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An expanded meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of Defense was held today at the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation, during which the results of the activities of the Armed Forces in 2021 were summed up and tasks for the next period were determined.

The results of the activities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2021 –
report of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation
at an expanded meeting of the Collegium of the Russian Ministry of Defense

The President of the Russian Federation – Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Vladimir Putin addressed the members of the Collegium.

“We have always paid, and will continue to pay increased attention to the development of the Armed Forces, strengthening the defense capability of Russia.

And today, at the annual expanded meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Defense, we will discuss what has been done in the field of military development in 2021, what results have been achieved in the main areas, and, of course, we will define the tasks for the future – as we always do at the annual boards.

I note right away that the outgoing year, like the previous 2020, was extraordinary – we understand this very well, first of all due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. And it is fundamentally important that in these difficult conditions the Armed Forces accurately, without failures, carried out all the tasks facing them.

Thus, work continued on a large-scale modernization of the army and navy. As a result, the share of modern weapons in the troops exceeded 71%, and in the strategic nuclear forces – 89.

The development of the latest types of weapons proceeded at an active pace. Some of them – the Avangard and Dagger complexes – have been put on alert.

The Navy was solving a wide range of tasks. On an ongoing basis, our ships and submarines carried a combat watch in all significant areas of the World Ocean. The inter-fleet grouping, together with long-range aviation, successfully completed combat training missions in the waters of the Baltic and North Seas, in the remote areas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the grouping of submarines and other ships – in the Arctic Ocean under difficult ice conditions.

I will also note a further increase in the level of combat training of troops. This was convincingly shown by the results of the joint strategic exercise “West-2021”, during which the tasks of ensuring the security of the Union State of Russia and Belarus were successfully worked out

Our military in Syria acted worthily, as befits Russian soldiers. Their presence, assistance to the civilian population in solving humanitarian problems makes a tangible contribution to strengthening stability in this republic.

For over a year now, our peacekeepers have been helping to maintain stability in Nagorno-Karabakh. Largely thanks to their efforts, the humanitarian situation has improved, the territory of a number of districts has been demined, social infrastructure facilities have been restored, and historical and cultural monuments have been preserved. I would like to thank the personnel performing peacekeeping tasks for their professionalism, endurance and perseverance.

Military doctors deserve the kindest words for hard work in difficult conditions, for great help to the civilian population: more than 30.5 thousand people have been treated in medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense, and almost half [of them] are civilians, ”Vladimir Putin said.

The full text of the speech of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is posted on the website of the President of Russia.

Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu made a report at the expanded meeting of the Collegium.

“The aggravation of the military-political situation in the world continues. Tensions are growing on the western and eastern borders of Russia.

The United States is building up its forward military presence at Russian borders. In the countries of Eastern Europe, American units with a total strength of about 8 thousand troops are deployed on a rotational basis.

In the grouping of US forces on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, the command of fire destruction in the theater of operations has been recreated. Until 1991, it was responsible for the use of medium-range missiles.

Formed “multi-sphere” brigade, which is planned to be armed with various systems of strike missile weapons.

In Poland, an infrastructure is being created to accommodate the US armored brigade, and the Aegis Ashore anti-missile system is nearing completion. In Romania, a similar missile defense facility is already on alert.

The deployment of the Pacific segment of the American global missile defense system continues.

To conduct operations and control ocean communications in the North Atlantic and Arctic in Norfolk, a joint NATO command was created.

The United States and NATO are purposefully increasing the scale and intensity of military training activities near Russia. Increasingly, they involve strategic aviation, carrying out simulated launches of nuclear missiles at our facilities. The number of their flights near the Russian borders has more than doubled.

NATO pays special attention to the issues of the transfer of troops to the eastern flank of the alliance, including from the continental part of the United States of America. The exercises are practicing various options for using coalition groups against Russia with the use of non-aligned states – Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The desire of the North Atlantic Alliance to involve the Ukrainian armed forces in its military activities poses a threat to security, taking into account the attempts of Kiev to solve the problem of Donbass by force.

