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The prize is awarded for the development and implementation of new technologies, techniques, devices, equipment and materials, thanks to which the efficiency of work in the real sector of the economy and the social sphere of the capital is increased.

Authors of 18 unique innovative projects became winners of the Moscow Innovator Prize. The award ceremony was attended by Sergei Sobyanin

“Moscow is one of the world’s most successful cities in the field of invention. In terms of patents, Moscow occupies one of the first places among European cities and is the undisputed leader among Russian regions. A huge number of people whose vocation is scientific work are concentrated in Moscow. A huge number of technoparks built in Moscow lately make it possible for whole teams of enterprises to work, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

According to him, inventions are being introduced into our lives, and this is no longer just an abstract economy, but real innovations. “The entire infrastructure lives and develops with the help of the city, but, I can tell you, even with minimal help. This suggests that it is really in demand in life. This is great, it means that our economy absorbs your inventions, they become important and necessary, ”said the Mayor of Moscow.

On the portal Moscow innovation clustertens of thousands of enterprises are registered. They can exchange knowledge and inventions, trade products and look for partners. “I hope that this direction will be a global trend in the development of our city. Modern cities cannot live and develop without inventions, so thank you once again, ”Mayor Moskov said, addressing the winners of the award.

“At my first job, at the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant, in the shop I was responsible for rationalization activities. I have even written down heels of rationalization proposals in my work book. For each rationalization proposal, they paid 10 rubles. But morally it was very pleasant that you are doing something that is very useful for the plant, for production, for people, for the economy. This, of course, is incommensurate with what you are doing today, ”said the Moscow Mayor.


On behalf of the Muscovites, Sergei Sobyanin thanked the winners of the award for their unique inventions that work for the interests of the city in various fields – from medicine to transport.

The Moscow Mayor Prize “Novator of Moscow” was established in 2019. It is awarded annually for the development and implementation of new technologies, techniques, devices, equipment and materials, thanks to which the efficiency of work in the real sector of the economy and the social sphere of the capital is increased.

The prize is awarded in three nominations, reflecting the degree of development and implementation of the project: Project of the Future (innovative idea), Reality Changing (startup) and Innovation Leaders (operating business). In each of them, six winners are determined in such areas as medicine and pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence and IT technologies, transport and logistics, improvement and construction, ecology and environmental protection, and public projects.

The size of the prize in the nomination “Project of the Future” is 500 thousand rubles, in the nomination “Changing Reality” – one million rubles, in the nomination “Leaders of Innovations” – 1.5 million rubles. Incentive prizes are provided for the authors of 18 finalist projects. This year the total prize fund was 20.7 million rubles.

Applicants for the Novator of Moscow award can be citizens of Russia who live in the capital and who have developed technical innovations and innovative solutions in areas in demand. You can submit an individual or collective (up to five people) application.

The competition was first held in 2020. It was attended by 952 innovators who submitted 483 applications.

This year, applicants for the award submitted 740 projects, which is 53 percent more than last year. 1100 Muscovites (16 percent more) were the authors of innovative solutions.

The final was held in the format of an online pitch session. The expert commission included representatives of development institutions, high-tech companies, government bodies, business and innovation entities. They assessed the scientific and technical level of the project, the prospects for its commercialization and the qualifications of the participants.

Moscow innovation ecosystem

Moscow is in the top 20 regions of Russia in terms of the level of innovative activity of organizations. More than a third of large and medium-sized businesses in the capital use technological innovations in their work, which is 50 percent higher than the average for Russia.

Since 2017, the volume of production of innovative goods and services in Moscow has grown 2.5 times and in 2020 amounted to 12 percent of the total volume in the country. According to this indicator, the capital ranks first among the regions. 65 percent of the total volume of innovative goods, works and services is the production of innovative goods and services based on fundamentally new technologies.

An important part of Moscow’s innovation ecosystem is technology companies, which number 130,000 in the capital. 65 percent of them are small and medium-sized businesses. More than 1.2 million people work in technology companies – they conduct research and development of drugs, computers, optics, electronics, new materials. The share of technology companies in the total number of enterprises in the capital is 14 percent.

Over the past three years, the number of employees in this sector has grown by more than 100 thousand people. The average salary in this segment has also increased – from 90 thousand rubles in 2018 to 100 thousand in 2020.

In addition, today there are over 3,500 startups in the capital – technology companies or projects under 10 years old, with a scalable business model and high growth potential. By the number of startups, Moscow is ahead of many cities in the world, including Paris, Beijing, Toronto.

95 percent of companies are microenterprises, and 66 percent of startups are companies founded one to five years ago.

Most promising organizations develop technological solutions for industrial production (15 percent of the total), medicine (14 percent), transport and logistics (10 percent), construction and real estate (eight percent), as well as business software (10 percent) …

Moscow occupies a solid position in the venture capital market and is among the top 10 cities in Europe in terms of venture capital. So, in 2020, participants in the venture capital market conducted 162 public transactions for a total of $ 543.5 million. The active growth of this sector continued in 2021: from January to August, the volume of investments increased by 93 percent compared to the same period last year.

According to data for 2020, most of the Russian venture capital market is concentrated in Moscow – 76 percent of the total volume of investments and 56 percent of the total number of transactions in Russia.

In search of the best, or How is the competition to the city useful?

The engine of innovation in Moscow is 834 research and development organizations. They make up almost 20 percent of the total in Russia. From 2019 to 2020, their number increased by 13 percent.

In terms of scientific potential, the capital occupies a leading position in Russia and is comparable to the leading cities of the world. More than a third of the total resources of Russian science are concentrated in Moscow: in 2020, the number of researchers in the capital amounted to more than 115 thousand people.

The capital is leading in the number of patent applications and patents granted. In 2020, 8,517 patent applications were filed and 6,687 patents granted.

A multidisciplinary innovation infrastructure has been created in Moscow, represented by various facilities, of which there are more than 1400. These are, for example, technology parks, coworking spaces, accelerators, pilot testing sites and others.

Two thousand companies operate in 45 operating technology parks with various industry specializations, including microelectronics, IT, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biotechnology and others.

The city has 185 coworking spaces, where it is convenient to communicate, share knowledge, gain experience, form and develop effective teams of like-minded people.

For entrepreneurs of the capital, more than 90 accelerators are held – short-term programs for the intensive development of startups through mentoring, training and expert support. Over the past five years, their number has grown 5.5 times. In 2020, more than 1600 companies passed acceleration programs.

There are also 143 pilot testing sites that allow entrepreneurs to test their product in real conditions at urban or commercial sites. More than 100 pilot tests have been successfully carried out, 36 more are in the process of implementation.

Breakthrough solutions for new challenges: the results of 2020 in the innovation sphere of Moscow Moscow tops the rating of innovative development of Russian regions

Moscow is among the leaders in international innovation ratings

The city’s success in innovative development allows it to occupy the top lines in leading international rankings.

In 2021, Moscow entered second placein Europe in terms of innovation development, second only to London, according to the StartupBlink global startup ecosystem rating. Innovations in the field of energy and the environment, digital medicine, and online education helped ensure a high position.

The opportunities created for the development of innovative companies allowed the capital to reach the sixth place in the world in terms of conditions for startups in the ranking Tech Cities of the Futurefrom the analytical agency fDi Intelligence.

The level and effectiveness of solutions used in countering the pandemic brought Moscow to the top 3 in international ranking innovations to combat the coronavirus StartupBlink.

In addition, since 2019, the capital has been in the top 10 cities in the world in terms of readiness for the implementation of artificial intelligence, according to Oliver Wyman.

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