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From a drama about difficult family relationships to an absurd comedy about penguins living in a bathroom. Choosing a movie for the weekend.

Starting today, in the Moschino cinemas, you can watch Gleb Panfilov’s drama Ivan Denisovich, which was awarded a special prize at the Locarno International Film Festival, as well as Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s film Chance and Guess, which was applauded in Berlin in the spring. Already on Saturday, Kira Kovalenko’s film will be released, which won the Grand Prix of the author’s film competition “A Special Look” at the International Cannes Film Festival. Read more about these and other weekly premieres in the review.

The Moschino cinema halls have smart seating arrangements to maintain a social distance between the audience. When buying a ticket, the system blocks seats around and makes sure that the hall is not more than 50 percent full. You can buy tickets at

website network of cinemas.

“Unclenching his fists”, directed by Kira Kovalenko (2021). Russia, 12+

The drama “Unclenching His Fists” is the second full-length film by Kira Kovalenko and her first great success (victory in the program “Uncleaning Look” at the last International Cannes Film Festival). Kovalenko is a graduate of Alexander Sokurov’s workshop in Nalchik, from which Kantemir Balagov emerged, whose “Tightness” and “Dylda” were also celebrated in Cannes. Unclenching Fists is a lot like Tightness. They are united by the place of action (the Caucasus) and the circumstances in which the main character finds herself – both films are about girls who want to escape from too strong family embrace.

Ada (Milana Aguzarova) lives in a small village in North Ossetia, from where she dreams of leaving for a big city. Once she already tried to escape, and now her father (Alik Karaev), a stern, silent man with a hard look, accompanies her even to the store. Ada has a younger brother who lives with her and her father, and an older one who has left for the big city. With his arrival home, Ada has a new hope of escape.

After the victory in Cannes, foreign distributors drew attention to Kira Kovalenko’s film. The tape will be shown in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, France, India, Israel and other countries.

The film will be shown in Moschino cinemas from 25 September.

The intricacies of fate are Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s favorite motifs. The melodrama “Accident and Conjecture”, which he shot according to his own script, offers to look at the theme of accidents, which, as Sigmund Freud said, always have a reason.

The film consists of three short stories, united by the theme of amazing coincidences. In the first, the girl tells her friend about her boyfriend, not suspecting that she recognized her ex in her story; the second is about a woman who tries to compromise a university professor, but herself becomes a victim of her own plan; in the third novella, two women mistake each other for friends of their youth and embark on a long conversation, unaware of a mistake.

Since spring, Khamaguchi’s film has attended more than 10 international film festivals, including in Moscow. At the International Film Festival in Berlin, the film was awarded the Silver Bear – the Grand Prix of the jury.

“Ivan Denisovich”, Directed by Gleb Panfilov (2021). Russia, 16+

Gleb Panfilov worked on the film based on the story of Alexander Solzhenitsyn “One Day in Ivan Denisovich” based on the author’s own experience for four years. This is the second film adaptation of Solzhenitsyn, created by Panfilov – in 2006 his 10-episode film “In the First Circle” was released.

The film shows the last days of the 10-year imprisonment of Ivan Shukhov, who ended up in a forced labor camp after German captivity. Despite the hunger, cold, cruelty of others, the hero manages to remain human. The leading actor Philip Jankowski received the Independent Film Critics’ award at the recent Locarno Film Festival.

“Cold calculation”, Directed by Paul Schroeder (2021). UK, China, USA, 18+

William (Oscar Isaac), a former military man with a tired look, plays poker brilliantly. He learned the special art of counting cards in prison, but he prefers to remain silent about what he was serving time for. William travels from casino to casino, successfully funding his account. One day he is given a chance to take revenge on a longtime enemy (Willem Dafoe), who, unlike William, at one time escaped punishment. Methodically, like a game of poker, he will play out a plan of retaliation.

A gloomy outsider with a dark past is the favorite character of Paul Schroeder, the screenwriter of Martin Scorsese’s legendary films Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. On “Cold Calculation” Schroeder worked both as a director and as a screenwriter, and Martin Scorsese took part as one of the producers.

“Milk”, Directed by Karen Hovhannisyan (2021). Russia, 16+

Zoya (Yulia Peresild) is an ordinary woman from a provincial town who got into a very unusual story. One day her husband (Andrei Burkovsky) brings home two penguins who need to be fed by the hour, and now Zoya needs to find work near the house. So she becomes a school psychologist, although she is a cook by profession – and this does not seem strange to anyone around.

Other heroes behave no less absurdly – for example, an exhibitionist doctor (Yuri Kolokolnikov) or a neighbor (Gosha Kutsenko), who constantly trains his daughter in case of meeting a maniac. By the time the heroine, who really wants, but cannot get pregnant, discovers that her breasts are full of milk, it is already difficult to be surprised at something, although here the most magical begins – Zoya acquires the ability to help others and change their lives for the better. The script for this semi-fairytale film was written by Ekaterina Mavromatis (“Palm”, “Above the Sky”).

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