The military development of the territory of Ukraine by NATO countries continues. The situation is aggravated by the supply of the United States and its allies with helicopters, attack unmanned aerial vehicles, and ATGMs.

The presence of more than 120 employees of American private military companies in the settlements of Avdeevka and Priazovskoe in Donetsk region has been reliably established. They equip firing positions in residential buildings and at socially significant facilities, prepare Ukrainian special operations forces and radical armed groups for active hostilities.

To commit provocations, tanks with unidentified chemical components were delivered to the cities of Avdeevka and Krasny Liman.

The number of attacks by Ukrainian servicemen on peaceful areas of Donbass and the positions of the people’s militia of the LPR and DPR is not decreasing, provoking them to retaliate.

The destabilization of the situation in Afghanistan creates the risks of exporting terrorism and drugs to the territory of the CSTO states.

We closely monitor the situation and promptly respond to all threats to military security.

* * *

An additional factor affecting the situation is the growing spread of the new coronavirus infection. The fight against it in the Ministry of Defense is organized at the system level.

By the measures taken, the incidence of covid in the Armed Forces is 2.3 times lower than in the country as a whole, and the mortality rate is 50 times lower.

The number of laboratories in the Armed Forces has been increased 8.5 times, the number of tests has been brought to 50 thousand per week. This is 32 times more than the current standard in civil health care. The timing of PCR studies has been reduced from 24 to 1.5 hours. The registration of a new test system is being completed, which allows you to get results in 30 minutes.

Vaccination coverage was 100% for military personnel and 70% for civilian personnel. Scheduled revaccination is carried out, its daily control is organized.

Full-fledged collective immunity has been achieved and maintained in the Armed Forces.

Thanks to your support, Vladimir Vladimirovich, in less than a year, a complex of high-tech facilities at the 27th Scientific Center of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow has been built. On its basis, therapeutic and prophylactic agents are already being created against new infections.

The Department of Defense is actively involved in providing assistance to the civilian population.

All your orders to provide assistance to residents of 16 regions and 7 foreign countries through the efforts of 5,000 doctors, the supply of 71 tons of medicines and more than 1,000 tons of oxygen have been fulfilled.

Built in 2020, 32 hospitals are actively involved in the elimination of the pandemic in all regions of Russia.

A set of measures to combat the new coronavirus infection allowed maintaining the high combat capability of the Armed Forces, fulfilling all planned tasks and improving the quality of the army and navy.

State of the Armed Forces

The staffing of officer posts exceeded 96%. This year, an additional 13 thousand officers were sent to the troops.

The number of contract servicemen doubled the number of conscripts, 67% of them with higher or secondary vocational education.

On the whole, the demographic gap of the previous years has been overcome. The staffing level of the Armed Forces is 91%.

Today, the entire command staff of the Ground Forces has combat experience, 92% of the flight personnel, 58% of air defense specialists, 62% of the Navy.

A long-term chronic problem with permanent housing has been resolved. Since 2018, military personnel have been receiving it as planned. This year, more than 19.5 thousand people have been provided with permanent housing.

The rate of provision of service housing is not decreasing. This year 35 thousand people received apartments. More than 64 thousand servicemen were compensated for housing rent.

The overwhelming majority of servicemen support the activities of the state in the field of defense and trust the country’s leadership.

Increasing the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces

The Strategic Missile Forces completed the rearmament of the first missile regiment to the Avangard missile system with intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with hypersonic gliding cruise units. In two more missile regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces, the first launchers of the Yars missile system were put on alert.

The aviation strategic nuclear forces were replenished with four modernized strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS.

The next nuclear-powered submarine of the Borey-A project, armed with Bulava ballistic missiles, has been accepted into the Navy.

As a result of large-scale and purposeful work carried out under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the level of modernity in the nuclear triad has been brought to the highest rate in the entire history of its existence – 89.1%.

