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About 10 more institutions will be commissioned by the end of the year. Thus, more than 30 clubs for the older generation will work in the city.

Sergei Sobyanin opened a club “My Social Center” in the Brateevo area and congratulated Muscovites on the Day of the Older Generation.

At the same time, eight more centers began their work – in the districts of Alekseevsky, Bibirevo, Biryulevo Zapadnoye, Brateevo, Vykhino-Zhulebino, Kotlovka, Severny and in the village of Kievsky.

“Congratulations on the holiday – the Day of the Older Generation. Thank you for your work, for what you did for our city, our country. Today you are cheerful in spirit, you continue your active life, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

The city club for older people “My Social Center” in the Brateevo district is located in a two-story building of the district council. The total area of ​​the institution is 602.3 square meters. All premises were renovated, equipment and furniture were purchased.


At the entrance, in a special welcome area, visitors are greeted by consultants who help to orient themselves and get the necessary services. Further, depending on desire, guests can spend time in one of the halls of the “My Social Center”.

The assembly hall is intended for organizing lectures, master classes, concerts and other events with a large number of participants. In the gym and gym, you can practice yoga, qigong gymnastics, participate in training, dance and master martial arts.

Large companies gather in the noisy living room. They play billiards, table tennis, checkers, video and computer games. In the quiet living room, they play chess, read, hold literary evenings and just chat.

There is also a media lounge. This is a home theater and small group space. Here they can conduct lessons in computer and financial literacy, blogging and other activities. Everyone who loves to work with their hands gathers in creative workshops – sewing, knitting, sculpting, drawing, tinkering.

The purpose of the culinary studio is clear from its name. Here you can take part in a master class or listen to a lecture on healthy eating, as well as cook your favorite dish and treat everyone to it.

In the cafe you can chat over a cup of tea or celebrate a holiday with friends and like-minded people.

My Social Center on Alma-Atinskaya Street is open seven days a week from 10:00 to 21:00. All services of the center are free of charge.

City club network for the older generation

The first city club for older people, My Social Center, was opened in July 2019. Today there are 21 of them. These are regional clubs in the districts Alekseevsky, Bibirevo, Biryulevo Zapadnoye, Brateevo (two clubs), Vykhino-Zhulebino, Kotlovka, Lomonosovsky, Maryina Roscha, Mitino, Nekrasovka, Preobrazhenskoye, Severny, Sokolniki, Tagansky, Chertanovo Severnoye, Yuzhnoye Butovo , Yuzhnoe Tushino, as well as in the city of Moskovsky, the settlement of Shchapovsky and the village of Kiev.

“This is such a special project that we discussed for a long time with people of the older generation: how to transform our social centers so that they are not just some kind of bureaucratic, bureaucratic centers where benefits are given out, they are charged, and so on, but where you can come and communicate with each other, you can even relax, participate in some event, sing, dance. This is very important, ”added the Mayor of Moscow.

Since the opening of such centers, including online, 350 thousand Muscovites have become guests.

The institutions have more than 530 interest clubs (leisure, healthy lifestyle, development, creativity, technology). But it is equally important that you can come to My Social Center just to relax, communicate with acquaintances and strangers, and find friends.

As a rule, men create clubs for billiards and table tennis fans. For example, there is a men’s club “Two cues” in the Tagansky district. Its participants not only get together to play, but also host city tournaments. By the way, 100 percent of the participants were vaccinated in order to continue meeting at their favorite game.

Women are more interested in healthy lifestyle clubs. Gathering together, they share recipes for proper nutrition, yoga, Pilates and breathing practices. For example, the “Culture of Health” club in the medical simulation center.

The My Social Center club in the Preobrazhenskoye district, having switched online during the pandemic, increased the number of participants. More than 50 women from different areas gather weekly to chat with pleasant company and get useful tips.

Theater clubs are open in almost all centers, where those who wish can join this kind of art. There are also dance and vocal clubs. Art clubs are very popular, where fans of painting, photography and cinema meet.

