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14 November 2021 11:03

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The project reveals the musical talents of people with difficulties in socialization and helps them find their audience.

To cope with life’s difficulties associated with mental health, not only healing therapy, but also music therapy helps. It is for this that the Moscow Production Center (Mosproducer) has created a charity socio-cultural project “Faith in Music”, which aims to draw public attention to the problems of people with mental disabilities and support their creative endeavors. In addition, residents of Mosproducer regularly perform on the platforms of various foundations, including the Vera Hospice Foundation, the Downside Up Foundation for Assisting People with Down Syndrome, and the Alzrus Foundation for Alzheimer’s Patients.

Healing music atmosphere

Live music has a therapeutic effect and helps to improve the emotional background of the listeners. Every musician who has played a concert for people with mental disabilities at least once is convinced of this.

“Such concerts solve several important tasks at the same time: they give positive emotions to the audience and provide an excellent opportunity for musicians to discover a new audience, to share their work with those who really need it,” says Andrey Petrov, director of the Moscow Production Center.

To participate in concerts, Mosproducer is holding a selection competition among performers. The fact is that each fund has its own unique audience of listeners, so the selection of an individual repertoire is extremely important. For example, in the Vera Foundation, as a rule, instrumental groups with life-affirming music and folk song performers perform. Downside Up includes children’s ensembles and young artists with famous songs from cartoons. In “Alzrus” – vocalists and instrumentalists performing works of the Soviet period, to which you can dance.

Residents of Mosproducer, including artists not only from Russia, but also from Iran, Venezuela, Lithuania, participate in concerts with great enthusiasm, because the reaction of the audience here is often even more open and sincere than at traditional performances.

A member of the WADA group, Arstan Kukayev, says that every such event is a huge boost of energy.

“Thanks to the Mosproducer for the opportunity to get to know the wonderful children from the Downside Up Foundation and perform for them. This is a great happiness for me as an artist, because the emotions of a child are priceless. We will definitely come here more than once to warm up with the fire of the guys, to give them our music. And I hope that more and more colleagues in the shop will support us in this, ”he said.

Outsiderville’s first album

The Faith in Music project helps to dispel myths about mental problems and proves that illness for a creative person is not a sentence. Any artist with these characteristics who wants to create music and perform at concerts can make their dreams come true.

Since February 2021, the Moscow Production Center has been working with the Outsiderville public organization, which helps people with mental disabilities. She set up her own label, Outsiderville, to record artists outside of the professional art scene. The distributor of the first collection, which includes 10 tracks of musicians with mental disabilities and self-taught musicians, was an international company, whose services provide an opportunity to distribute works of authorship to many streaming platforms.

“The partnership with the Moscow Production Center in the framework of the Faith in Music project is perhaps the biggest success for the label over the past year: with the active participation of our colleagues, we received several very important publications in the media and finally uploaded the collection to streaming services. We are very pleased that Mosproducer helps us to occupy our niche in the music industry, while maintaining our specificity and values. This is extremely important, ”said Yuri Vinogradov, head of Outsiderville.

According to him, from now on, all the releases of the artists of the label will be released on digital platforms. This means that the creative activity of the musicians themselves will also increase, who will definitely be inspired by new perspectives.

“Creativity of people with mental disabilities is, first of all, communication with the environment, in many respects the world inaccessible to them. And we are trying to establish this communication. Our collaboration with Outsiderville is a real opportunity to introduce connoisseurs of independent experimental music to the brightest representatives of the genre, who often remain in the shadows. In fact, some of their compositions can easily compete with the releases of well-known labels, ”adds Andrey Petrov.

One of the project participants, musician Kirill Maltsev, noted that the collection turned out to be very rich in content, and now not only friends and relatives of the performers, but also a wider audience will be able to hear it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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