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December 4, 2021 11:52

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Out of almost five thousand tracks sent to the competition, 53 compositions were selected, which will very soon sound in the parks of Moscow.

In December, park visitors will hear the songs of the winners of the 12th season of the Mosproducer Playlist | Music in parks ”. It is conducted by the Moscow Production Center, subordinate to the Moscow Department of Culture. The experts chose 53 compositions out of almost five thousand applications, among the winners were the groups Zventa Sventana, Shoo, as well as Andrey Grizzly, Leonid Agutin, Untone Chernov and many others.

“This season, we received 1980 applications and 4091 tracks from 206 cities in Russia, as well as from Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Israel, Morocco, Belarus, Canada and Serbia. With the famous names on the list of winners and the large number of songs sent, we can say, that the project has a lot of weight for the music community. So it’s time to expand. Soon our playlist can be heard in other cities of the country. For example, this winter, new music will sound in the Gidrostroitel park in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd Region, ”said Andrey Petrov, director of the Moscow Production Center.

Anyone could take part in the competition. Applications were accepted from October 6-25, and the final audition for the parks was chosen by music industry experts, journalists and producers. A complete list of winners can be seen at website.

“Our project is a unique chance for musicians to acquaint millions of audiences with their work, and absolutely free of charge. In addition, this is an opportunity to get acquainted with the program directors of the media, representatives of labels and music streaming platforms, who are included in the competition jury. That is why the project “Playlist Mosproducer | Music in parks “is in great demand among both novice musicians and established artists,” said Granislav Artemyev, director of the project office of the Moscow Production Center.

Funk, pop, soul and more

Shoo Group

The winners of the project play completely different music, in different languages. But they are all united in one thing: “Playlist Mosproducer | Music in Parks ”is a unique phenomenon in the music industry of Moscow.

The leader and vocalist of the Shoo group Shunya Meshcheryakova sings about love and peace, about the beauty of emotions and feelings. Her style is a combination of genres such as soul, pop, art song.

“I want our songs to awaken emotions, make you think. We love to experiment, we often include in them pieces of music from different countries, the sounds of unusual instruments, we combine seemingly incompatible styles and techniques, getting something completely new. I sing in Russian, which is very important for me. After all, it is in Russian that I can express my thoughts as accurately as possible and convey them to the audience. “

For the competition, the Shoo group presented the track “Look” from the summer mini-album “Dreams”. According to Shuni, this song is about the fact that inside each of us there is a real house, the light in which burns no matter how dark it is around. The fact that the composition ended up being one of the winners of the project became a powerful incentive for Shuni to continue making music: “It is incredible feeling when you realize that your music was appreciated and given a chance to sound to a huge audience. I am really looking forward to the moment when I myself accidentally hear the song “Look” in one of the parks. “

Andrey Grizzly

Poet, composer, arranger and sound producer Andrei Zaluzhny, performing under the stage name Grizzly, writes music in his own style, mixing pop, funk, hip-hop and electronics. He recently recorded his debut album, one of the tracks from which he sent to the competition:

“This composition is called“ I = Music ”. As a creative person, it will be very pleasant for me if people walking in the parks shoot stories, where my song suddenly sounds in the background, and they mark me in the publication. At this moment, I will probably feel the happiest, ”says Andrey.

According to him, such a project is very necessary for musicians who write songs for the soul, and not for commercial reasons. And thanks to participation in it, they will definitely find new listeners. “We have a lot of talented guys. And it’s great that good modern music will soon sound not only in Moscow parks, but also in parks of other Russian cities, ”the musician is sure.

Intone Chernov

Anton Chernov characterizes his work as honest in terms of text and rhythmic in terms of music. Once in childhood, he studied violin at a music school, but he chose a higher educational institution not music, but a medical one.

“However, all this time I did not stop singing, and a couple of years ago, having already become a doctor, I decided to combine work with music. This is how I live: I fly people during the day, and write songs at night, sometimes I change the order so as not to get bored. In general, the project is excellent, as it provides a platform for many novice artists who do not have many opportunities to convey their creativity to the audience, ”he said.

And very soon Anton’s composition entitled “Farewell to the City” will delight visitors to Moscow parks.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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