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On November 19, chaired by the Acting Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Chupriyan, a meeting of the Government Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies and Fire Safety was held.

A number of issues of response this year to seasonal hazards and man-made risks, as well as the state of constant readiness of public warning systems, were brought up for discussion.

Floods and wildfires this year were notable for their scale. Thus, on the territory of the country, more than 15 thousand wildfires have been registered on an area of ​​over 10 million hectares. At the same time, the emergency regime in municipal forests was introduced 68 times in 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, regional in 8 constituent entities and interregional in 5.

In the fire hazardous season of this year, the authorities of the state fire supervision of the EMERCOM of Russia brought 891 local authorities, 3.5 thousand officials and 675 legal entities, as well as 24.7 thousand citizens to administrative responsibility for violations of primary fire safety measures.

During the meeting, the issues of response to forest fires were considered in detail. Their extinguishing is not within the competence of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. At the same time, the department is annually involved in extinguishing forest fires during a fire hazardous period. So, in the summer of this year, almost 50 thousand people and 11 thousand pieces of equipment were involved in the work from the department. In addition, 38 aircrafts of departmental aviation made almost 2 thousand sorties, having performed about 6 thousand discharges with a total volume of about 32 tons of water.

As noted, fires in specially protected areas are associated with a number of difficulties. For example, nature reserves are characterized by a large amount of combustible biomass, which accumulates for decades and, unfortunately, serves as the basis for a long, active and uncontrolled spread of fire. This often creates a threat to settlements and economic facilities.

To coordinate actions and increase the responsiveness to natural fires, it was decided to improve the system of measures to prevent and eliminate the consequences of emergency situations in forests.

A separate issue on the agenda of the meeting concerned the fire protection of healthcare facilities. Currently, over 26 thousand healthcare organizations are registered with the supervisory authorities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, including about 13 thousand facilities with round-the-clock stay of people. Over the past 5 years, an increase in the number of fires has been recorded in them. At the same time, the main reasons remain unchanged: due to the emergency operation of electrical networks and equipment, more than half of all fires occur, another frequent reason is careless handling of fire.

EMERCOM of Russia takes comprehensive measures to minimize fire risks. Special attention of the supervisory authorities of the EMERCOM of Russia is paid to ensuring the operability of automatic fire protection systems, the state of escape routes and emergency exits, the availability and serviceability of primary fire extinguishing equipment, and training in safety measures. These are fundamental issues that directly affect the safety of people, as well as successful evacuation in the event of a possible fire.

Administrative measures are applied to violators, up to and including the suspension of healthcare facilities. So, this year, by decision of the courts, the operation of 9 such facilities and separate premises was suspended. In addition, since the beginning of this year, more than 2 thousand legal entities and about 3 thousand officials have been brought to administrative responsibility. Another 1.5 thousand cases of administrative offenses were sent to courts.

At the same time, this year, the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, together with executive authorities, at healthcare facilities carried out more than 30 thousand preventive measures aimed at preventing and minimizing fires and emergencies.

In the near future, medical institutions will undergo inspections of power grids, cables and electrical equipment, as well as additional briefings on fire safety measures with the administration and staff. The EMERCOM of Russia will also continue to conduct practical training on evacuation in the event of fires and emergencies with the administrations, personnel and patients of healthcare organizations, as well as appropriate briefings.

When discussing the results of the passage of the flood-hazardous period on the territory of our country this year, the effectiveness of the use of artificial intelligence technologies in modeling the flood situation was noted. With its help, data are processed from space monitoring systems, unmanned aerial systems, available data arrays of the department and federal executive bodies. Thus, the possible flooding zones, the timing of the passage of flood waves were determined in advance, and measures were taken to protect the population and territories with better quality. In particular, more than 900 detonations were made to weaken the ice, 380 km were cut and more than 20 km of ice were blackened, which reduced the time for the Northern rivers to reach the floodplain. In addition, additional measures were taken to remove snow, erect dams, clear drainage channels and other work.

In total, during the flood-hazardous period of this year, territories of 622 settlements were heated in 63 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. More than 10.5 thousand residential and country houses, more than 36 thousand household plots, about 1000 road infrastructure facilities were found in the flooded zone.

At the same time, we managed to mitigate the risks of negative consequences as much as possible and promptly implement a set of measures to protect the population and territories.

The government commission noted the need for the construction of protective structures and communications, as well as ensuring their effective operation to reduce the negative impact of large water.

At present, the EMERCOM of Russia has already started monitoring the flood-forming parameters for the next year. At the same time, a huge role is assigned to the use of artificial intelligence. For example, the department continues to form the “RSChS Data Lake” at the federal level. As part of this work, an automated exchange of information with 12 information systems of 9 departments has been implemented. Until 2024, it is planned to connect all RSChS day-to-day management bodies to the RSChS Data Lake.

All measures implemented by the EMERCOM of Russia are invariably aimed at increasing the level of protection of the population through the introduction of modern information technologies and the prevention of possible risks.

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