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The Moskvarium Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology at VDNKh is opening a new educational program for schoolchildren. From September 25 to November 14, participants will enjoy free classes in the lecture hall and themed excursions, as well as scientific and environmental performances with the participation of marine animals.

What does a banana-eating gecko eat, what does a pig-tailed turtle look like, and why will an axolotl never be an adult? They are ready to tell about all this to schoolchildren interested in biology at the Moskvarium at VDNKh. The cognitive program “Ocean of Knowledge” will run from September 25 to November 14. On Saturdays, free excursions and lectures will be held for schoolchildren of all ages in the aquarium. Experts who know everything about fish, reptiles and amphibians will share their knowledge, talk about the lifestyle, prevalence in the wild and features of endangered and rare species. We will also talk about how science helps save animals from extinction, create reserve populations, and replenish their numbers in the wild.

At the free lectures, participants will be shown the unique inhabitants of the Moskvarium, including those who have recently arrived at the center of oceanography and marine biology. Children will have the opportunity to examine them up close in terrariums and faunariums.

Royal python, giant banana-eating gecko, Australian tree frog, Spanish newt, axolotl, pig-nosed turtle, bearded dragon, chameleons – schoolchildren will get acquainted with these and many other animals in the classroom. They will have to find out which of them lives in the wild in Madagascar and South America, and who lives in Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Separately, the topic of keeping amphibians and reptiles in the aquarium, as well as at home, will be touched upon. How to provide optimal conditions for such a pet, is it possible to make friends with reptiles or amphibians? Experts are ready to answer these and many other questions.

Classes are adapted for the school curriculum. They are presented in two formats – for students in grades 1 through 4 and for students in grades 5 through 11. They will be held on Saturdays, each beginning at 14:00: for pupils of grades 5-11 (children from 10 to 17 years old) – September 25, October 9, 23 and November 6; for younger students (children from six to 10 years old) – October 2, 16, 30 and November 13. Duration – 60 minutes. The number of participants in one lesson should not exceed 10 children accompanied by 10 adults. Applications for participation can be submitted both from a group of schoolchildren and individually. To do this, you must make an appointment by calling the Moskvarium call center: +7 (499) 677-99-99.

In addition, on Saturdays, the Moskvarium at VDNKh is planning to hold free excursions for schoolchildren on the theme of the ichthyofauna of the World Ocean. This is a journey accompanied by a guide through the Aquarium exposition. Those who go to it will learn a lot about the structure of fish, see the most poisonous of them – the stone fish, examine near dangerous moray eels, the ball fish of the arotron, stingrays and sharks. The children will be told what the huge arapimes that inhabit the Amazon have in common with dinosaurs. The guide will pay special attention to the problem of environmental pollution and disruption of the ecological balance in the World Ocean. For example, tourists will learn why the Great Barrier Reef is collapsing, and garbage islands are formed in some parts of the world.

In the practical part of the excursion, the schoolchildren, under the guidance of specialists, will feed the sprayfish or sniper fish that feed in an unusual way – they knock down insects that have perched on leaves above the surface of the reservoir with a stream of water released from their mouths.

Tours will be free of charge on Saturdays – September 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6 and 13. Beginning at 11:00. The recommended age for participants is over six years old. Each guided walk will not exceed 50 minutes. One group can include 15 children accompanied by 15 adults. An application for participation can be submitted both from a group of schoolchildren and individually.

Although the tour itself is free, you will need to buy a ticket to enter the exhibition grounds “Aquarium”… You can sign up for an excursion by phone: +7 (499) 677-99-99.

As part of the autumn educational program “Moskvarium”, two scientific and entertainment performances with the participation of sea animals return to the water stage at once – “Around the World Travel” and “Water Show”. They include an educational part and performances of dolphins, walrus, sea lions and killer whales.

Show “Travel around the world” is dedicated to the adventures of the brave crew of the bathyscaphe, which studies the inhabitants of four oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic. In the animated “Water Show”, special attention is paid to ecology and respect for nature. Its heroes were voiced by famous artists: Polina Gagarina, Sergei Burunov and Alexander Gudkov. Both performances are accompanied by modern multimedia technologies and 5D effects. The show will run from September 25 to November 14, with screenings at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00. To visit it is necessary to buy a ticket.

Read more about the cognitive program “Ocean of Knowledge” – on website Moskvarium.

This fall, VDNKh is creating more opportunities for children’s learning and development. On the territory of the exhibition, the “Class program” has started, which includes events specially prepared for schoolchildren.

Children will have walks and excursions around the territory of VDNKh, visits to museums and pavilions, as well as master classes in creative laboratories and sports activities. Only organized groups of schoolchildren accompanied by adults (teachers or parents) can participate. Each group must have at least 10 people. The programs correspond to such school subjects as history, Russian language and literature, physics, chemistry, the world around, biology, technology, as well as creative disciplines. They help to consolidate the knowledge gained in the lessons, and put them into practice, to see how different sciences affect human life, enriching it in all areas.

At VDNKh and at the center of oceanography and marine biology “Moskvarium”, the rules recommended by Rospotrebnadzor apply: visitors must keep their distance and wear masks in the premises.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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