Foreign language clubs (English, Spanish) appear on the initiative of older people. Participants gain practice by communicating with each other. Also, intellectual clubs of lovers of philosophy, history, natural science are being created.

By the end of 2021, 12 more clubs of the My Social Center network should open. They will appear in the areas of Veshnyaki, Donskoy, Kapotnya, Kryukovo, Mozhaisky, Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoye and Orekhovo-Borisovo Yuzhnoye, Sokol, Tekstilshchiki, Yakimanka, in the settlement of Novofedorovsky and the city of Troitsk. Thus, the total number of district clubs will grow to 33.

In a pandemic

Since March 2020, many of the hobby clubs created on the basis of My Social Centers have moved meetings online. 188 clubs organized over nine thousand events and meetings online.

A number of online projects have been developed. Among them:

– the project “Master the Gadget” (since September 2020) – more than two thousand older people received assistance in mastering gadgets, 300 meetings were held, more than 60 online classes were recorded, which can be viewed on the YouTube channel of “My Social Center”;

– “Fairy Tales to Grandchildren” project (since October 2020) – 450 project participants have recorded more than 250 videos and over 300 audio stories for their grandchildren and other kids (videos can be viewed on the YouTube channel);

– the project of the contact center “Sincere Care” (since October 2020) – call center operators called more than 25 thousand elderly single Muscovites, inquired about their well-being, each was offered social assistance and informed about online events (242 people received the necessary social assistance, who said they needed it);

– Club of memoirs lovers “Life Line” (since January 2021) – organized jointly with the Moscow Glavarchiv, over 300 people take part in online meetings, 22 people have already written memoirs about their lives, more than 250 people took part in the memoir competition “In in my memory Moscow “;

– project “Morning Exercise” – 30 volunteer trainers conducted more than 150 online classes, which were attended by over 2.5 thousand people.

An important area of ​​activity of “My Social Centers” is the motivation of the townspeople of the “silver” age to lead a healthy lifestyle. Over four thousand events organized this year were devoted to this topic. For example, over six thousand people took part in the online game “Petals of Spring”, during which they collected points-petals, doing fitness, mastering gadgets and sharing positive photos and useful recipes on social networks.

Creativity and sports: the program “Moscow Longevity”

In Moscow, since March 2018, the program is being implemented “Moscow longevity”… For 3.5 years, about 400 thousand people have become its participants. In free sections and circles, older Muscovites study information technology and English, go in for sports, dance and creativity in a variety of areas. Most often people in the 60-70 age group join the program. At the same time, eight percent have already crossed the 80-year mark. 85 percent of the participants in the Moscow Longevity program are women.

Older Muscovites (women from 55 years old and men from 60 years old) can join it, regardless of their social status and state of health. Classes are held in every district of the capital for free.

“It is clear that the pandemic has some limitations. But we are not abandoning the Moscow Longevity project. We are trying to make it possible to practice at least in the fresh air, a few classes are held online, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

The program is aimed at enabling representatives of the older generation to engage in physical education and sports, attend circles and sections, communicate, the Mayor of Moscow recalled.

In March last year, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, sections and circles of the program worked in an online format. This allowed the participants to continue their studies while in self-isolation. Now classes are held online and offline. From July 21, the sections resumed work in the fresh air in compliance with the necessary sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

The most popular offline activities among Moscow retirees were Nordic walking (32 percent), gymnastics (17 percent), fitness, exercise equipment (13 percent), general physical fitness (12 percent), and dancing (10 percent). Popular online classes include gymnastics (24 percent), “Beauty and Style” (nine percent), “It’s great to live” (eight percent), as well as history, art, and local history (seven percent).

The new autumn-winter season of “Moscow Longevity” began in the capital on October 1. It will be held under the slogan “Strengthening health all year round!” With the onset of cold weather, most of the creative and educational circles and sections go online. More than 230 Scandinavian walking groups, where about seven thousand people are engaged, and the so-called walking lecture hall (educational excursions to the sights of the capital) will continue to work in the fresh air.