Simultaneously with the supply of the latest samples for the strategic nuclear forces, a modern infrastructure is being created. 690 high-tech facilities have been built this year.

More than 2.4 thousand new and modernized models have been delivered to the Ground Forces. Two new divisions are deployed – a motorized rifle and a tank, as well as a missile and anti-aircraft missile brigade.

In the Aerospace Forces, an aviation and anti-aircraft missile regiment has been formed. 151 samples of new and modernized aircraft were delivered.

The air defense and anti-missile defense forces received over 30 types of weapons, including the S-400 Triumph and S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile systems.

A separate aviation regiment was formed, armed with MiG-31 aircraft with the Dagger hypersonic missile.

The combat capabilities and control technologies of the Unified Space System are increasing.

The fifth spacecraft “Kupol” was launched, the construction of the Western modernized command post of the Unified Space System was completed with its transfer to trial operation.

The tests of the long-range unmanned aerial vehicle “Altius-RU” have been completed, and the delivery of reconnaissance and strike systems “Inokhodets” and “Forpost” has begun.

As part of the development of the aircraft basing system of the Armed Forces at 29 airfields, over the course of seven years, work was carried out to reconstruct the runways and main infrastructure facilities. This makes it possible to operate all incoming samples of aviation equipment.

The Navy received three modern submarines, four surface ships, 10 combat boats, 17 ships and support boats, as well as three coastal missile systems.

This year, the Navy has formed four new military units, including an artillery and naval engineering regiment.

State tests of the Zircon sea-based hypersonic cruise missile are nearing completion. Serial deliveries will begin next year.

The objects of the coastal infrastructure in Baltiysk and Novorossiysk were commissioned.

Construction of service housing is nearing completion in Gadzhievo. It will fully cover the needs of families of submariners, including the crews of new nuclear-powered submarine cruisers entering the fleet in the next four years.

The Airborne Forces have been supplied with almost 500 units of new and modernized equipment, 13 thousand sets of landing equipment and parachute systems. Formed two airborne regiments.

Thus, the task of rearmament set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief is being purposefully fulfilled.

The equipment of the army and navy with modern weapons is 71.2%.

In terms of modernity, our Armed Forces today occupy a leading position in the world, while in terms of defense spending we are in ninth place.

As a result of the operational management of financial resources, more than 258 billion rubles will be spent on the supply of high-precision weapons. By 2026, the number of long-range high-precision weapons carriers will increase by 30%, and the number of cruise missiles of various basing types will double.

A number of innovations are being introduced to implement measures of the state armament program and state defense order.

This concerns the conclusion of long-term – up to 10 years – government contracts, ensuring the timely delivery of weapons and equipment to the troops, technological readiness and uniform workload of industrial enterprises. The share of such government contracts in 2021 was 83%.

A positive example of their implementation was the construction by 2030 of 34 surface ships and submarines, 20 of which are ships of the far sea zone.

This approach ensures the continuity of the measures of the new state armament program that is in force until 2027 and that is being developed until 2033.

An integrated approach to the maintenance and repair of aviation equipment is being implemented within the framework of life cycle contracts concluded directly with manufacturers, using the criterion of the cost of a flight hour. The terms of these contracts provide for the maintenance of 100% of those in operation.
aircraft and helicopters.

This made it possible to maintain the serviceability of aviation equipment at a level of at least 83%, which is more than twice as much as in 2012.

The unified information system for settlements for the state defense order created by the Ministry of Defense has become the country’s first tool for continuous automated monitoring and control of the use of budget funds. Today it is a key tool when making decisions on advanced advances to defense industry enterprises and adjusting the state defense order.

As a result, the level of fulfillment of SDO tasks, despite the existing restrictive measures, was: for purchases – 99.4%, for repair and modernization – 99.7%.

The readiness of troops to perform tasks as intended

The main event of combat training was the joint Russian-Belarusian strategic exercise “West-2021”.

