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In the Baltic Fleet, surface watermen celebrate their professional holiday with good performance in combat training. This year, the crews of the ships of the fleet performed 430 combat exercises, including missile, artillery and torpedo firing, mine laying, depth bombing, and mine action. The ships have delivered more than 120 course missions, and ship formations and tactical groups have conducted more than 30 tactical exercises of various levels.

The surfacing of the surface forces of the Baltic Fleet since the beginning of the year was about 3000 days. In total, surface ships and support vessels have covered about 200 thousand nautical miles. Shock, sweep and landing ship tactical groups have been trained.

The servicemen of the oldest naval association of Russia were able to show their best qualities during the SSU “West-2021”, and many of the most important episodes of maneuvers, including the landing, took place in the Baltic.

Ships and support vessels of the Baltic Fleet continue to carry out missions in long-distance ocean voyages as part of a permanent operational formation of the Navy in the Mediterranean. Thus, in April, a detachment consisting of the Stoyky corvette, the Kola tanker, the Yakov Grebelsky sea tug and the PM-82 floating workshop returned from a long voyage. For four months, “Steadfast” and “Cola” visited the Indian Ocean, where they took part in international maneuvers. The corvette crew performed several dozen exercises of various orientations. The detachment also made business calls at the ports of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Sultanate of Oman, Cyprus, and the Syrian Arab Republic. While in the Red Sea, the Balts made their first business call at the Port of Sudan. The corvette’s servicemen conducted maneuvers in anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defense, anti-terror groups – anti-piracy exercises, and also completed tasks to escort civilian ships in the Arabian and Red Seas.

Large landing ships “Korolev” and “Kaliningrad” under the flag of the commander of the formation made a five-month long voyage to the Mediterranean and Black Seas, leaving more than 14 thousand miles astern.

Corvette “Boykiy” and large landing craft “Minsk” for 37 cruising days have passed more than 5500 nautical miles, showing the St. Andrew’s flag with dignity and honor in the expanses of the Baltic and North Seas, the strait zone and off the coast of Great Britain.

Small missile ship “Sovetsk”, having made an inter-naval passage through inland water communications, performed practical rocket firing at the Northern Fleet training ground for the prize of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. RTOs, having occupied a designated area in the White Sea, fired a sea-based cruise missile “Caliber” at a coastal target located at a distance of over a thousand kilometers at the Chizha training ground. The means of objective control confirmed that the fired high-precision missile successfully hit the target. The crew returned to their permanent base, having covered about 3000 nautical miles in 45 days.

The mine defense ship Aleksandr Obukhov and the base minesweeper Leonid Sobolev have successfully completed the tasks of detecting and neutralizing explosives in the areas of intense hostilities of the Second World War. On the 31st day of the cruise, in often stormy conditions, the crews of the ships traveled 2,800 nautical miles, found and destroyed 17 mines, and returned safely to their home base.

The other day, the crew of the training ship of the Baltic Fleet “Smolny” returned to Baltiysk from a long voyage, on which the cadets of the naval educational institutions of the Russian Defense Ministry underwent practical training.

Currently, several BF ships adequately solve the assigned tasks far from their native shores. The seamen of the Baltic Fleet are improving their professional skills and maritime training, conscientiously fulfilling their military duty, honorably performing the difficult service in protecting the state interests of Russia and ensuring its security.

This year, more than 100 Baltic sailors were awarded various state and departmental awards for the successful solution of the tasks of long-distance voyages, services in strengthening the country’s defense, naval training, maintaining high combat readiness and courage.

On this day in 1696, the Boyar Duma, at the insistence of Peter I, adopted the “verdict” on the beginning of the construction of the fleet – “There will be sea vessels.” In accordance with the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, this date is celebrated as a professional holiday – Day of the sailor-surface-waterman.

Since the revival of the tradition of holding the Main Naval Parade on the Day of the Navy, the surface forces of the Baltic Fleet have invariably taken part in this most important military ritual. In 2021, the crews of more than 40 warships, boats and support vessels of the Baltic and Leningrad naval bases of the Baltic Fleet took part in a large-scale, spectacular and unforgettable event in St. Petersburg and the Kronstadt roadstead.

The servicemen of the fleet continued to take part in tests of newly built ships for the Russian Navy. The Baltic Fleet is also being updated. It included two Project 21980 patrol boats this year. New small missile ships of Project 22800 and 21631 have already been launched and are preparing for mooring tests.

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