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Librarian’s advice: we read stories about animals with toddlers, and we discuss first love with older children.

On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries tell readers about books that will help them brighten up any evening. Natalya Pyatkova, the chief bibliographer of the methodological organizational and analytical department of the Centralized Library System of the Southern Administrative District, recommends works by Irina Korshunova, Luigi Ballerini, Nikolai Ponomarev and others.


“The Lazy Sloth and His Neighbors” Fani Vital

For the smallest readers, I recommend a very kind, funny and funny tale about a sloth named Leka. Once in the forest, he fell from a tree on which he hung all his life. Leka never thought about who lives down there, and therefore was very surprised when he found out how many interesting animals roam the earth.

The animals also reacted to him with curiosity – they never saw sloths, because they may not go down to earth for several years. The author, Russian writer Fani Vital, talks about this in detail. She also talks about many exotic animals and plants – cecropia tree, grenadilla fruit, marmoset monkey, tapir, armadillo. Children will learn the most interesting things about them together with Leka.

“Mom for a Fox” by Irina Korshunova

The book, written by a German writer of Russian origin Irina Korshunova, teaches compassion, kindness, and helping the weak on the example of a brave fox who, despite all the difficulties, did not abandon someone else’s fox to the mercy of fate. She heard his plaintive hungry cry as she ran past, and decided to take the cub with her, realizing that some kind of trouble had happened to his mother.

Their path was long and very difficult. Enemies are everywhere – either an angry badger or dogs. The fox withstood all the tests with dignity. She brought the baby to her burrow, where her own children lived. And she fell in love with the foster child as well as her foxes.

Older guys

Signorina Cinnamon by Luigi Ballerini

Signorina Cinnamon’s pastry shop is a real find for those who love sweets. But to find it, you need to try: it stands next to an abandoned factory in the depths of a deserted street. 12-year-old Martha happened to be here and went inside – she could not resist the seductive smells of fresh buns and cakes.

It turned out that baked goods are prepared here according to an individual order. She can not only cheer up, but also help in difficult life situations. Here is the tartinka “I’ll find-the-right-words-to-make-up”, and the cake “I-would-not-be-disturbed-by-a-good-idea”, and much more. However, they want to demolish the pastry shop, and Signorina Cinnamon, together with her students, will have to save it.

Italian writer Luigi Ballerini loves to cook as much as he loves writing books. In his home country, he even published several culinary encyclopedias. Signorina Cinnamon combines both of his passions.

“Southern Sky” by Sergei Georgiev

In the collection of Sergei Georgiev you can find stories about the most ordinary guys who, like all children, have their own dreams and aspirations. There are only 16 stories in the book – you will read them very quickly. One of the most memorable works is “Music”. The action takes place during the war. Dad goes to the front, and his daughter gives him her biggest jewel – Muzyk’s teddy bear. The bear learns all the hardships of war and will constantly remind his master of who is waiting for him at home.

The hero of another story, an ordinary boy, accidentally finds a dying dog under a bridge. He feels sorry for her, and he tries to alleviate the last moments of the animal: he shades from the scorching sun, gently strokes.

All the stories in the collection are good in their own way, they teach to be kinder to people and animals. After reading, I recommend that you definitely discuss them with your children.


“Walchen” by Olga Gromova

The main character of the novel is a 13-year-old girl Valya, who dreams of becoming a doctor. She spends her summer holidays in Crimea, prepares for her studies and has no idea what will happen soon. On June 22, 1941, her whole former life collapses like a house of cards – the war begins.

A few months later, Valya ends up in a labor camp in Germany. From there she is bought out by the family of the farmer Klaus, who needs an au pair. Klaus and his wife Martha do not share the ideology of Nazism and treat the girl well. They call her in German – Walchen – and, risking their lives, try to help her.

“Walchen” is a new novel by the writer Olga Gromova. Her previous book “Sugar Child” was included in the long-list of the “Kniguru” prize, the short-list of the L.N. Tolstoy’s “Yasnaya Polyana” and was translated into other languages.

“Point of bifurcation” by Nikolai Ponomarev

Bifurcation Point is a book about first love. The tenth grader Timofey is a real school star, a dancer, a constant participant in various competitions, including all-Russian ones. Marina is an inconspicuous quiet person who does not leave the house once again. It would seem that there is nothing in common between them, but they began to be friends. On the pages of the book you will find interesting thoughts, genuine emotions, touching stories about dating lovers. The work will appeal to both girls and boys. The story is told on behalf of Timothy.

“Point of bifurcation” was shortlisted for the V.P. Krapivina. If you like it, read other books by Nikolai Ponomarev – the fantastic story “290 million years ago and beyond” and the novel “A City Without War”, which he wrote together with his wife Svetlana.

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