian integration,” Mishustin said. “Our common goal is to improve the standard of living of every citizen of both countries. This can only be achieved by ensuring the growth of our economies,” said the head of the RF Cabinet.

The Russian prime minister noted that the union programs “presuppose the convergence of macroeconomic policies, the creation of conditions for supporting not only large, but also medium and small businesses, and the creation of additional jobs.” “Russian business will have the opportunity to increase its business activity in Belarus, launch new joint ventures, increase exports. The Belarusian side will also have access to Russian government procurement, support measures, subsidies, and will also expand the sales market for industrial and agricultural products. attract Russian investments and funds from development institutions, “Mishustin listed. He also assured that cooperation in the energy sector will be strengthened.

Telecommunication networks

Mishustin also called for the unification of legislation in the field of telecommunication networks in Russia and Belarus. “We believe that it is necessary to unify the legislation in the field of postal services, and build the infrastructure of communication networks, to minimize the cost of roaming in the Union State,” the Prime Minister said at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State on Friday.

The Prime Minister stressed that the citizens of the two countries should be able to communicate freely, which is equally important for business. “I repeat, the positive aspects of integration should first of all be felt by the citizens of both Russia and Belarus,” he concluded.

Creation of joint ventures

“The implementation of union programs is aimed at deepening industrial cooperation. We will use the objective competitive advantages of our companies, stimulate the creation of joint ventures, and eliminate existing administrative barriers,” said the Prime Minister.

To improve mutual trade in agricultural products, the countries will move to a single agro-industrial policy, Mishustin said. “Both Russia and Belarus have good results in the agricultural sector. By combining our efforts, introducing new technologies, we can confidently achieve even greater success,” the Russian prime minister said.

Integration of economies

According to the Prime Minister, measures to integrate the economies of Russia and Belarus will have to be implemented in an unstable external environment due to the coronavirus and sanctions. “There is a lot of work ahead, we need to fulfill all the agreements reached [on union development programs], the activities of the governments of Russia and Belarus should be aimed at this. illegal unilateral economic sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, “Mishustin said.

“History shows that the Russian and Belarusian peoples are not afraid of difficulties, on the contrary, trials bring together and strengthen their resolve to work for the benefit of the citizens of the Union State,” he said. The fraternal relations between Russia and Belarus, according to Mishustin, are based on “mutual sympathy and long-term respect for our peoples.”

“As the experience of coordinating union programs has shown, we are able to negotiate and find effective compromise solutions. I am sure that this will help us overcome any difficulties and solve the large-scale strategic tasks we face,” the Russian prime minister added.

According to him, the citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus should feel the positive effects of integration. Mishustin urged, first of all, to resolve issues that concern ordinary people, so that they “have the opportunity to work on the territory of the Union State, receive income, pensions, enjoy social support, and all this on equal terms.”

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation also said that within the framework of the implementation of union programs, it is planned to agree on joint approaches to harmonize legislation in terms of labor relations and labor protection, employment, social insurance, pensions, and support for families with children. “I am convinced that Russian and Belarusian citizens will appreciate this significant step,” Mishustin said, assuring that the countries intend to deepen cooperation in education, healthcare, science, culture and sports.

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