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October 15, 2021, 18:37

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The improvement of the first two courtyards was completed, the appearance of which was thought out by the townspeople themselves. For this, a participatory design method was used, where concepts are developed by architects in conjunction with local residents.

In the capital, work has been completed on the improvement of the first courtyards, in the design of which the townspeople took part. Sergei Sobyanin told about this in his page in the social network “VKontakte”.


Differences in height and unevenness have ceased to be a problem for residents and have become a decoration of the courtyard. In addition, under the windows of high-rise buildings, it was possible to create a corner reminiscent of country life. All this became possible thanks to the program “My District”.

Courtyards on Norilskaya Street in the Losinoostrovsky District and on Akademika Skryabin Street in Kuzminki are the first objects renovated on the principle of participatory design. Professional architects and designers have joined forces with local residents to create landscaping concepts.

Collaborative design has been around the world for about 40 years. It is used for the first time in Moscow. Pilot concepts are being developed as part of the project “Designing the area”… At the moment 25 objects take part in it.

Treehouse for children and quiet corners for adults

Residents of six houses use the courtyard at the intersection of Norilskaya (building 3) and Izumrudnaya (building 46, buildings 1, 2 and 3) in the Losinoostrovsky district. These are one and a half thousand people of different ages and interests.

Together with them, the specialists studied all problem areas, noted the minuses and pluses. So, the only playground was poorly equipped and was not lit, although 240 children live in the houses around. Places where older people could rest were completely absent. There were many trees in the yard, but there were practically no shrubs and flower beds. There was a lack of a well-thought-out and well-equipped track network. The result of a great joint work of residents and professionals was the project “Dacha in the Yard”.

Flowering trees and shrubs create a special atmosphere of suburban life. In fact, they divide the different functional areas of the courtyard into “green offices” connected to each other by paths. There are now four original playgrounds, one of which is a treehouse. For the townspeople of the older generation, a quiet recreation area was arranged.

At the stage of project discussion, residents wanted to leave a sports box in the yard and make it more functional and add ping-pong tables. All this has been done. The new project solved the problem of lighting and safety. In total, more than 90 small architectural forms have been installed here, more than 300 shrubs and a dozen trees have been planted. The total area of ​​the improvement was 1.1 hectares.

Shed benches, play areas and sports grounds

More than three thousand people use the yard in Kuzminki on Akademika Skryabin Street (house 26, building 1). More than 400 of them are children. The residents were initially not satisfied with the sports box. It was not popular as it was located on a hilly site. Muscovites wanted to make the courtyard more comfortable, lighted, green, so that children and adolescents, as well as older people, could spend time in it. This is how the concept “Yard with a hill” appeared.

Now the central part of the yard has become a large playground for children of different ages, along the perimeter of which sheds with benches have been installed. A height difference of three meters was also used when arranging the play area. By the decision of the residents, the sports ground was reduced by one and a half times and moved to where there was no slope, simulators were installed nearby.

In addition, a ping-pong table appeared; a quiet corner was arranged for the residents of the older generation, far from the sports and play areas. More than 40 shrubs and trees were planted in the yard. The total area of ​​the improvement was more than one hectare.

What other courtyards will change in the near future

By the end of autumn, within the framework of the project “Designing the District”, it is planned to complete the improvement of three more courtyards: on Vasiltsovsky Stan and Konenkov streets, as well as on Novocherkassky Boulevard.

In the concept “Vasiltsovsky color” for the yard on Vasiltsovsky Stan street (building 5, building 1) in the Ryazan region, the main emphasis is on abundant landscaping and landscape design. Together with the residents, a graphic print with a plant pattern was chosen, which will decorate the surfaces of children’s and sports grounds. In the courtyard there will be playgrounds for children of different ages, an area with swings, and a workout playground.

Much attention will be paid to ensuring security. Due to the unfortunate location of the sports box, there were many darkened places. The architects relocated it, installed a transparent noise shield, and laid a treadmill around.

Many people live in the houses that surround the courtyard on Novocherkassky Boulevard in Maryino. To accommodate their needs, the architects came up with the idea of ​​dividing the courtyard into small functional zones – “islands”. This gave the name to the “Yard-Archipelago” project. We managed to create both quiet and active recreation areas, place various leisure facilities. Most often, residents asked to install a swing, so there will now be hanging benches in the yard, swings in pergolas and gazebos.

The townspeople asked to make the courtyard on Konenkov Street (house 4) in Bibirev as functional as possible, to equip various sites. Therefore, for sports fans, the boxes will be updated and workout zones will be organized. A large shed with benches, a table for board games and a bicycle parking will appear in the central part of the courtyard. Another canopy will be placed between the playgrounds so that children and parents can hide from the sun or rain. The architects and residents wanted to create a space reminiscent of a courtyard from childhood.

“Designing a District” is one of the projects being implemented within the framework of the Moscow Mayor’s program “My District”. Its essence lies in the application of the participatory design method in the improvement of courtyards and public spaces.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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