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In recent years, the city’s ability to support women with children has expanded significantly.

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually in Russia on the last Sunday of autumn. Supporting women with children is one of the priority tasks of the social sphere in Moscow. The city also provides comprehensive assistance to expectant mothers.

One of the main measures to support families with children is social benefits, which will increase by 4.8 percent in 2022. She told about this and other types of assistance to women Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

“In recent years, the city’s opportunities to support women with children have expanded significantly. The provision of assistance involves support in the form of material payments, compensations, benefits, a set of programs and projects aimed at supporting families and children, as well as psychological assistance and assistance in building a career for women who are on parental leave and after it. Next year, in general, it is planned to allocate 15.9 percent more budgetary funds in the area of ​​family and childhood support than in 2021. Social payments to families with children will be increased by 4.8 percent, ”said Anastasia Rakova.

The deputy mayor also noted that all conditions are being created in the capital for the comprehensive support of women with children: they can count on financial, legal, psychological and professional support from the city.

“Thanks to the comprehensive work of the Moscow Government within the framework of social policy, the number of large families is also growing – over the past 10 years, their number has increased 2.5 times. As of November 2021, almost 188 thousand families live in Moscow, in which more than 466 thousand children are being raised. An integral system of assistance to women with children has been built in the capital. It is important for a woman to feel support from the state, society and be sure that in a difficult situation she can count on help, ”said the deputy mayor.

Before the baby is born

Starting from the period of expectation of the child, the expectant mother has the right to receive several benefits, including for pregnancy and childbirth. You can also apply for a social card that provides discounts on the purchase of necessary things for the child, food and medicine.

19 obstetric hospitals, 117 antenatal clinics, 25 gynecological departments were included in 18 associations “women’s consultation – maternity hospital – city clinical hospital”, where pregnant women have access to the full range of medical services. Thanks to this association, expectant mothers in Moscow receive high-quality medical care in a convenient format.

Each obstetric hospital has a children’s intensive care unit. This enables neonatologists to care for very low and extremely low birth weights.

Thanks to the comprehensive renovation and re-equipment, obstetric hospitals meet the best standards of obstetrics. Among them:

– joint stay of mothers and newborns in small wards;

– the possibility of partner and natural childbirth;

– a powerful base for resuscitation and nursing of newborns with developmental problems.

If necessary, residents of the capital can undergo an in vitro fertilization procedure free of charge.

Consultation, video surveillance and gifts

To reduce the risks of having children with congenital pathology, prenatal (prenatal) diagnostics are performed. Also in the capital, you can undergo non-invasive prenatal testing. This is a high-precision screening method for assessing the risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities, based on the analysis of extracellular fetal DNA in the blood of a pregnant woman. The first stage of research on the implementation of such testing was carried out in the capital from March 2020 to March 2021. It involved pregnant women from the group of high and intermediate risk of developing fetal chromosomal abnormalities based on the results of first trimester screening. Thanks to a grant from the Moscow Government, the second stage of research is being launched in the city. The work on introducing the procedure of non-invasive prenatal testing into the practice of the Moscow healthcare will continue.

In mid-2018, the city perinatal council began to work on the basis of the perinatal center of the city clinical hospital No. 24. It consults women who have had chromosomal abnormalities or serious fetal malformations during pregnancy. The council included doctors of various specialties from the leading obstetric and multidisciplinary children’s hospitals in the capital. Appropriate experts – geneticists, surgeons, psychologists and other specialists – are involved in the consideration of each case, taking into account its specifics. During the work of the council, more than 500 complex cases were considered.

In addition, a pilot project was launched in the capital for video surveillance of newborns being nursed in a jail. We are talking about babies born prematurely who are in the intensive care unit. This is a unique service that allows parents to see their child around the clock. The pilot project was launched on the basis of the perinatal center of the city clinical hospital No. 24. Today, the program is also being implemented at the Morozov hospital, the infectious diseases hospital No. 2 and the city clinical hospital No. 15 named after OM. Filatov.

Upon discharge from the Moscow maternity hospital, a woman receives a gift set of baby accessories – a box “Our treasure”, Including 44 items required for caring for an infant. Since February 2020, families with newborn children have a choice: to receive a gift set or a compensation payment in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. Muscovites can submit an online application on the portal, and parents from other cities can contact the public services center.

After the birth of a child, families are provided with support in the form of lump sum payments and benefits… A woman under the age of 35, inclusive, is provided with a one-time payment upon the birth of a child. From 2022, it will amount to 93,570 rubles for the first child, 130,998 rubles for the second, and 187,140 rubles for the third and subsequent children.

Study and work for mothers

Women with children have access to the services of 25 My Family Centers, a specialized employment center My Career under the Mom Works program, as well as various master classes, lectures, webinars and trainings dedicated to self-realization and job search.

The organization “My Family Center” helps women to build relationships in the family, to reveal their inner potential and to cope with various difficulties at an early stage of their occurrence. The main principles of the specialists’ work are to help children and parents, based on respect and philanthropy. The address and telephone number of the center nearest to the house can be found at organization portal.

For women who want to develop professionally in the specialized employment center “My Career”, a program has been created “Mom is working”… It allows you to combine childcare with work. This is not only the selection of suitable vacancies, but also work with personal attitudes and motivation. The program includes individual career support, psychological counseling, career guidance diagnostics, drawing up a career development plan, assistance in writing a resume, training trainings and master classes, including on self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Paperwork and receipt of payments

In the centers “My Documents” you can draw up basic documents for a newborn baby in the framework of the life situation “Birth of a child”: a birth certificate, a certificate of paternity (if necessary), a certificate of registration at the place of residence or stay, a foreign passport for five years, a policy compulsory health insurance and insurance number of an individual personal account.

A child’s birth certificate can also be obtained from all maternity hospitals in the city. State registration of birth is carried out by employees of public service centers.

As part of the life situation “Large family”, if you have the appropriate preferential status in electronic form, you can get a certificate of a large family of the city of Moscow on paper. And also submit documents for the provision of benefits for transport, land and property taxes, make, change, extend or cancel a parking permit entry, receive social support measures for paying for housing, utilities and communications, as well as a social card.

In addition, in the offices of public services, parents can apply for the appointment of payments such as:

– a lump sum for the birth of a child;

– monthly childcare allowance;

– monthly payment in connection with the birth (adoption) of the first and (or) second child;

– compensation payment for the purchase of items and funds intended for the care of newborn children;

– benefits for pregnancy and childbirth;

– additional benefits for pregnancy and childbirth;

– monthly compensation payment for children under the age of one and a half years.

Pregnant wives of conscripted military personnel have the opportunity to apply for a one-time benefit, and after the birth of a baby – a monthly child benefit.

To complete the rest of the manuals available exclusively in electronic form, you need an account on the portal. To get full access to all electronic services and (or) enter information about the child in your personal account, you can contact any of the offices of “My Documents”. A list of electronic government services can be found on the website md.mos.ruin the “Service Catalog” section.

In the centers of public services, comfortable conditions have been created for visitors with children. Each has a mother-and-child room, as well as a safe and cozy playground for toddlers to play, read, draw and watch cartoons.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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