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The employment service will teach you how to make your resume visible, help you write a cover letter and choose tactics when working with job aggregators. Read the article for more secrets that career consultants are ready to share.

Birthday is celebrated on October 30 Moscow employment service… Since the beginning of this year, 161 thousand people have applied for help in finding a job here, more than half of them have found work. A special test for the employment service was the period of the pandemic. Last spring, at the peak of morbidity, the registered unemployment rate was three percent. Thanks to the efforts of employees, this figure was reduced by six times. The unemployment rate is now 0.5 percent.

Today, the Moscow employment service not only helps to find a job, but also teaches the art of self-presentation, tells how to start your own business or get a new profession. And job seekers are assisted daily by about 700 career consultants and experts.

feel the difference

The last three years have seen a major transformation of the employment service. It all started with infrastructural changes. Previously, the employment service was located in the premises of the housing stock, on the first floors and semi-basements, and today most of the offices work in the centers of public services. Every second center “My Documents” has a department of the employment service.

Three flagship offices operate in parallel. “My Job” on Shchepkina Street is the main office where they provide assistance to job seekers, develop technologies and employment methodologies, and prepare materials for scaling the Moscow experience in the regions. The second office “My Work” on Shabolovka specializes in starting a business. They help to obtain self-employed status, draw up business plans and projects, and provide legal services in these areas.

“My Career” on Sergiy Radonezhsky Street specializes in working with applicants with special needs – these are mothers after maternity leave, the elderly, young people, people with disabilities and low-income families. There you can get a range of accompanied employment services, which include career counseling, vocational guidance diagnostics, drawing up an individual career development plan, help in creating a resume, searching for suitable vacancies, psychological support, trainings and master classes. All this increases the likelihood of employment.

“The employment service has become more open, more understandable for people who apply to us. Muscovites are accustomed to receiving services quickly and efficiently. It is much easier for them to come and get advice in the center of public services “My Documents” than in a room on the outskirts behind closed doors. This is an excellent story of the unified positioning of public service centers and employment services, ”notes Maria Ustinova, First Deputy Director of the Moya Work employment center.

One of the first steps was the transition from paper to electronic document management. Almost all documents are accepted online, and personal data are checked using the interdepartmental document management system.

“In Moscow, the quality standards for the provision of public services are observed, and we, of course, have pulled ourselves up to this high level: we have created an internal system for evaluating customer service and evaluating the services provided. In my opinion, this has significantly increased the customer focus and the effectiveness of the range of services provided. We constantly monitor customer satisfaction, check the checklists to see how fully we work out all possible interaction scenarios. Feedback from people is also important. It happens that they do not find the right job or the search goes on for a long time: we carefully study each case and select the mechanisms that will allow us to solve the difficulties that have arisen, “adds Maria Ustinova.

The employment service has introduced recruitment tools. Career consultants of the service are well versed in the industry specifics of the market, help to compose a resume according to the employer’s requirements, discuss a career scenario based on a life situation, offer to undergo various trainings and master classes. Experts will help with self-presentation at an interview, with adaptation in a new team and will advise how to avoid burnout.

“Our career experts have a background in psychology. They provide both individual consultations and group consultations. They teach different methods of self-regulation that allow you to work with different life situations. Most often, burnout is addressed by people who either lost their job or for a long time cannot find it. The task of our employees is to identify the causes of burnout, draw up an action plan and help implement it, ”says Maria Ustinova.

400 thousand vacancies and open selection

The service has the largest database of vacancies in state and budgetary institutions. “We are actively working with open databases of vacancies. We signed agreements with the largest job search sites and employees. More than 400 thousand vacancies are available for applicants. Over 26 thousand of them are proposals for telecommuting, ”emphasizes Maria Ustinova.

The new format of interaction with employers is open selection. Employers come to the employment service, get acquainted with candidates, immediately conduct an interview and offer a job. These are mainly positions of the mass market: retail, transport, services, but there are also office positions, in particular banking. For employers, this format is interesting because it facilitates logistics and makes it possible to consider several suitable verified candidates in a short period of time.

