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Complete reconstruction and improvement of the area is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

The first stage of a large-scale reconstruction and improvement was completed on Paveletskaya Square. A part of the park with a fountain and a stop for surface urban passenger transport was opened for residents. I examined the first results of the work Sergei Sobyanin

According to him, the project for the reconstruction of Paveletskaya Square was one of the most problematic long-term construction projects. The decision to build a shopping and entertainment center with parking on the square was made back in the late 1990s. The work began in 2002-2003, however, due to difficulties with investors, by the beginning of the 2010s, construction was suspended. Three years ago, the territory was withdrawn from the previous owners. In 2019, the Russian architectural bureau Apex, based on the project of the American bureau 5+ Design, developed an architectural concept for the reconstruction and improvement of Paveletskaya Square.

“We have created a new concept for this area, a shopping and entertainment center, which now fits into a transport hub. Over the years, we have reconstructed the tram tracks, changed the traffic pattern on the square, and most importantly, a first-class public space is being created here that will work for all micro-districts and will become the pride of our city, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

The owner of the PIK group of companies Sergey Gordeev said that the project will also allow not only to connect traffic flows, but also to create a comfortable public space: “There will be a small retail space and underground parking, jobs. In general, a place that I hope Muscovites will love. And finally this dark last speck will go away. “

The concept includes the construction of a five-story underground multifunctional complex with an area of ​​73 thousand square meters and the creation of a new landscape park with an area of ​​three hectares, where ventilation shafts and utilities of the underground center will harmoniously fit. Three of the five levels of the multifunctional complex will be occupied by a shopping and entertainment center, the hallmark of which will be graceful oval-shaped glass canopies with upward-curved canopies. On the fourth and fifth, there will be parking for 277 cars, including 28 places for disabled people. The building will have 10 escalators and 15 elevators.

It is expected that 30 percent of the shopping center’s area will be occupied by clothing and footwear stores, about 15 percent by restaurants and a food court, and 11 percent by perfumes and cosmetics. In addition, visitors to the shopping and entertainment center will be able to use related services – minor repairs, cleaning clothes and others. At the moment, lease agreements have been signed for more than 85 percent of the area.

A landscape park will be set up on the roof of the shopping complex. In addition to the original canopies over the entrances, the main decorations of the park will be a square with a fountain and an open amphitheater. In addition, there will be artificial hills, hiking trails made of natural stone, bike paths, zones for active and relaxing recreation, as well as cafes and restaurants with cozy terraces.

Above one of the entrances to the shopping complex, a green recreation area with wooden flooring and a promenade around the perimeter will be made. And the main entrance to the shopping and entertainment center will be located opposite the Paveletsky railway station – through the open staircase, guests will be able to get to the first level, and then along the escalators to the main part of the complex. You can also get to the shopping center from the side of Kozhevnicheskaya and Dubininskaya streets. And the entrance from the Garden Ring will be connected with the existing underground passage through Zatsepsky Val Street.

“We will extend the improvement work on the street adjacent to Paveletskaya Square. Dubininskaya and Kozhevnicheskaya streets will also be reconstructed. They will undergo such a comprehensive reconstruction as we did on other central streets. It will be nice and convenient for people, ”added Sergei Sobyanin.

He also proposed to fill the ice rink on the square and put up a New Year tree in winter.

In total, about 350 deciduous and coniferous trees and 18 thousand shrubs will be planted in the park, lawns and flower beds with various perennial and annual plants will be laid, benches and trash cans will be installed.

In the evening and at night, lanterns of various shapes, heights and sizes will create a cozy atmosphere in the park. The original lamps will not only add variety to the overall composition of the square, but also emphasize the surrounding space of the complex due to the play of light and shadow.

At present, the facade and finishing works, the installation of internal engineering systems, as well as the landscaping of the landscape park are being completed on Paveletskaya Square. The total construction readiness of the complex is 90 percent. The facility employs 1,800 people.

Complete reconstruction and improvement of the area is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

Tram and landscaping: other projects in and around Paveletskaya Square

Reconstruction of Paveletskaya Square is part of a project for the development of one of the largest transport hubs (TPU) in Moscow, which unites the Paveletsky railway station, metro stations of the Ring and Zamoskvoretskaya lines and routes of surface urban passenger transport, which are used by more than 163 thousand people daily. Of these, 123 thousand people use the metro per day, suburban rail transport – 15 thousand people per day, long-distance trains – 9.7 thousand people per day, Aeroexpress – 9.5 thousand people per day, surface urban transport – 6.2 thousand. person per day.

TPU serves passengers of Domodedovo airport, as well as passengers arriving from large cities of the Moscow region (Domodedovo, Vidnoye, Stupino, Ozherelye) and other cities of Russia (Adler, Volgograd, Saratov, Tambov and others).

In 2011-2012, urgent work was carried out to restore order at the station square: illegal trade was eliminated and a civilized traffic pattern was organized. In 2015, a passenger terminal of the Aeroexpress connecting Moscow with Domodedovo airport was opened at the station.

In July 2020, the reconstruction of the tram lines was completed. Trams now stop right in front of the main entrance, which is convenient for passengers, especially those with large bags and suitcases.

The route from the tram stop to the station for passengers has become 40 percent shorter. From the Paveletsky railway station, you can now directly get to Chistye Prudy, Universitet and Shosse Entuziastov metro stations.

Thanks to the reconstruction of tram tracks, it became possible to organize the movement of modern Vityaz-Moscow trams on eight routes: A, No. 1, 3, 16, 26, 39, 47, 49.

“The transport interchange project is quite complex. A lot of pedestrian flows intersect, traffic flows: trams, buses, metro. And all this was not easy to link up. But, in general, together with the city we found the right solutions and created such a public space, ”said Sergei Gordeev.

According to estimates, by the end of 2023, the total passenger traffic of TPU will increase by 36 percent – up to 221.6 thousand people per day, including due to an increase in the number of passengers using tram routes.

After 2024, the Paveletskoye direction will become part of the Yaroslavsko-Paveletsky MCD-5. It is assumed that the launch of MCD-5 will significantly relieve the Paveletsky railway station: many passengers will not reach it, as they will have more options for transfers to the metro and the MCC.

In addition, in 2022, it is tentatively planned to carry out a comprehensive improvement of Dubininskaya, Danilovsky Val and Kozhevnicheskaya streets.

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