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In the autumn-winter period in Russia, the number of accidents increases due to improper operation or malfunction of electric heating devices, gas and furnace equipment. On average, with the onset of cold weather, the number of fires increases by 30%, and the number of deaths – by 20%.

According to statistics, about 60% of the total number of fires occurs in the residential sector. More than 60% of people die in fires due to poisoning with toxic combustion products. Faulty electrical wiring also causes fires in almost 30% of cases.

Fires arising from gas appliances, as a rule, are accompanied by the cotton of the gas-air mixture, therefore, they are considered the most dangerous. Only since August 15 of this year, 11 accidents have occurred related to the operation of gas equipment.

So, on September 8, in the city of Noginsk, Moscow region, there was a cotton of a gas-air mixture in an apartment building. In total, 22 people were injured, 7 dead.

On September 11, in the Lipetsk region, there was a pop of household gas in a two-entrance two-story house. 9 people were injured, 3 of them died.

On September 25, in the Sverdlovsk region, there was a pop of household gas in an apartment on the first floor of a five-story apartment building, 1 person was injured, and was taken to a hospital.

On September 28, in the city of Makhachkala, the Republic of Dagestan, there was a clap of a gas-air mixture in an annex to a private residential building without subsequent combustion. 5 people were previously injured.

As part of preventive measures, employees of the EMERCOM of Russia annually in all regions of the country carry out a set of preventive fire safety measures in the autumn-winter period. The supervisory authorities of the department have already begun to implement the “Heating” operation.

Within its framework, additional preventive measures are envisaged in the residential sector, at energy facilities, education, health care, social and communal spheres, as well as the heating complex.

In order to prevent tragedies, with the involvement of department specialists, meetings with the population and raids on the housing stock are held, during which residents are explained fire safety rules, and information materials are distributed: leaflets and memos about fire safety rules. Large, dysfunctional families and the elderly are in the area of ​​special attention.

“Also, with the participation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, over 500 thousand autonomous smoke detectors have been installed in places of residence of categories of the population in need of social support over the past three years. The triggering of these systems helped to save over 2 thousand, including 1049 children, ”said Denis Zobkov, head of the Department of Supervision and Preventive Work of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

EMERCOM of Russia draws attention to the fact that it is possible to exclude the risk of fires during heating of premises if safety rules are observed. comment by Denis Zobkov, Head of the Department of Supervision and Preventive Work of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia – preventive raids across the country – latest videos with incidents of household gas popping

For reference:

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, it is necessary to use only serviceable gas equipment and timely carry out its preventive maintenance. Do not leave the taps of gas appliances open, install furniture and other property closer than 20 cm from the gas appliance. Often there are cases when linen that weighs on the gas stove catches on fire. Another circumstance for a fire may be a saucepan with cooking food left on the stove, left unattended.

Under certain conditions (boiling and ejection of water), the flame breaks out and the room is filled with gas. Accumulated gas can explode from a spark in the mains switch, a glowing cigarette, or a lit match.

The poisonous colorless gas is odorless, so it is impossible to detect its presence and estimate the concentration in the inhaled air without devices. The first warning signs are headache, dizziness, tinnitus, watery eyes, nausea, difficulty breathing, sore throat, dry cough.

The department reminds that only gas specialists have the right to connect gas appliances, as well as to replace them, if they have a license to perform these works.

Also, you can not use homemade or faulty electrical appliances. When using household electrical appliances, strictly follow the instructions for their use, after the end of work, unplug them from the network.

In houses with stove heating, an important preventive measure is periodic ventilation of the premises, the serviceability of ventilation, and it is also necessary to control the position of the stove damper.

If you detect a fire, immediately call “101”.

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