It demonstrated the ability of the created interspecific groupings to effectively carry out tasks to ensure regional security.

It involved about 200 thousand servicemen, including 2 thousand from the CSTO, SCO and other countries.

For the first time in the exercise, serial shock robotic systems were used on a large-scale in battle formations.

The Armed Forces have carried out all the planned combat training events, including 45 international exercises at various levels.

This year, in the course of surprise checks of the combat readiness of the troops, the formations and formations carried out regrouping over a distance of over 3.5 thousand kilometers with the performance of combat training missions at ranges outside their zones of responsibility.

For the first time in modern history, an operational exercise was conducted with a grouping of forces of the Pacific Fleet in the far sea zone. In the course of it, the forces of the fleet carried out a covert deployment in the remote region of the Pacific Ocean.

On the Franz Josef Land archipelago, an integrated Arctic expedition “Umka” was carried out, which has no analogues in the world. In conditions of high latitudes and low temperatures, all the weapons used have confirmed their technical characteristics.

The interest of foreign countries in the International Army Games is growing. They became the most ambitious and took place on the territory of 11 states. More than 6.2 thousand military personnel from 42 countries took part in them. The games were attended by over 1.5 million people.

Intense combat training made it possible to increase the level of training of commanders and staffs in performing tasks in unfamiliar terrain, as well as the coherence of formations and units of the Armed Forces.

Performing tasks abroad

The Russian contingent continues to carry out peacekeeping tasks in Nagorno-Karabakh. Found and destroyed 26 thousand 65 explosive objects. 222 humanitarian actions were carried out.

As a result, a ceasefire regime and the maintenance of peace and security have been ensured in Nagorno-Karabakh for over a year.

The Russian group of forces remains the main guarantor of the preservation of peace in Syria.

Assistance was provided to the Syrian leadership in resolving the exacerbated summer situation in the south of the country. With the direct participation of our advisers, we managed to avoid bloodshed and stabilize the situation in the province of Daraa.

Russian servicemen carried out over 3 thousand humanitarian actions, more than 5 thousand tons of cargo were delivered. Military medics provided assistance to 132 thousand civilians.

More than 2.3 million Syrian citizens returned to their places of pre-war residence.

The improvement of the military and social infrastructure of our bases abroad continues.

In Syria, at the Khmeimim airfield, work has been completed to increase the Western runway.

The construction of a cultural and leisure center and a sports complex with a total area of ​​over 8 thousand square meters has been completed in Armenia. meters.

The Ministry of Defense cooperates with the armed forces of 109 countries of the world. This clearly demonstrates the futility of Western attempts to isolate Russia in the international arena.

We continued to strengthen allied relations with the CSTO, CIS and SCO countries. This year, we conducted the third joint air patrol with the PLA and the first sea patrol. We will continue this work.

China, India, Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam and Myanmar remain the main partners in the field of military-technical cooperation.

In June, the IX Moscow Conference on International Security was held, in which delegates from 109 countries took part. This is the most numerous military-political event in the world in terms of the number of participants.

The annual Army forum contributed to the strengthening of international military-technical cooperation. It was attended by delegations from 117 foreign countries, and the number of visitors exceeded 1.7 million people.

Improving the professional training of military personnel

The creation of a network of universities of the Ministry of Defense has been completed, and the digital transformation of military education has been carried out. A unified digital educational environment for educational and scientific organizations has been created.

Recruitment to universities was organized in an organized manner. More than 13 thousand cadets and listeners have been enrolled. The average competition of candidates for admission was more than 6 people per place, and among girls – 17 people.

In accordance with your instructions, work has been launched to gradually build up the system of military training for students of civilian universities. Today more than 63 thousand people study at 104 military training centers.

Pupils of the Omsk cadet corps have begun their studies at new funds equipped with modern educational and material resources.

The construction of a sports complex, including a swimming pool and an ice skating rink, has been completed at the Tver Suvorov Military School.