Since the end of summer in the flagship center “My Work” on Shchepkina Street, the HR specialist of the personnel recruitment center for the transport complex of Moscow has been advising every day. From him, applicants can get information about vacancies in the metro and Mosgortrans, find out about the conditions of employment and even get an interview. Every day, 25-30 people receive all the necessary information directly from the employer.

“We have been working in this format since August. This is the first experience of such cooperation in Russia. Moscow transport has opened its own assessment center on the territory of our departments, ”says Maria Ustinova.

Self-development is the path to success

Finding a job is a stressful situation for everyone, and in the modern world, successful employment requires certain skills and knowledge that are practically not taught anywhere. Therefore, career consultants are so in demand, especially among those who have worked in one place for a long time or entered the labor market for the first time and do not know the current job search tools at all.

“The job seeker often thinks he knows how to use job search sites. However, it is surprising that you need to update your resume for each vacancy. Or does not know how to select related vacancies that are not directly related to the name of the profession. We are happy to teach this at the “My Work” center during trainings, ”says Maria Ustinova.

In the center “My Career” a technology has been created with the help of which it is possible to grow applicants to the requirements of the labor market – “Open University of Modern Human Skills.” It includes training programs for the development of soft skills and other useful skills in four areas: “Relationships with oneself”, “Relationships with others”, “Relationships with business” and “Relationships with numbers”. Today, 80 percent of an employee’s success depends on such competencies.

“A girl with a disability came to us after graduating from college. She came with her mother, who negotiated on her behalf. The first thing we did was send them to different specialists. The results of the professional testing revealed that the girl had excellent skills and knowledge, which helped to quickly find suitable vacancies for her. At this time, our specialist worked with my mother – he helped her cope with overprotection. We accompanied the girl to the interview, and the very first employer offered her a job. Now she is a clerk – she has passed a probationary period, she is a very efficient and competent employee, ”says Maria Ustinova.

Various programs have been developed for applicants: separately for realizing the professional and social potential of people of pre-retirement age, separately for young people, for people with disabilities, mothers and families with low income. And at the training center, you can take courses in the most popular areas in the labor market, such as information technology, PR and marketing, economics and finance, sales, education, and administrative work. Employers are highly demanded by specialists who know how to do something with their own hands: seamstresses, plumbers, drivers of special vehicles, and so on.

“I worked in one place for a long time and quit my job. After the rest, I decided to contact the employment service. Without much hope of success. I met with a specialist and asked if there were any vacancies in the service itself. Passed the first interview and cheered up, and after several stages received a job offer. I have been working for six years. This year she won in the nomination “Best specialist in the provision of public services in the field of promoting employment of the population” of the competition “Moscow Masters – 2021”. So we can say that going to the employment service changed my life, ”says Natalia Bochkova, a leading inspector of the Izmailovo employment department.

In the direction of the employment center, unemployed people, mothers of children under seven years old, people of pre-retirement age, as well as townspeople from low-income families can receive free education. This year alone, more than 7,000 people improved their qualifications for free or mastered a new profession according to city programs.

The organization of your own business remains a separate area. So, after the program of the employment center, Alexandra Emelina opened her own business.

“I graduated from Stroganovka and worked on interior design for a long time. Even while studying, she dreamed of her own business. After the birth of children and self-isolation during the pandemic, I realized that I was ripe. Has applied for participation in the program “Seven Steps to Starting Your Own Business” at the employment center. A very good program with a lot of useful information and everything is readily available. For several months now, my husband and I have been working in our own craft studio. We make custom-made interior items and art from wood using old eco-friendly technologies, ”shares her story Alexandra.

Even after the end of the course, the curator is still in touch with Alexandra and answers any questions that arise. “In addition, I met people who also started their own business, made friends with someone. The course gave me new acquaintances, new connections and like-minded people. If it were not for the employment service program, I would still only dream of my own business, but now it has become a reality, ”emphasizes the graduate of the program.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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