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On “Mother’s Day”, Muscovites with many children were able to take special trainings on self-development, do festive make-up with make-up artists and watch the performances of the artists.

Families with many children were presented with signs “Parental Glory of the City of Moscow” on the eve of Mother’s Day. Sergei Sobyanin wrote about this in his account on the social network. “In contact with”

According to the Mayor of Moscow, raising several children is a big job. He thanked parents who share love with their children, give them attention and help them discover talents.


In 2021, 38 parents – 19 families, in which 129 children were born and are raising – received the honorary badge “Parental Glory of the City of Moscow”. The badge of honor is awarded to parents living in Moscow for at least 10 years and raising five or more children in an officially registered marriage. All children brought up in these families have achieved high results in their studies, creativity or sports. They are an example for other families and the future of Moscow.

Deputy Head of the Capital Department of Labor and Social Protection Ekaterina BerberDuring the awards ceremony, she thanked Muscovites with many children for their daily care of children, for their ability to combine work, household chores, beauty and femininity.

“Mother’s Day is a special holiday in our country. It is filled with warmth, respect, love and family happiness. The family is important in the life of every person, it helps us to overcome all difficulties and hardships that one way or another happen on the path of life, as well as to share moments of joy with our loved ones. And mom is always a center of warmth, this is such a tender core, without which everything falls apart if there is no inner confidence and support for each other, ”said Ekaterina Berber.

The Association of Large Families of the City of Moscow has prepared a real holiday for mothers with many children at the Helikon-Opera Theater. In the White Column Hall named after Princess Shakhovskoy, Muscovites were able to participate in personal growth trainings, talk to psychologists and speakers. A fashion show was organized.

In the Pokrovsky Hall of the Helikon-Opera, mothers consulted experienced stylists and could correct their evening make-up. There was a separate photo zone where families could take pictures together and capture the festive evening. Mothers tried on historical costumes and took pictures in historical interiors.

In addition, an exhibition of handicrafts “Seven Cases” was launched. It presented elegant things, jewelry, toys, decor items, created by the hands of craftswomen with many children.

The winners of the “Marathon of Talents” competition and the soloists of “Helikon-Opera” congratulated parents with many children from the stage. Creative groups Planet Kids, Blue Bird, Solntsetsvet, Children of the Sun have prepared songs about love and family. Russian pop stars also sent their video congratulations to parents with many children: Alexei Kortnev, Jasmin, Katya Lel, Olga Kabo, Nadezhda Babkina, Nonna Grishaeva, Sergei Bezrukov.

Awarded families

In 2021, the following families were awarded the honorary badge “Parental Glory of the City of Moscow”:

– Nadezhda and Andrey Antonov – six children;

– Margarita and Sergey Vinokurovs – seven children;

– Alla and Andrey Guzhev – 10 children;

– Olga and Vladimir Zavyalovs – seven children;

– Anna and Danila Karzhev – eight children;

– Tamara and Vladimir Karpenko – seven children;

– Elena and Vasily Kolganov – five children;

– Anna and Oleg Kolesnikovs – six children;

– Elena and Sergey Kolesnikovs – 11 children;

– Ekaterina and Vadim Kuptsov – eight children;

– Olga Livenskaya and Timofey Kordonsky – seven children;

– Natalia and Irakli Mechekhia – six children;

– Stanislav and Alexey Parinovs – five children;

—Olga and Alexander Son – six children;

– Elena and Alexander Ugolnikov – seven children;

– Tatiana and Alexey Fetisov – five children;

– Ksenia and Sergey Shevelkin – seven children;

– Elena and Oleg Yudanov – five children;

– Tatiana and Sergey Yudin – six children.

Residents of VAO Vasily and Elena Kolganovs are raising eight children (five in blood and three under guardianship). They are convinced that the honorary badge “Parental Glory of the City of Moscow” is one of the most important awards celebrating merits in the upbringing of children.

“This sign emphasizes the activity of the family, its position in life. And perhaps the most important thing is that this sign does not so much reward as it shows that it is the norm nowadays to raise many children, ”noted Vasily Kolganov.

“It is always pleasant and very honorable to receive such awards. This emphasizes the importance of the family and the main values ​​in our country. The strength and friendship of the family depends entirely on the parents. Of course, in simple terms, love is important in every family. This is understandable. However, there is one more important point – responsibility, ”added Anna Kolesnikova, mother of six children from the JSC.

The badge of honor “Parental Glory of the City of Moscow” was established in 2009 by a decree of the Moscow Government to strengthen the institution of the family, increase the prestige of a large family, and the social status of motherhood and fatherhood. When awarding a badge of honor, recipients of the award are paid a one-time cash incentive in the amount of 219,015 rubles. Since the establishment of the award, 315 large families have become its owners.

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