Traditional classes in general physical training, gymnastics and fitness will be conducted according to the “Charge Longevity” program, developed by experts Department of Sports of the city of Moscow… The program includes recommendations for the place and time of classes, rules for sports equipment, as well as advice on breathing, drinking regimen, warm-up and a set of exercises. Compliance with the recommendations will increase the body’s endurance, strengthen immunity, improve the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In addition, outdoor sports training is a good tool for hardening and improving the psycho-emotional state during the autumn blues.

Regular participants will receive souvenirs as part of the Moscow Longevity program.

About 12 thousand applications have been submitted to to participate in the Moscow Longevity project

Helping the older generation: My Career employment center

The specialized employment center “My Career” was established in 2019. It is located at 1, Sergiy Radonezhskogo Street, building 1. The center’s specialists help the most vulnerable categories of the population find work: youth, women raising minor children, representatives of the older generation, applicants with disabilities, low-income families with children.

Today “My Career” is a space of social opportunities that unites city residents, entrepreneurs, socially responsible organizations and experts. As a platform for the introduction of innovative approaches and technologies of employment, the center offers comprehensive customized programs for each category of citizens.

Since 2019, about 160 thousand people have used the services and services of the center.

In addition, the center has a “5.0” program. Almost 25 thousand representatives of the older generation took part in it. The program aims to assist in realizing the professional and social potential of older people, increasing their competitiveness in the labor market, developing self-employment, as well as promoting the value of employees over 50 among employers and in society.

Older people are active participants in the labor market, said a representative of the employment center “My Career”. According to statistics, every fourth pensioner continues to work. And every seventh worker is a person of pre-retirement age. The 5.0 program, created at the employment center, helps these people quickly find a job, adapt to the labor market, and improve their skills. The center also employs career experts who help a person at any stage of life to reorient their professional activities, undergo professional diagnostics, and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

In 2020, almost half a million people applied to the employment service of the Moscow Government. 55 percent were employed, and 102 thousand were older people, of whom 40 thousand found work.

Photo exhibition “Time to make dreams come true”

On October 1, in the Severny district, a photo exhibition “Time to make dreams come true” was opened, dedicated to active participants in the Moscow Longevity program. The exposition is located on Chistoprudny Boulevard, in Catherine Park and in My Social Center.

Entering the theater for the first time, picking up brushes, publishing a collection of poems, becoming a professional model or photographer, learning a foreign language, regaining fitness and taking part in an international cycling race – this is an incomplete list of the achievements of the program participants. The heroes of the photo exhibition will appear in vivid images created by photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. The photo session was attended by 20 people.

The oldest hero of the exhibition is 81-year-old Anatoly Voronin, who is captured in the photo together with his dance partner Galina Alexandrova. Their dance duet was formed five years ago, and the program allowed them to enter the big stage. The couple successfully performs at international and Russian competitions and festivals, and in 2019 Anatoly and Galina were included in the top ten senior dance couples in Moscow.

69-year-old Yuri Kudryavtsev, who worked as a captain’s assistant on the research vessel “Akademik Sergei Vavilov”, thanks to “Moscow Longevity” fulfilled his dream – he learned to shoot and edit videos.

According to 60-year-old Elena Dvoretskaya, whose son was seriously ill, the program helped her find the joy of life. English, blogging, massage, ballroom dancing, nanny courses, participation in festivals, contests, quests and photo sessions – her life has completely changed in three years.

Often, Moscow Longevity helps its participants find a new profession. Lyudmila Lysenko worked for 22 years as a specialist in oil and gas equipment, went to the drilling rig in 40-degree frost on a rotational bus – 200 kilometers through the taiga and off-road. However, she always dreamed of a podium. After retiring, she enrolled in the beauty and style studio “Royal Posture”, now she has more than 20 professional photo shoots, shooting in four advertising projects of famous brands, participating in the shows of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. She also signed a contract with a modeling agency this summer.

The photo exhibition will run until the end of October.

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