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18 December 2021, 09:05

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These birds do not fly away for the winter, but wander in search of food. You can put rowan and hawthorn berries in the feeders for them.

Flocks of field thrushes, actively eating rowan and hawthorn berries, appeared in Moscow. After the constant snow cover was established, these birds completely switched to the berry menu, experts say. Mosprirody

The field thrush is the most numerous in the capital. These birds have long ceased to be afraid of humans and have mastered the city. They are the only blackbirds who do not fly away for the winter, but wander in search of food. In summer, they mainly feed on invertebrates, but now they enjoy the fruits of trees and shrubs with pleasure.

Fieldbirds gather in flocks and by joint efforts can give a serious rebuff to the enemy. The main destroyer of nests – the crow – tries to stay away from them, she is unable to resist these noisy birds.

Blackbirds in Moscow

Thrushes are one of the most numerous genera of birds from the order of passerines. In Moscow, one can find the songbird, the white-browed thrush, the blackbird and the blackbird. The latter two can rarely be seen in natural areas in winter.

Small birds ranging in size from 20 to 27 centimeters are distinguished by a characteristic gait: blackbirds move on the ground in jumps, slightly crouching before each jump. They always draw attention to themselves with their restless character – they are famous screamers, especially when they gather in a flock.

Bird menu

It is already possible to feed the birds in the capital now, say Mospriroda experts, at subzero temperatures and stable snow cover. Daylight hours are short, the available food has become several times less, and the need for it increases: at low temperatures, the energy consumption of birds increases.

You can put dried rowan and hawthorn berries in the bird feeder. Thrushes, bullfinches, waxwings and siskins will fly to such a delicacy. Any fried, salted, peppered, smoked foods, rye bread, muffins, fresh white bread, millet, fruits, almonds are harmful to birds.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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