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Over two years of the project’s work, more than seven thousand trees have been planted in 27 parks and forest parks.

Since the beginning of autumn, more than four thousand named trees have appeared in Moscow – they were dropped off residents of the city in honor of their newborn children as part of project “Our tree”.

“The project that appeared several years ago is becoming more popular among the residents of the capital every year. In 2019, at the request of the townspeople, two thousand trees were planted, in 2020 – more than five thousand, and 8,500 seedlings are planned to be planted this fall. “Our tree” is not only an original way to celebrate the birth of a child, but also an opportunity to make a personal contribution to the greening of the city ”, – noted in the capital’s urban complex.

The environmental initiative was launched in 2019 – today every Moscow family can celebrate the birth of a child by planting a personal tree in one of the parks. Participation in the project is free, the seedlings are provided by the Moscow Government. Until December 15, you can participate in the spring planting campaign of the project and apply for participation in the Our Tree project in 2022. It has already been done over 2.7 thousand people.

How trees are planted and who takes care of them afterwards – see this article.

Unique gift

The family-ecological project “Our Tree” appeared only two years ago, but during this time it has become popular. Thanks to the project, Moscow families can celebrate the birth of a child in a special way, and babies receive a unique gift – a personalized tree.

You can apply through a standard account on the website. Olga Nikolskaya, one of the project participants, found out about this opportunity on the website of state services in the “Family” section.

“There was an article on the site about the project“ Our Tree ”- it inspired and interested. Therefore, I decided to participate and apply as soon as we receive the child’s birth certificate. The application is submitted through a special form, and the trees are planted in spring or autumn. These are the most favorable seasons for plant survival, ”she said.

For two years of the project’s work, at the request of residents, more than seven thousand trees have appeared in 27 parks. The plant can be planted in honor of a child who was born after January 1, 2019. It is not necessary to rush – the opportunity to send an application remains until the moment when the baby turns three years old. Also, in order to participate in the action, at least one of the parents must have a permanent registration in Moscow.

You can choose a tree and park for planting on the interactive project map… Accessibility data for trees and plots is displayed online. However, if all seats have already been booked or it is not possible to plant the desired tree, you can apply for the next season.

Another participant in the project, Yulia Merkulova, approached the selection of a tree species in an unusual way.

“We have chosen and planted a mountain ash. We looked at the site in which park the mountain ash could be planted, submitted an application and signed up. We live in the northeast of Moscow, and we planted rowan practically at the other end of the city – in the valley of the Setun River. But distance is not the main thing. The best part is that we can show our child a tree planted in his honor. Such moments are remembered, ”she stressed.

Sapling QR code

For the project, specialists are preparing 10-15-year-old seedlings of deciduous and coniferous trees. Among the available species are small-leaved linden, common pine, pedunculated oak, domestic apple, mountain ash, Norway maple, fruit pear, white willow and common spruce.

Each seedling is a viable plant with a developed root system. According to the standard, the plant height for deciduous trees should be more than five meters, and for conifers – more than 2.5. At the same time, the family does not need to tinker with a large tree on their own – workers help them in this process.

Project participant Ivan Guzenko notes that advance preparation makes it possible for both mothers and children to participate in the difficult disembarkation process.

“We planted a tree in the Troparevo-Nikulin park. A seedling was already in place and the land was prepared, with which we added the plants. At my summer cottage, I often planted trees – this is a physically difficult process, so it is convenient when the hole has already been dug, and you yourself place a tree there or cover an already placed seedling with earth. Consider half the work, it was kindly done for you, ”he noted.

The family receives an invitation to plant a tree with the exact date, time and place no later than 10 working days before the event. Muscovites can entrust the planting of the plant to professionals or take part in the final work: leveling the tree, arranging the hole and strengthening the seedling. For this, the family will be provided with equipment and instructed.

“We got involved in the process as much as possible. Despite the fact that the tree was practically planted in a hole, we were left with the decoration work: to dig in the seedling, level the ground and knock out the pegs. It turned out beautifully, and we got a lot of positive impressions, besides, we were lucky with the weather. And the culprit of the event slept through the ceremonial part in a wheelchair, ”said Yulia Merkulova.

All project participants receive an electronic certificate of planting a named tree with its exact coordinates. Within a month after the event, the document will appear in your personal account on

“A certificate with a QR code is sent to all project participants, and a number is assigned to each tree – you can easily follow the future fate of the seedling. We have a project certificate, which confirms the fact of planting a tree in honor of a child with his last name, first name and patronymic, and we will keep an eye on our seedling on the website, ”added Olga Nikolskaya.

Contributing to the environment and strengthening the family

The participants of the Our Tree project note that this is not just a beautiful action for them. The initiative makes it possible to contribute to the ecological future of Moscow.

“In addition to the fact that“ Our Tree ”unites the family, first of all it is an ecological project. We are the ones who are responsible for the future of our children. There are places to plant trees in every county and district. For example, in our Medvedkovsky forest park there is also a plot without green spaces – we planted trees there, ”said Olga Nikolskaya.

Muscovites’ interest in the action is only growing, so by 2022 the specialists of the municipal economy complex have already prepared places for planting 5764 trees.

“The action turned out to be very symbolic, especially considering that my son was born. It turns out that I also planted a tree – all that remains is to build a house, – Ivan Guzenko jokes. – The presence of a tree in a city park is perceived a little differently. It will delight everyone around, and not just my family at their summer cottage. “

After planting, the plants are not left to fend for themselves. In order for young trees to survive in urban conditions, they are monitored by Mospriroda employees – they will do everything to save weakened seedlings. If the tree suffers within three years from the moment of planting, it will be replaced in the next recommended period – in spring or autumn.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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