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Librarian’s advice: for kids – books about cute animals, for teenagers – fantasy about the salvation of mankind.

On weekends, library staff tell readers about books that can easily captivate the whole family. Irina Korsakova, chief librarian in the library № 63 named after I.S. Sokolova-Mikitova, chose six books – among them there are good fairy tales, and non-fiction, and a psychological story.


“Myshkin’s house. Sammi and Julia “Karina Shapman

The modern Dutch writer and artist Karina Schapman has created a whole world out of cardboard boxes and papier-mâché – a huge house with many rooms, closets and balconies. She settled there two adorable knitted mice – Julia and Sammi, their family and friends, made clothes for them from colored scraps, as well as curtains and interior items.

The illustrations in Myshkin’s House are photographs taken by the writer herself – they are perhaps the most interesting in the book, although you will also like simple short stories about the inhabitants of the house. Furniture, dishes, things and many other items used by mice – all this delights the kids, they can look at the pictures endlessly.

The book is ideal for the game “Find and Show”. In addition, together with the baby, you can come up with your own stories from pictures – there are enough details for this.

A series of books “Once upon a time there were rabbits” by Genevieve Yurier

This series has long been one of the most popular and beloved among our readers. Funny tricks of nimble playful rabbits (four brothers and sisters), their games and experiences are close and understandable to kids. They are never bored: they fly in a hot air balloon, then rush on sleds along the snow-covered hills, then they come up with something else interesting.

Good stories were composed by the French writer Genevieve Yurier. At first she invented them for her grandchildren, and then, after a while, she decided to share them with other children. Her books quickly became very popular, they have been translated into 28 languages. Wonderful illustrations made by the artist Loic Joannigo also cannot leave the readers indifferent.

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For older guys

Kind Stories of Animals series by Holly Webb

From experience, this series, created by British writer Holly Webb, awakens a love of reading in many children. Even those children who prefer gadgets to books are completely immersed in the world of foxes, deer, ponies and other adorable animals. You can start with any book, their plots are not related to each other. But in each you will find a touching story of friendship.

The books are small, read them quickly. And they also have a large print, very convenient for children. If you like, check out other books by Holly Webb, such as Maisie Hitchins. The Adventures of a Detective Girl “,” Millie’s Kitten, or Welcome Back, Leopard! “,” Haze Kitten, or the Mystery of the Tree House “. Each is written with great kindness and love.

“Animals-astronauts. The first conquerors of space “by Daria Chudnaya

All the guys have heard about the dogs Belka and Strelka, but how many people know the details of their biography? The author and popularizer of cosmonautics Daria Chudnaya tells how the animals were chosen, how they trained, how they lived after the flight. Factual material about animals in space is presented here in a very interesting and lively way. It is impossible to break away! Even an adult will read with great pleasure and will find something for himself that he did not know about before.

The book contains many photographs from the heroes’ training, colorful drawings, as well as memoirs of scientists, diaries of those who worked with dogs, and much more.

Training, puppies and weasel. How Belka and Strelka lived before and after the flight


“Donors” by Ekaterina Sobol

The Giver is a five-book series that fantasy fans will love. The main character Henry is 16 years old. He spent his childhood in the forest with his father, almost without communicating with other people. One day Henry learns that the fate of the whole country and, possibly, humanity depends on his actions. The task before him is not an easy one: to return to the world long-lost magic. Will Henry be able to make the right decisions, find friends, understand and accept himself?

Adults may find these books a little naive, but many teenagers recognize themselves in the characters. Together with Henry, they will go through a difficult but exciting path. I think Givers are great stories about the value of family, friendship, self-sacrifice. In the library, we recommend this cycle very often, and in return we get a lot of positive feedback.

“Just live!” Nikolay and Svetlana Ponomarev

For 15-year-old Matvey, his whole life is crumbling: troubles in his personal life, lack of understanding in the family and an acute lack of real friends. One more desperate thoughts creep into the boy’s head. But suddenly help comes from a completely unexpected side – in the person of the teacher. It is he who shows Matvey that you can look at everything from a different angle.

This book is about life and love, that every day is a miracle, and all losses are necessarily made up for with new joys, turning into a rewarding experience. A deep and kind story makes you think about many things. Its authors, spouses Nikolai and Svetlana Ponomarev, are laureates of the Sergei Mikhalkov International Competition, participants in the International Festival of Children’s and Youth Literature in Munich.

More great books verified by readers of children’s libraries and their staff are in the section Librarian Tips.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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