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Why go to a family psychologist and what they talk about in psychology classroom hours – read the article on Psychologist’s Day.

The pandemic, the huge flow of information and the frantic pace of life are causing a lot of stress, especially for residents of megacities. Not everyone is able to cope with it on their own, the hardest thing is given to children. Experts from the network of divisions will help Muscovites learn to experience emotions, manage oneself and maintain harmony in the family, find a common language with children. Moscow service of psychological assistance to the population… It consists of 21 full-time units, and all services are provided free of charge. Both adults and children can receive support. Read the article on Psychologist’s Day about the questions families ask a specialist.

The family has a psychologist

Probably, every family sooner or later faces various crises, be it the transitional age of the child, the conflict between fathers and children, or even ordinary quarrels. Children complain about their parents that they do not pay attention to them, parents believe that children are closed from them. In such cases, it is the family psychologist who will help to understand the situation and improve relationships.

“Lately, the attitude towards psychologists has changed, and more and more often Moscow residents themselves turn for help. It happens that parents bring their children with the words “there was a normal child, and now he is rude”, or “cannot find friends”, or “scandals with peers”. But all the behavioral problems of children are associated with interactions within the family, when they do not feel support and understanding. It is important for the psychologist to help the family find out the reasons and find a solution. Specialists of family centers are working to restore relations between children and parents, provide psychological assistance, conduct trainings, developmental classes, “- Daniya Alimova, a psychologist at the Otradnoye family center, shares her experience.

In addition, people go to a family psychologist when stress and anxiety, previously tolerated absolutely normally and even with ease, at some point begin to seem insoluble. A person does not have the resource to get out of this state, and those around him say that it will pass by itself and it is not worth focusing on it. But not everyone can cope on their own. And here the main thing is not to delay: the sooner you turn to a specialist, the faster your life will get better.

Children are another matter, you cannot explain to them that they need to want something, so sometimes psychologists use non-standard approaches.

“In addition to the classical forms of assistance, our center also offers… butterfly therapy. This is a technique for children with high emotionality. For example, when they have experienced a loss and have not accepted it. Children in the group observe the butterfly’s life cycle, which lasts about a month. All this time they follow its development – from cocoon to death. At the same time, children keep a diary of observations and perform creative tasks. All this helps them to accept the loss of relatives. Butterfly therapy also helps those children who are afraid of death, for example, because of frequent visits to hospitals, ”says a psychologist at the Center for Rehabilitation and Education No. 7.

Experts say that in the issue of children’s fears, it is important to understand how some experience turns into a traumatic one. For example, if a child was hit, but he cannot share it with loved ones who would empathize with him. And the ability to experience it in a controlled environment helps to develop the right attitude to disturbing moments. Family psychologists work with such delicate matters and vulnerable souls.

Help to become a family

A separate area was work with foster families and foster children. Among the main problems are lack of confidence in their abilities, the search for the meaning of life, the inability of parents to understand and accept their children, fatigue from the parental role, doubts about the correctness of actions. It is important for every foster family that someone says: “You are great!” The admission of the child to the family is accompanied by psychologists. They help build relationships, see the first bells and stop them, teach them to be parents. And here the most important period is adaptation.

“Children in foster families are initially traumatized. Everyone has their own negative experience, which they have not yet experienced, have not accepted – this becomes a problem. They are more sensitive to many situations. It is important for them to feel that they are loved and accepted for who they are. They put their parents to the test. For example, the other day a girl came who had thought for a long time that she might be abandoned. Now she lives with a family, everything is fine, but in the past she had a negative experience: the previous family returned the girl. Of course, this is an injury. But the new family showed her the joy of living together, and the child values ​​these relationships very much, ”explains Maria Ovcharova, a psychologist at the Otradnoye family center.

Often such children are ashamed of their past – it is difficult for them to establish relationships, so it is easier for them to withdraw and sit at the monitor. This situation is well corrected by group meetings, to which not only foster children are invited.

Sometimes both children and adults need to be simply listened to and praised. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten in families.

Hello school!

More than three thousand educational psychologists work in Moscow schools. Each child can consult a specialist if necessary. At the same time, children with disabilities are provided with more serious support.

“Children come to school psychologists with completely different questions, but mostly they lack communication skills. Teens ask how they can find friends, how to become popular in the classroom, how to please a boy or girl. Or, for example, how to make peace with your mom. They often come with questions of self-determination: I don’t know what to become. The most important thing is the quality help of a psychologist. For example, all specialists possess the skills of career counseling, and also use different methods to find answers to students’ questions, ”says Evgenia Vasilyeva, educational psychologist, head of department of the City Psychological and Pedagogical Center.

To help children and parents, the City Psychological and Pedagogical Center launched a video podcast two years ago “Five questions for a psychologist”… A student or parent can ask a question, and the five best educational psychologists of the capital will prepare a video response, which will then be posted on the center’s official page on the social network. Facebook… You can also watch the previous videos.

“In the spring, many parents are interested in how to help their child not worry before exams, how to choose a university, whether it is necessary to insist on their own, if the child wants to go to one educational institution, and the parents like another. In winter, children ask, for example, how to get their parents off to celebrate the New Year with friends. The best psychologists give not just an answer to all questions, but a solution technology, ”notes Evgenia Vasilyeva.

In addition, the center’s specialists conduct classroom hours in psychology. For this, teachers submit applications, the class is connected via video link and in the interactive mode, educational psychologists conduct a lesson. One such lesson can be virtually attended by up to 900 people. The most popular topics were “Love or friendship?”, “Is this a real friend?”, “Manipulation – is it good or bad and how to resist it?” This format is especially popular with schoolchildren – they love gadgets, games and are happy to turn on.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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