In the next two years, we will create a Suvorov military school in Irkutsk, boarding schools for pupils in Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk, a school for gifted children in the Era Military Innovative Technopolis in Anapa.

Increasing the level of social protection

Thanks to the decisions made by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, additional measures of social support were implemented for servicemen performing tasks to ensure the security of the state in conditions associated with a risk to life.

In order to increase the number of contractors annually in 2021–2023, the Defense Ministry has additionally allocated 180.2 billion rubles.

This year, the salaries of servicemen have been indexed by 3.7%. In 2022–2023, the indexation will be carried out in excess of the planned parameters.

The measures taken increase the attractiveness of military service and the influx of highly qualified specialists into the Armed Forces.

The Ministry of Defense has built an effective system of interaction with the authorities on issues of social support for the families of military personnel.

As a result, the need for employment of wives has decreased 19 times, and in providing children with places in kindergartens – 15 times.

Work continued on providing additional opportunities and privileges to servicemen and their families.

Since November 1, the “Partners of the Russian Army” loyalty program has been introduced. All servicemen got access to discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of goods and services in the network of stores – partners of Voentorg JSC.

The decisions taken by the Ministry of Defense on the development of military medicine made it possible to bring it to the most advanced positions in the country.

Today, 50 military medical organizations provide telemedicine services. In 2021, more than 1.5 thousand of them were carried out.

The measures taken managed to reduce the overall level of sickness among servicemen.

This year, the military construction complex put into operation the latest medical facilities of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladikavkaz that meet modern requirements. This made it possible to increase the coverage of qualified specialized medical care among the military and the civilian population.

In addition, in accordance with your instructions, a new diagnostic center has been erected in Kyzyl. Work is continuously underway to build medical institutions in the interests of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tula regions.

The total area of ​​facilities under construction will be almost 80 thousand square meters. meters.

Arrangement of troops

On the Arctic islands, archipelagos and in remote areas of the coast, the creation of two military bases has been completed, and combat duty of air defense units and coastal missile systems has been organized. The reconstruction of five airfields is nearing completion to receive all types of aircraft.

The implemented set of measures allowed us to reliably close the Arctic borders of Russia from the aggressive military activities of foreign states.

Particular attention is paid to the northern delivery.

This year, more than 72 thousand tons of various cargoes were delivered to 152 hard-to-reach points of deployment. The delivery of materiel was completed by October 1.

Measures continued to eliminate environmental damage to the Arctic. During the year, 3.2 thousand tons of scrap metal were collected and removed, and in total since the beginning of work – more than 28 thousand.

This year, the military construction complex has been implementing large-scale infrastructure projects on a tight schedule – within four to seven months. This was achieved through the use of standard and modern technological projects. As a result, one ruble invested accounts for more than two rubles of fixed assets being introduced.

In a planned manner, measures are being taken to equip military camps. This year, the construction of 692 buildings and structures for park and barracks-housing zones has been completed.

Partnership work continues on the construction of refueling complexes at military airfields. 4 more refueling complexes were built this year. The total volume of investments in this project by oil companies amounted to 21.4 billion rubles.

The improvement of the missile and ammunition storage system continues. 66 modern storage facilities have been built, and their total number has reached 602.

Unreasonable expenses for utility bills at military facilities have been reduced by installing 88,000 utility metering devices.

In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, the railway troops are reconstructing the BAM on the Ulak – Fevralsk section with a length of 339 kilometers.

A full range of preparatory work was completed ahead of schedule. On the Drogoshevsk – Skalisty section, the laying of a new railway track has begun.

Work continued on the transfer to the subjects and to municipal ownership of property that is not used for the needs of the Armed Forces. This year, 2 thousand 982 real estate objects were transferred. The funds saved were used to build new military infrastructure.

Military-political work

Commanders and commanders, military-political bodies maintained a high level of the moral and political state of the troops, their readiness to perform combat missions in any conditions of the situation.

