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The autumn-winter period is not the easiest time for the specialists of the State Inspection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. The active period of the formation of the first ice is over, however, the ice has not yet matured, and there are many who want to go to it. That is why the rescuers of the department constantly carry out preventive work with the population on frozen water bodies.

Thus, the specialists of the South Siberian search and rescue squad conducted a demonstration lesson for life safety teachers and journalists, and also demonstrated self-rescue techniques.

During the period of ice formation, the reservoirs of Khakassia are especially dangerous – springs gush in the drainage canals. Rescuers in wetsuits clearly showed how you can help a conditional victim who fell through the ice. For the demonstration, they used an auto-rope and a car camera, a lifebuoy with a rope, and boards fastened in a special way with a rope. In addition, to help the rescuers used materials that they found literally on the shore – an empty canister from engine oil and a large branch.

In the Orenburg region, employees of the GIMS Center daily visit the water areas of the region, conduct explanatory conversations with ice fishing fans, and also check the condition of the ice. As for its thickness, now it is still far from the fact that a person could safely go out on winter fishing without risking his life. Senior State Inspector of the State Inspection Service Yuri Kokhanenko noted that not all people listen and follow the recommendations, but preventive work with the population is hardly the only way to reduce the number of accidents near the water.

“We checked the thickness of the ice on the Ural River – it is no more than two centimeters. Therefore, I ask the parents to pay attention to the fact that they do not let their children go alone to water bodies. It is very important to correctly explain to children that the ice is now unstable and it is strictly forbidden to go out on it. At the same time, minors are also not allowed to walk by the reservoir unaccompanied by adults, ”said Y. Kokhanenko to the residents.

Employees of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Kamchatka Territory during a preventive raid measured the thickness of the ice on the reservoirs popular with the residents of Petropavlovsk. They paid special attention to the children playing on the frozen lake, who, with the help of sticks and kicks, tested the ice for strength. Children also skated, ski and took selfies against the backdrop of beautiful Kamchatka landscapes. To be calm for their child, it is the parents who must teach him the rules of safe behavior.

During the patrol, the EMERCOM specialists also pay attention to those who like fishing. They are given reminders with the rules of safe behavior near water bodies during the freeze-up period and are told about the procedure for dealing with an accident on the water. EMERCOM employees of Russia recommend that fishermen not risk their lives and wait for strong, persistent frosts, in which thick, durable ice forms.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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