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17 November 2021, 10:01

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Photo by E. Samarin. Press Service of the Mayor and the Moscow Government

Guests will be told about the history of the creation of the largest project in the history of mankind – the International Space Station, as well as how the oldest stone structure, Stonehenge, is associated with astronomy and how much space exploration costs.

Center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” VDNKhinvites you to themed excursions, lectures and film screenings. They will take place on November 20 and 21. Participation in all events is free, preliminary registration is required.

On Saturday, November 20, an excursion “Outposts in Space” will take place, dedicated to the launch in 1988 of “Zarya” – the first module of the International Space Station (ISS). The participants will be told why the Almaz and Mir orbital stations were created and how the ISS operates today. They will also see a full-scale model of the Mir complex, which consists of a basic block, in which there are three modules: Kvant, Kvant-2 and Kristall. There will be three excursions on this day – at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. Participation is free, but you need to register.

At 16:00, the lecture “Archaeoastronomy: Megaliths and Ancient People’s Representations of Space” from the cycle “Art in Space” will begin. Diana Dzhangveladze, art historian, art critic, will talk about megaliths – structures of impressive size boulders typical of the Bronze Age. Some of these complexes are older than the Egyptian pyramids, and the most famous – Stonehenge in the south of England – is composed of stones of about 25 tons each. Students will learn who erected these buildings and for what purposes, how the megaliths were associated with the ideas of ancient people about space and with astronomical observations, as well as about the latest discoveries of the young science of archaeoastronomy. Admission is free, advance is required registration.

At 18:00 a lecture “ISS. Construction history “. Listeners will learn about the history and structure of the orbital station, how astronauts live on it and what they do. In addition, the meeting will discuss the prospects for the development of the ISS in the coming years. Admission is free, advance is required registration.

On Sunday, November 21, at 15:00 in the congress hall of the Center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” will show the cult film by Georgy Danelia “Kin-dza-dza!” about fantastic intergalactic travel. Admission is free, advance is required registration.

At 18:00 a thematic lecture “The cost of space exploration” will be read, timed to coincide with the Accountant’s Day. For space exploration, the most advanced technologies are used, and the equipment for this purpose – satellites, spaceships, spacesuits, life support systems, etc. – are very complex and delicate systems. Assembling and launching a spacecraft, especially a manned one, is not only laborious, but also quite expensive. The lecture will tell you how much it costs to train professional astronauts, why the cost of spacecraft is truly astronomical, how much more expensive rocket fuel is than ordinary gasoline, and how much it costs to go into space as a tourist. Participation is free, preliminary required registration.

Guests who have a valid QR code can attend the events at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center. It must be presented at the entrance along with an identity document. Children under 14 years old can visit the center accompanied by adults who have a QR code, children from 14 to 18 years old – without a QR code and accompaniment. Guests must maintain a social distance, in the pavilions there is a mask mode. More information about visiting VDNKh in a pandemic can be found at website.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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