At the same time, the range of tasks being solved by the military-political bodies is increasing. Much remains to be done in this direction.

In the year of the 76th anniversary of Victory, the Ministry of Defense has implemented major patriotic and cultural projects.

Military parades were held in 28 cities. The Main Naval Parade was traditionally held.

In order to preserve historical memory, 86 battle flags were handed over to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The museum and temple complex has become a place of real pilgrimage for Russians. Since the beginning of the year, over 100 major events have been held on its territory, which have been attended by about 3 million people.

A total of 248 Patriot parks have been opened across the country, 29 of them this year.

Systematic work on the military-patriotic education of youth has been continued. Its core is the Yunarmiya movement, which has already covered all regions of Russia and has united more than 1 million teenagers. This year it celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Together with the leadership of Moscow and the Moscow region, the work of the Center for military-patriotic education of youth “Avangard” was organized. Since the beginning of the year, more than 10 thousand young men and women have received initial military training there. The creation of such centers continues in all cities with a population of over 100 thousand people. In accordance with your instructions, Mr President, 40 such centers have already been created.

A multifunctional television complex with studio equipment has appeared in the Ministry of Defense this year. It allows you to inform society about the development and activities of the Armed Forces at a new qualitative level. Thus, all the conditions have been formed for the creation of films of a military-patriotic character on this basis on the orders of the Ministry of Defense.

* * *

Comrade Supreme Commander!

All the tasks set for 2021 have been completed by the Armed Forces. Their combat capabilities have increased by 12.8%. The specified level of maintaining the country’s defense capability has been ensured.

The implementation of all concluded contracts ensured the delivery of more than 5 thousand basic weapons.

The rearmament of the army and navy, as well as planned repairs, made it possible to maintain the serviceability of military equipment at the level of 95%.

More than 3 thousand buildings and structures were commissioned, with a total area of ​​more than 2.5 million square meters. meters.

In 2021, the total volume of capital investments transferred to users amounted to more than 155 and billion rubles, thereby significantly reducing the volume of construction in progress.

The activities of the Ministry of Defense are highly appreciated in Russian society. More than 90% of citizens are confident that the Armed Forces are capable of defending the country, and 88% are proud of the army and navy.

Priority tasks for 2022


To put on alert duty in the Strategic Missile Forces 21 launchers with intercontinental ballistic missiles Yars, Avangard and Sarmat.

To supply the strategic aviation nuclear forces with two strategic missile carriers Tu-160M.

Adopt the Borei-A nuclear-powered submarine Generalissimo Suvorov into the fleet.

By general-purpose forces

To supply the Ground Forces, the Airborne Forces and the Coastal Forces of the Navy with more than a thousand modern means of armored and artillery weapons.

To supply the Aerospace Forces and the Navy with 257 new and modernized aircraft, 5 divisional sets of the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system.

Adopt 5 submarines, 11 surface ships, 3 combat boats into the Navy, supply 2 coastal missile systems to the troops.

To increase the number of contract servicemen by 14.7 thousand people.

Prepare and conduct the Vostok and Thunder strategic command and staff exercises.

To put into operation 3 thousand buildings and structures simultaneously with the supply of new types of weapons and equipment.

Complete the digital transformation of military enlistment offices within two years. This will allow, on the one hand, to reduce the number of personnel, and on the other, to increase wages.

The Ministry of Defense has done a lot to improve the country’s defense capability, but much remains to be done.

So, over the years, a huge amount of overhaul of the infrastructure of military camps has accumulated. Measures are being taken, but they are not enough.

We will apply to the Government to triple the amount of funds allocated for these needs.

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, we will complete the inventory of service housing, after which we will propose a scheme for its further financing, as well as the amount of funds allocated for renting housing.

Comrade Supreme Commander!

In accordance with your instructions, next year the course of the progressive development of the Armed Forces and the increase of their combat capabilities will be continued. “

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