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Mikhail Mishustin will take part in electronic voting in the elections of deputies of the State Duma

Mikhail Mishustin: Dear Vyacheslav Viktorovich! Dear Colleagues!

The Duma of the VIII convocation began to work actively. All organizational issues that were before the formation of the State Duma have been successfully resolved. We actively interact and work with the State Duma. The structure of the chamber’s committees is formed in accordance with the federal executive authorities. This will allow us to strengthen constructive interaction, which, among other things, the President spoke about during the formation of the State Duma.

Already today, the meetings of the relevant ministers, deputy prime ministers with the relevant committees of the State Duma and with the leadership are very active. Moreover, the State Duma has already considered a report on how the budget for the current year is being executed. The first reading of the law on the so-called dacha amnesty has passed – a very important law that many have been waiting for. And in general, work with the deputy corps is proceeding effectively on the widest range of issues that concern our people.

The main thing on the agenda of the State Duma today is the adoption of the draft federal budget for the next three years. The document was prepared taking into account the tasks set for us by the President. First of all, these are issues related to the achievement of national development goals, determined by the head of state. The draft budget provides for measures to support people and business, to combat coronavirus, to support doctors, the entire healthcare system, to develop regions, and to carry out large-scale infrastructure projects – all this is in the draft budget, which is being considered by the State Duma.

The draft of the country’s main financial document was worked out in detail in the specialized committees of the State Duma with the participation of representatives of ministries and departments, federal executive bodies. Finance Minister Anton Germanovich Siluanov has already met with all five factions. He reported that the discussion of the draft budget was constructive. Also, all state programs were considered at the budget committee.

Mikhail Mishustin will take part in electronic voting in the elections of deputies of the State Duma

I know that tomorrow you are planning to discuss the three-year budget at a plenary session of the State Duma. We expect that the first reading will be as constructive as it was before. We will be ready to listen to all the questions that the deputy corps and representatives of factions have. We are ready for an open dialogue with all deputies. So that as a result of this work, a balanced state budget is adopted, which will become the basis for the successful development of the country for the next three years.

I would like to thank you, Vyacheslav Viktorovich, for organizing this work and would like to ask you to tell how the preparations for the first reading are proceeding.

Vladimir Volodin: Mikhail Vladimirovich, dear colleagues! For us, the budget is the main financial instrument in achieving the set national development goals of our country. And of course, special attention is paid to the budget. This is largely determined by the fact that it is through the budget that we are looking for an opportunity to help people in solving problems. And now, especially after the election campaign, the deputies came after meetings, communicating with citizens, understanding what problems people are worried about. And the search for solutions to issues, fulfillment of election promises will go through the budget. Therefore, the budget definitely needs to be studied scrupulously.

We worked on it with the Government and the Ministry of Finance in the summer. These were the deputies of the previous convocation. After the elections, the deputies who have been re-elected work. And our newly elected colleagues have already started to work.

Such work is also being built within the framework of specialized committees. I would like to express my gratitude for the fact that all ministers, deputy ministers joined in the work on discussing the budget. We are conducting this dialogue, realizing that we will be responsible for the budget together.

After the adopted amendments to the Constitution, the State Duma was endowed with new powers. This is an additional huge responsibility for us. Therefore, realizing that we need to answer to our citizens, we are building this work on a constructive basis. And here, I must say, the Minister of Finance is very patient with all comments and suggestions. A lot of them. Meetings are taking place in all factions. We are finishing work late tonight. And tomorrow we will start considering the budget in the first reading.

Most likely, there will be a large number of proposals, because, I want to emphasize again, the deputies are full of energy, they have a lot of proposals. This is due, as I said, to the fact that, in fact, a little over a month ago, the election campaign ended. People gave orders. They are waiting for their promises to be fulfilled. And today, I will emphasize again, the budget is an opportunity to solve problems.

I hope that the discussion will be meaningful and constructive. And of course, proposals, amendments that will be introduced and proposed for adoption, we will need to further discuss with the Government, with the Ministry of Finance, doing everything in order to fulfill the instructions of the President and achieve the national development goals of our country. And this means an increase in welfare, an increase in the rate of economic development. What people expect from us. We understand that this is the responsibility of both the State Duma and the Government. Therefore, we need a dialogue. And within the framework of this dialogue, I think, we will try to find solutions, to hear each other. Because there are many offers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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