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December 22, 2021 10:37 am

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Press service of the Ministry of Education of Russia

19 of them are gold.

Moscow schoolchildren have won a record number of gold medals at the 2021 International Olympiads. They received 19 gold medals out of 24. Sergei Sobyanin announced this on his page on the VKontakte social network.


The guys took part in eight competitions: international Olympiads in informatics, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, astronomy and astrophysics, natural science Olympiad for juniors.

According to the scientific director of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence Ivan Yashchenko, Muscovites demonstrated a high level of knowledge in all subjects.

“The guys performed brilliantly at all the Olympiads. It is especially pleasing that the medals were received by the students of 15 Moscow schools, and 10 years ago there were only two golds – and both were on the account of the students of the same school. Of course, achievements in international competitions are impossible without success in the finals of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren. After all, all the current medalists have reached heights there. And we are proud that this knowledge has helped them in the international arena as well. Moscow schoolchildren won over 60 percent of all the medals of the Russian team and gold medals, ”said Ivan Yashchenko.

This year, all competitions were held online in a distributed format: teams competed without leaving their countries.

The season started in June and ended at the end of December. All this time, Moscow schoolchildren have been actively preparing to adequately represent Russia at the world level.

As Ivan Yashchenko notes, playing for the national team is always a big responsibility. “The guys spent a lot of time preparing. It included solving the problems of the past competitions, and participating in the training camp, and reading additional literature. But the sports spirit of the participants should also be noted, because the international Olympiad is a competition of the highest level, to win it you need not only knowledge and talent, but also a certain kind of character, ”he stressed.

Natural Science Olympiad for Juniors

The last in the season of international competitions this year was the natural science Olympiad for juniors. The competition was held from December 12 to 21, organized by the United Arab Emirates. Moscow pupils Vyacheslav Bobkov from school number 1589, Grigory Zutler and Ivan Myakutin from school number 179 won gold medals. Together with them, the Russian national team included schoolchildren from the Republic of Mordovia. All the guys received awards of the highest dignity. The national team has won six gold medals.

Schoolchildren from more than 50 countries of the world took part in the Olympiad. They demonstrated their knowledge in three rounds: test, theoretical and experimental. During the tests, they solved problems in chemistry, physics and biology. The Russian national team performed tasks on the basis of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Talent development

Such high Olympiad results have become possible due to the fact that over the past 10 years in Moscow, large-scale mass work has been carried out to develop the talents of schoolchildren. An example of winners is also a motivation for all students to participate in the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren, the Moscow Olympiad for schoolchildren, additional classes, circles, online courses, training camps, including those organized by the Center for Pedagogical Excellence. Children have the opportunity to attend specialized seminars at schools and universities. They allow children to immerse themselves in aspects of the sciences that are not taught in the classroom. Intensive and lengthy field workshops allow children to immerse themselves in their chosen subject in the company of passionate like-minded people, in an atmosphere of co-creation and competition.

In addition, the city has a developed system of pre-professional classes. Schoolchildren study in depth a number of disciplines and take part in the Olympiads of the highest level. In educational institutions, there are projects that cover technical, natural science and humanitarian areas. Among them are “Mathematical vertical”, “Medical class in a Moscow school”, “Engineering class in a Moscow school” and many others. This work also includes the city’s leading universities, research institutes and Moscow IT companies. Together, this allows schoolchildren not only to demonstrate high results in studies and in competitions, but also to see the prospects for education and their professional realization in the future.

In addition to working with children, the capital provides powerful methodological support to teachers, including the development of the talent of children.

In addition to federal grants, Moscow schoolchildren, medal winners of international Olympiads, receive cash prizes from the city. For a gold medal, 1.5 million rubles are paid, for a silver one – one million, for a bronze – 500 thousand rubles.

All information about the achievements of Muscovites can be found at website.

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