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Speech by Mikhail Mishustin:

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Mikhail Mishustin presented Government awards in the field of education

Dear Colleagues! Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you on this solemn day when all teachers celebrate Teacher’s Day.

Please accept my sincere congratulations on this holiday. Your work is noble and interesting, but also very difficult and responsible.

The teaching profession at all times is one of the most respected. For many, a teacher is an authoritative mentor who not only transfers knowledge to his students, but also often life experience, helps students to reveal talents and abilities that may later become their life vocation.

List of awardees

List of laureates of awards of the Government of the Russian Federation in 2021 in the field of education and awarded with certificates of honor of the Government of the Russian Federation

Today we are presenting awards of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education. For 15 years, teachers and scientists have been receiving them for their contribution to the development of pedagogical science, for the creation of effective teaching technologies, which are then successfully applied in the educational process, for the preparation of textbooks for schoolchildren and students. These awards are the recognition by the state of your merits, hard and long-term work.

The past year, due to the pandemic, became a real test for schoolchildren, students, for their parents. But the teachers had the hardest part. A serious burden has been placed on your shoulders, and, of course, responsibility has increased. I had to rebuild, switch to other forms of education. It was necessary to master new approaches and technologies quickly, and without reducing the quality of knowledge. And you coped with all the difficulties with dignity.

I want to say a huge thank you to every teacher.

Distance learning technologies can be of great help in teaching and learning the material, but they cannot replace the teacher. After all, the most important thing is personal communication.

For the Government, the development of education is one of the main priorities in its work. We are equally attentive to each stage of this process – from kindergarten to professional retraining of specialists. Quality knowledge is the foundation of everything. Without them, further movement forward is impossible.

Over the next nine years, Russia should become one of the ten leading countries in the world in terms of the quality of general education. This national goal was outlined by the President of Russia. On behalf of the head of state, we are implementing a new large-scale program for the overhaul of schools throughout the country. By 2024, more than 7,000 buildings are to be put in order, primarily rural ones. Many of them are actually outdated, in need of new equipment.

We also plan to build another 1.3 thousand new schools by 2024. It is necessary to create comfortable conditions for children to study and develop, regardless of where they live – in the city, village or village.

A modern school is not only renovated buildings. This, of course, is good equipment, access to the Internet – this is what teachers and children always talk about when I visit the regions. It is also the provision of electronic information resources, special educational platforms. This is very important, as is the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and skills. Including in quantoriums – there are already more than 180 of them throughout the country. There, teenagers study technical and natural sciences in depth and in a fascinating way.

And for rural schools, there are now mobile technology parks and the wonderful “Growth Point” project. Over the past three years, we have created about 10,000 such educational centers, and almost half of them this year. These are classrooms equipped with modern equipment, where children can master information technologies.

Of course, young people should have a wide range of opportunities to continue their education after school. And today we are implementing a number of projects that help to bring theory and practice even closer, so that after graduating from the university, students can quickly adapt in a professional environment, integrate into the workflow and be in demand in the labor market.

The 2030 Priority Academic Leadership Program was recently launched. It is unique in its essence and has no analogues in the world. It includes more than 100 universities in a variety of areas, which train teachers, doctors, engineers, agronomists. Each of them will receive grants for the development of research, education, innovation, technology. It is important that most of these universities are regional.

In addition, on behalf of the President, we are creating a network of world-class university campuses throughout the country. We held a competition of projects, they were all interesting, but out of 27 applications, the eight best were selected. They are already ready to start implementation, and three of them have already been funded.

A space will be created for students where they can not only live and communicate, but also engage in scientific research, creativity, and spend their free time with benefit and interest.

We hope that such measures to support higher education will help the regions solve the problem of the lack of specialists and create growth points there. After all, young people will not need to travel hundreds of kilometers to a foreign city in order to get a quality education and then find a decent job.

This year, Government prizes were awarded to 10 works devoted to innovative approaches to teaching in the field of medicine, psychology, issues of safety of the educational space, improving the quality of education and upbringing. Each of them is the result of many years of work and creative search of the authors’ collectives that you represent, true professionals dedicated to their work.

Today I am also pleased to present the teachers with certificates of honor from the Government of the Russian Federation. You have dedicated your professional life to work at school and have achieved outstanding results in this. How much energy you give to your calling evokes admiration and tremendous respect.

I wish you health, good luck and all the best.

Let’s get down to rewarding.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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