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In the cars, passengers will see more than 200 photographs of legendary astronauts, engineers, space industry developments, as well as images from the lunar surface.

On the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow metro, the Mosprom Kosmichesky themed train began to run, timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space and the Day of Moscow Industry. Passengers will be able to learn about the history of Russian cosmonautics and the contribution of the capital’s manufacturers to space exploration. This was told by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov.

“Moscow is the cradle of Russian cosmonautics, it was in the capital that the rocket and space industry was born. Today in the city there are more than 40 specialized enterprises on space issues. At production sites, Moscow scientists, engineers and designers make satellites, food and clothing for astronauts, mirrors for antennas, interior elements, special paint for covering aircraft and much more that is part of the life support system and comfortable stay in space for astronauts. The Mosprom Space project is timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space and the Day of Moscow Industry, ”said the Deputy Mayor.

On the train, passengers will see more than 200 photographs that tell about the history of astronautics, satellites, rockets and manned flights. The exposition of one of the cars is dedicated to Yuri Gagarin. Here are collected pictures of the legendary astronaut and interesting facts about the people and businesses that provided him with a safe flight into space.

In another car, guests and residents of the capital will get acquainted with the remotely controlled self-propelled rover Lunokhod-2, which in 1973 traveled 42 kilometers on the surface of our planet’s natural satellite. And its predecessor – “Lunokhod-1” – made and transmitted to the Earth more than 20 thousand images of the Moon.

“Launching themed trains dedicated to important events has become a tradition of the Moscow metro. The Mosprom Cosmic squad is dedicated to two holidays at once – the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space and the Day of Moscow Industry. The design of the carriages is dedicated to people and technologies that have made space closer. Passengers of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line will be able to learn more about how the space industry has developed – the train will run here for six months, ”said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

Thanks to thousands of Moscow scientists, engineers, designers, mechanics and other specialists in the rocket and space industry, Yuri Gagarin made the first flight into space. According to the head of the Moscow City Investment and Industrial Policy Department, Alexander Prokhorov, there are many outstanding discoveries today. In recent years, the residents of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone alone have patented over 100 developments, most of the inventions are the merit of the enterprises of Zelenograd sites, which are already recognized as the founders of the space direction of microelectronics. Therefore, at the traveling exhibition, attention is paid not only to the history of the development of national cosmonautics, but also to the present and future of this industry, noted Alexander Prokhorov.

During a trip to the metro, passengers will be able to find out what contribution the capital’s industrialists have made to space exploration. For example, one of the space industry enterprises invented and manufactured more than two thousand solar power systems, which are installed at the Salyut, ISS, Mir stations and on the Venera, Mars, and Phobos interplanetary flying vehicles. And the engineers of the experimental plant in the capital have produced two thousand types of microcircuits in half a century.

The theme train will run on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line for six months. More than 40 metropolitan enterprises, research institutes and major corporations took part in the creation of the traveling exhibition.

What will the passengers of the Mosprom Cosmic train see

The train includes 10 cars, each of which tells about a separate topic of space exploration.

The first car is dedicated to the formation and development of Russian cosmonautics. Here you can get acquainted with key studies, the history of the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, as well as with developers of rocket and space technology, including Sergey Korolev and Nikolai Lidorenko.

The second car contains information about the development of satellites, from the very first to modern ones, such as “Kanopus-B”, “Celina” satellite and others.

The third car tells about the history of the exploration of the moon and about the key capital enterprises that have made a significant contribution to this.

The fourth car is dedicated to the creation of the legendary reusable spacecraft “Buran”. Here you can find information and photographs about the key enterprises of the capital, which have made a great contribution to the development of the project.

In the fifth carriage, passengers will learn about the creation, functioning and life support of the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

The sixth carriage presents the most important achievements of Moscow enterprises in the framework of successful launches of the legendary Proton launch vehicle.

The theme of the seventh car is “Yuri Gagarin and the Vostok spacecraft”. The exposition is dedicated to the first manned flight into space and Moscow enterprises that took part in the most important breakthrough of mankind.

In the eighth carriage, you can learn about the peculiarities of the life of astronauts in space, including special food and clothing, spacesuits, which have been developed and produced by the capital’s enterprises.

The ninth carriage will acquaint passengers with the work of the Vostochny cosmodrome and with the contribution of the capital’s companies to its activities.

In the tenth car you can learn about the present and future of Russian cosmonautics. Here are documents on the latest developments in this industry, on the resumption of lunar exploration, the launch of the unmanned spacecraft “Eagle” and other promising projects.

Moscow to space: developments of the capital’s industry

The launch of themed trains in the metro has become a tradition. They appear in honor of important events in the city, country and world. Passengers are already familiar with the trains “Path to Victory”, “80 years of VDNKh”, “Zdorovaya Moskva”, “Striped Flight”, “Aquarelle”, “Tails and Legs”, “Republic of Bashkortostan” and others.

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