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Librarian advice. With kids we study the habits of pets, with teenagers we talk about the struggle for their self.

Every week, employees of Moscow libraries tell readers about children’s books, which are interesting for the whole family to get acquainted with. Long days off can be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a fairy tale or a story, and then happily discuss what you read with loved ones. Tamara Prudenko from the central children’s library No. 14 chose six books by contemporary authors – among them there are funny poems, and adventure stories, and a serious psychological novel.


“Shaggy Happiness” by Elena Stepanova

I recommend this book for toddlers who love pets – it’s full of stories of funny pet mischief. In short and easily remembered poems by Elena Stepanova, cats conduct philosophical conversations and admire the clouds in the shape of pollock and sausage, while dogs grind their teeth on furniture and hug merrily with their owners.

Each spread has a large detailed picture of the artist Lyubov Eremina-Noshin. Emotional illustrations will help toddlers who cannot read to understand the text better, and for those who already read themselves, they will be a pleasant addition.

“Ashuni. A tale from a mountain ash branch “by Ekaterina Panfilova

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fairy tale with magical illustrations. Little readers will definitely like mountain ash elves in caps with bells, who make wonderful jam. “A Tale from a Rowan Branch” will come in handy in a variety of situations – for example, it will help create a cozy New Year’s mood, explain what friendship and enmity are, and will contribute to the development of creativity and imagination.

Adults will love the descriptions of mouth-watering puffs (they will definitely want to cook for the whole family) and incredibly warm author’s illustrations. Someone, perhaps, they will bring back memories of their own childhood, spent with books by Astrid Lindgren and Hans Christian Andersen.

Older guys

“Journey to the Edge of the Kitchen” by Olga Lucas

How often do we pay attention to ordinary objects? But every thing we use at home has an interesting story. Olga Lucas reveals the veil of secrecy over the cutlery.

“A Journey to the Edge of the Kitchen” is a fairy tale with a fascinating plot that introduces young readers to cutlery and their purpose, and also teaches them to take care of them. Illustrated with wonderful watercolor drawings by Maria Pavlova, the children will definitely like it and, possibly, inspire them to become real keepers of household utensils.

The main characters – children’s fork and knife Vick and Nok – go in search of a small fork named Green, which has disappeared somewhere. In one night, they will have to go around the entire huge kitchen, risking the eye of a ginger cat who likes to drive small objects under the battery.

“Treasure under an old oak” by Sofya Prokofieva

“Why should I give her my toy? I don’t want to share felt-tip pens with anyone! Mine, I won’t! ” If you hear such phrases from a child, offer him the fairy tale “Treasure under an old oak tree” by Sofia Prokofieva. By the way, it is also useful for parents to read it, because this book is about the fact that children are not evil initially, since evil is the product of resentment and inattention.

The tale of the boy Alyoshka, who was possessed by Madame Greed, who looks like an evil sorceress, is read quickly. It’s very interesting to watch how the main character changes under the influence of Greed, and then finds the strength to resist it. Alyosha’s friendship with the girl Katya helps him to become generous again, for whom, for the first time in a long time, he does not feel sorry for anything. The most interesting thing is that, having freed himself from greed, the hero becomes happy again – without unnecessary explanations, it is clear why being greedy is bad.


The Book of Dreams by Nina Gheorghe

The main character of the new novel by the famous German writer Nina Gheorghe is the war correspondent Henry Skinner, who has been busy with work all his life, and now stood between life and death in a hospital ward. Due to the trauma from the accident, Henry is in a coma. Next to him are people who were once rejected by him: a 13-year-old son, whom he has not seen since his birth, and a woman whom he abandoned because of his pride. Each chapter is narrated from the perspective of all three.

The Book of Dreams is a story about choice, that life consists of a constant struggle for one’s own self, which is often influenced by false emotions. Throughout the story, Nina Gheorghe will play with the psychological state of the readers, and in the end will make you think: can such a story end in a happy way in reality?

“Day of the Deaf Whale” by Kristina Strelnikova

The protagonist of this book is a boy who stopped hearing after a terrible and ridiculous family scandal. He stopped hearing not only rude and evil words, but also the conversations of friends, music and laughter. However, it is impossible to retell this surprisingly thin, deep and merciless book. I recommend to read. And to everyone – both teenagers and their parents.

The cliché phrases of the protagonist’s relatives may seem familiar to someone, as well as his outbursts of helpless aggression and sad thoughts. To the overall impression, it is necessary to add the influence of the illustrations created by the artist Katya Tolstoy – they look like an outpouring of the emotions of a teenager.

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