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Yesterday’s graduates of GITIS share their thoughts on working on stage, recall the entrance tests and non-accidental accidents.

This summer, 11 actors came to the troupe of the Vladimir Mayakovsky Moscow Academic Theater – graduates of the workshop of the artistic director of the theater Mindaugas Karbauskis at the RATI GITIS. Viewers already know some of them. Ivan Sapfirov, Alina Vakaeva and Kirill Kuskov are involved in several productions of the current repertoire. In addition, Nikita Kobelev’s “An Ordinary Story” is being prepared for the show – this is a graduation performance by Karbauskis’ workshop, which has already been included in the repertoire.

Ivan Sapfirov: “They used my grandfather as an example”

Ivan Sapfirov’s love for the stage began with a line-up in the ninth grade. With a request to hold an event, the future actor was approached by his class teacher. He agreed, but refused to rehearse, believing that he could cope without them. The impromptu was successful – the line went very well.

“Probably, then, the mass gathering of people strongly influenced me. There was a pleasant tremor, buzz. Having experienced these emotions, I decided to try myself in the acting profession. True, you can’t do without rehearsals in the theater, ”Ivan laughs.

The school also introduced him to the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater – together with the class, Ivan went to the play “Dead Souls” by Sergei Artsibashev. Liked. But he began to study the repertoire more thoroughly after entering GITIS, in the workshop of Mindaugas Karbauskis. He also applied to the Moscow Art Theater School, where he wanted to study in the workshop of Yevgeny Pisarev. Fate made the choice for him.

“The competition in both universities was scheduled for one day, it was my birthday, June 29th. I first came to GITIS, I went up to Mindaugas, I said: “You know, it’s my birthday today, I have to leave early, my mother has booked a restaurant”. He laughed, promised to let go, but in the end he was one of the last to listen to me, and I did not have time to see Pisarev. So I stayed here. But in general, from the very beginning, I was sure that I would be fine here, ”said the actor.

To play on stage is a great happiness, Ivan is convinced. At the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater, he goes on stage in the productions of Moscow. Before entering, there were no illusions about the chosen profession: the work of an actor is as difficult as others. Ivan knows this firsthand – his grandmother Elena Minaeva played in Lenkom, and the whole country knows his grandfather, Honored Artist of Russia Fyodor Odinokov. He also served in Lenkom and acted in films a lot.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t know my grandfather,” Ivan says. “Once on May 9, my dad and I watched the film“ War is War, ”and he told me, showing me on the screen:“ This is your grandfather. ”

Alina Vakaeva: “Since childhood I wanted to be an actress”

Alina Vakaeva was born and raised in Sevastopol. The future actress arrived in Moscow right after school, in 2017. Alina went to admission to the acting department since childhood – she was engaged in singing, dancing. She was born into a military family, which she herself calls very creative – dad draws well, mom sang in the choir, and grandmother graduated from a theater university.

“When I was 11 years old, I already knew for sure that I wanted to be an actress. To do this, you need to have a stubborn, quick character – and I have one. Since childhood, I have been a very purposeful child. There was also a backup option – a military translator, but it was more important for me to enter the theater, ”says Alina.

RATI GITIS did not choose right away. Alina learned by chance that director Mindaugas Karbauskis, the artistic director of one of the oldest drama theaters in Moscow, was recruiting students to her studio.

“The guys who were with me at Konstantin Raikin’s audition heard me singing and said:“ You know, there is such Karbauskis, he is recruiting into GITIS and is going, according to rumors, to stage some kind of musical, go try ” …

Between tours to the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute and the M.S. Shchepkin Alina had one day off, and she went to audition for Karbauskis. I read prose by Arkady Averchenko, Hamlet’s monologue in English, sang. The master was impressed and decided to continue cooperation. True, the talk about the musical turned out to be just rumors, but Alina is convinced that it is partly thanks to them that she is now where she likes.

Today she plays in one of the performances of Mindaugas Karbauskis – “Yoknapatofe”. The young actress has the role of Yulla, the daughter of the main character. In addition, Vakaeva is involved in the performances of other directors – the performances “On the wedding day”, “Moscow choir”, “Moscow. Literally”, as well as in the upcoming premiere of “An Ordinary Story”. In the latter, she plays an age role – Anna Adueva, the mother of the protagonist. Alina easily joined the troupe. The support of older and more experienced colleagues helped.

“They help, guide. Recently, the guys and I were introduced to the performance “Moscow Choir”, and after the rehearsal, the adult artists told us a lot of warm words and supported us. Let’s see what happens next, but so far everything is very good, ”Alina smiles.

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Kirill Kuskov: “I did not dare to seriously do what I loved”

Kirill Kuskov is the oldest of the graduate actors who came from GITIS this year. He is 30 years old, and acting education for him is already his second. Prior to that, he graduated from MGIMO, where he studied economics, statistics and Chinese. Then he lived in Scotland, where he studied for a master’s degree. Returning to Moscow, he got a job at a consulting company.

“Almost all this time I played in the student theater – in the theater studio of MGIMO,” says Kirill. – And then, working in the office, I still felt some kind of dissatisfaction. I liked being on stage better. But I did not dare to do what I loved professionally. My relatives, seeing that I was not very happy with what I was doing, said: “Try to enter the acting department.” I was already 26 years old, and I had no idea what it would look like. But all the same he went to at least try and not bite his elbows later. I managed. So the hobby grew into a profession. “

Before entering GITIS, he did not go to the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater, but he visited the RAMT, the Theater of Nations, the Yevgeny Vakhtangov Theater, the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop, the Theater for Young Spectators, the Theater Art Studio. Now Kirill is closely following what is happening in his native theater, where he spends almost all the time.

Like the others, he is involved in “Moscow. Literally”, “On the wedding day”, “Yoknapatofe”, “Ordinary history”. In addition, Kirill was introduced to the performances that have been going on in the theater for a long time – “The Fruits of Enlightenment” by Mindaugas Karbauskis (2015) and “Decalogue” by Nikita Kobelev (2014). Ahead, Kirill emphasizes, is a long and very pleasant continuation of acquaintance with a profession that is constantly discovering something new.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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