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Librarian Tips: Poems for Toddlers, Dystopian Novels for Teens.

On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries tell which books are much more interesting than gadgets and the Internet. Larisa Robenkova, who works in Library No. 250, recommends works by Anastasia Gunder, Rebeca Una and other writers.


A series of books “Mouse Tim” by Anna Kazalis

Choosing a book for a small child is always a difficult and responsible task. But if you pick up any of the books about Tim by the Italian storyteller Anna Kazalis, you will not go wrong. The main character, a cute, funny, sometimes naughty mouse, faces difficulties every day that are familiar to any young reader: he does not want to eat, sleep, go to kindergarten, and is also worried when his mother is at work.

This kind, instructive series consists of six books. You can read them in any order. As you read, you can talk to your children about proper behavior, daily routines, and more.

“With poetry all day long” by Anastasia Orlova

The second book that I offer the kids is a collection of poems by Anastasia Orlova. This is a young talented poetess from Yaroslavl, in 2016 she received the prize of the President of Russia in the field of literature and art for works for children and youth.

The poems tell about all the daily activities that children do during the day. Each is very easy to memorize. With them you can wake up, wash, eat, walk, swim and fall asleep. A real find for parents who don’t know how to entertain a child. I guarantee – with Orlova’s poems, every lesson will turn into a real adventure.

Older guys

“My mom is broken!” Anastasia Gunder

In the life of every mother there are times when she needs a rest. So the mother of a little boy named Jean once tells her son that her light bulb has burned out. Frightened Jean goes to the robot Shurup to help in such a difficult situation. But Screw, who can fix anything, has never dealt with broken moms.

How events will develop further – read the book. I will only say that you will really like the study of the device of mothers started by the heroes and the conclusion to which they will come: in order for mothers to always glow from the inside, you need to show care, understanding, and help with household chores.

Anastasia Gunder is a modern young Russian writer, finalist of the International Competition for the Best Work for Children “Korneichuk Prize”, winner of the International Gaidar Literary Competition and others.

“What will grow out of this child ?!” Pavel Berensevich

Young readers know: sometimes I didn’t want anything bad, but everything got out of control. A mobile phone can inadvertently boil in a saucepan with soup, a TV set can somehow spoil imperceptibly. About each such case, adults say that they themselves have never allowed such a thing. But this is not so – believe the famous Polish writer Pavel Berensevich! In a joking manner, he debunks the myth of the parents’ perfect childhood.

In the book you will find the history of several generations of one family – from 1833 to 2035. All children’s antics are painted in great detail and funny. In addition, the author tells interestingly about technical progress, new products that gradually appeared in the house. Before each mini-journey into the past, he gives a short excursion into a particular era, so that modern children can more easily understand the behavior of heroes from the past.


“Disconnect!” Rebecca Una

The book, written in the dystopia genre beloved by many teenagers, shows the reader a possible future. Imagine: people are completely immersed in the world of virtual reality, having renounced everything physical. All thoughts, feelings, events exist only in the World Wide Web. All people have monotonous houses with the same meager furnishings. The human body is carefully enclosed in a protective sheath. Behind hunger, disease and … physical contact.

It would seem that the dream of all modern children has come true: you can sit on the phone all your life, live many fake lives, have half the world’s population as friends. But 14-year-old Grita doesn’t like it all. She lacks such human manifestations as, for example, hugs. One day she finds a young man who invites her to get out of virtual life into real life.

In 2014, a book by a young writer Rebeka Una won the first literature competition for adolescents and youth in Lithuania. She has also won other prestigious literary awards.

“Brownie’s Diary” by Evgeny CheshirKo

Full of sparkling humor “The Brownie’s Diary” will help improve your mood and replenish your stock of optimism. The main character, an unusually charming Brownie, lives in an ordinary modern house, communicates with a cat, interacts with family members. And he also comments on all the events, defending his point of view, and he turns out this very funny and witty. This brownie is not one of scary stories: he, on the contrary, is very kind, understanding, mischievous, always ready to help.

In addition to the “Brownie’s Diary”, the author has many other interesting things. Be sure to read “Notes of Grandmother Yaga”, the diaries of the Mermaid and the Vodyanoy, as well as stories.

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