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– Nikolai Platonovich, as you know, each of the parties has its own point of view on this crisis. Americans and Europeans claim that these events were directed by Minsk with the support of Moscow. In turn, the Belarusian leadership considers its country to be a victim and blames Europe. Where is the truth?

– According to the information we have, recently a well-organized influx of migrants, primarily from Iraq and Syria, as well as Afghanistan, Libya and some other countries, has been coming to Belarus using the possibilities of a visa-free regime. At the same time, they fly to the Belarusian land not by Belavia, but mainly by charter flights. Their final destination is Europe, where they go, most often, to acquaintances and relatives who have emigrated before.

The focus of migrants is on Germany, since the benefits paid here to refugees are 4-5 times higher than they earn in their home countries. According to available data, 350 thousand Kurds, 4 million Turks, and other immigrants from the Middle East live in this country today. Most of the Kurds have formed groups that organize and ensure the transport of migrants to Europe. Using transit through Belarus has become a lucrative and highly cynical business. In search of a better life, people are investing heavily in intermediary services, in purchasing air tickets and hiring vehicles.

In addition, business is well organized in the Polish border zone, where migrants who have broken through the Belarusian-Polish border are redirected to Germany for a certain amount of money.

– However, the availability of financial resources for migrants still does not negate the need for a humane attitude towards them?

– Of course. Regardless of the motives that made them leave their homeland, they became hostages of the situation created by the Western countries. Now the number of migrants who have accumulated at the border ranges from 2.5 to 3 thousand people. And their number can grow. Among them are women, there are also pregnant women, as well as up to 750 preschool children. The main burden of caring for them was taken by Belarus. People are fed, heated, resolved issues with temporary accommodation, and provided medical assistance.

At the same time, the European Union, which had promised to build camps for migrants, abandoned its own initiative. Brussels continues to tell the world about European values, human rights, multiculturalism, and an open door policy. Meanwhile, migrants on the Polish border are being hounded with dogs, inhumanely watered with water cannons and fenced off with barbed wire, shot over their heads, helicopters are lifted into the air in order to disperse tents with air currents.

– How do you see the way out of this situation? In the West, they say that Minsk, for example, should cancel the visa-free regime with certain countries.

– Belarus is a sovereign state that decides for itself with whom and for how long to introduce a visa-free regime. Minsk has its own priorities in foreign and domestic policy.

Europe needs to act, not make recommendations. First of all, it is necessary to stop the business of transporting migrants. This should be done both at the level of the European Union and through its individual countries and their national special services and law enforcement agencies.

At the same time, in order to permanently stop the uncontrolled migration flow, it is required to solve the problem at the root. The West should abandon its policy of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, from imposing its convictions with the use of brute military force.

For example, people are fleeing from Iraq to Europe via Belarus, where the situation has deteriorated after the military invasion and the physical elimination of President Saddam Hussein. They are fleeing from Libya, where the West destroyed the head of state M. Gaddafi and brought the country to collapse. In Afghanistan, for 20 years, orders alien to this state were imposed, and as a result, the pro-Western regime collapsed in a few weeks. In Syria, they also wanted to restore the so-called order, they tried to physically eliminate B. Assad and almost gave birth to a global terrorist caliphate.

– Can we remember here and Ukraine, which, as you have said more than once, the West has taken under its full control?

– Quite right. Having actually established its protectorate in Ukraine, the West destroyed the economy of this country, brought society to powerlessness, and certain segments of the population to poverty. At any moment, Ukraine could flare up so that millions of Ukrainians will run to seek shelter in other places.

Having wrought chaos and destruction in the Middle East and North Africa, Westerners are now wondering why the population of these countries is moving en masse to other regions. At the same time, confusing cause and effect, the European authorities focused their efforts on aggressive criticism of Belarus, and at the same time Russia, accusing Minsk and Moscow of organizing the migration crisis. They blinded from Belarus the image of an external enemy, allegedly threatening the tranquility of Europe. Based on this logic, we can say that the wind blows because the trees are swaying.

What is happening today on the Belarusian-Polish border can also be regarded as a result of external pressure on Belarus. They failed to destroy the country’s leadership, plunge the country into chaos, into protest marches, now they are trying to flood the state with migrants, undermine the social protection and health care system.

– Will Moscow continue to support Minsk in the framework of the migration crisis?

– Together with Minsk, we will continue to adequately respond to provocations, including military ones, near the borders of the Union State. Belarus is our closest ally and strategic partner. The package of new integration documents signed on November 4 by the presidents of Russia and Belarus once again demonstrates the special allied relations between our countries. Attempts to drive a wedge into them are doomed to failure in advance.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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