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26 November 2021, 07:02

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Photo by M. Denisov.

Screenings will be held in cinemas “Saturn”, “Tula”, “Sputnik” and “Flight”, and the main stage will be the cinema “Khudozhestvenny”. In the winter of 1942, news from the front was read on its stage.

The Moschino cinema chain has prepared a series of film screenings timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow. On December 5, 1941, the Red Army launched a counteroffensive, which led to the first serious defeat of German troops in the Great Patriotic War. Soviet fighters managed to push the enemy back hundreds of kilometers from the capital.

In honor of this memorable event, on December 5 and 6, films dedicated to the defense of the city will be shown on the big screen. The central platform will be the Khudozhestvenny cinema. Also screenings will take place in Saturn, Tula, Sputnik and Flight. All sessions are free, to attend them, you need to register in advance. On premises, visitors must maintain social distance and wear masks. The seating of guests is provided in a checkerboard pattern, the permissible occupancy of the halls will not exceed 50 percent of the total number of seats.

“Khudozhestvenny” is the oldest cinema in Moscow. He continued to work even during the war years. The latest reports on the course of the battles for the capital sounded from its stage. In the winter of 1942, when the Red Army launched a counteroffensive, news from the front was read out right before the start of the movie shows. Therefore, it is very symbolic to attend screenings dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow on December 5, within the walls of this cinema, ”said the head of the Moscow

Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky.

You can register for the events at website of a network of cinemas… The program will begin with a demonstration of working materials for the military drama “First Oscar” directed by Sergei Mokritsky, which is scheduled to premiere in 2022. The plot is based on the true story of filming the famous film “The Defeat of German Troops near Moscow” (1942) by Leonid Varlamov and Ilya Kopalin. We are talking about preparing Moscow for hostilities, about how residents voluntarily left for the front and how the Soviet army liberated the towns and villages near Moscow. The work of Varlamov and Kopalin became the first Soviet film to receive an Oscar in the Best Documentary Film category.

The film “The First” Oscar “” is dedicated to the feat of front-line cameramen. At the center of the event are camera students Lev Alperin and Ivan Maisky. They refuse to evacuate along with the rest of the inhabitants and go to the front line to capture on camera a grandiose battle, which later became one of the key ones in the Great Patriotic War. Sketches from the set and film excerpts will be shown at 14:00. After that, the Oscar-winning film “The Defeat of German Troops near Moscow” will be shown.

On December 5 and 6, thematic screenings will take place in the Saturn, Tula, Sputnik and Polet cinemas. To participate, you must first register.

On December 5, the big screen will show the film by Margarita Zakharova and Alisa Nasrtdinova “Moscow 1941–1945. Chronicles of everyday life “(2020). This is a kind of collection of archival video materials about the life of Muscovites during the war. The film will be shown at 14:00 at the Saturn cinema and at 15:00 at the Flight.

You can watch the film story “At Your Threshold” (1962) by Vasily Ordynsky at the Saturn Cinema on December 6 at 10:30. The film tells about the defense of the capital. Several anti-aircraft batteries were urgently transferred to Lobnya to prevent the breakthrough of German tanks. One of the gun crews took up a position at a fork near the house where a woman with three children lives. And the film “Zoya” (1944) by Leo Arnshtam tells the story of a Moscow schoolgirl Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, who became a partisan, was captured by the Germans and was executed. The film show will take place at the Tula cinema on December 6 at 15:00.

The program will end with a screening of the military drama “Moscow Sky” (1944) at the Sputnik cinema on December 6 at 14:00. Julius Raizman filmed it based on the play of the same name by playwright Georgy Mdivani. The action takes place in the capital in 1941. Lieutenant Ilya Streltsov, who has just graduated from the flight school, is assigned to a fighter regiment guarding the Moscow sky. The main character will have to conduct many combat missions and meet face to face with the enemy, as well as win the love of the girl Zoe, with whom he has been in love since childhood.

A special project launched on in May “80 years of the battle for Moscow”… It not only preserves the memory of the city’s salvation, but also publishes interesting details about the life of people at that time, about what Moscow was like in 1941-1942. You can see veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in the capital and listen to their memories in a special project “Word of the Soldier of Victory”… There are videos and photographs here.

Moschino is an institution within the Moscow Department of Culture that manages a network of 13 city cinemas. They annually organize film screenings dedicated to memorable dates, hold festivals of auteur films, premieres of new films and meetings with famous directors. The Moschino Cinematheque contains about nine thousand film copies of the classics of Soviet cinema.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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