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Meeting of Mikhail Mishustin with members of the Expert Council under the Government

Mikhail Mishustin: Good afternoon, dear friends!

Today we will hold the first meeting of the Expert Council in a new format. The council has become more compact, aimed at collaboration. I propose today to discuss the details and approaches to its future activities.

It is very important for the government to receive feedback from people, from businesses, from those who also worked in the government. I welcome my ex-colleagues here. The President often speaks about this – about the very feedback that must be felt, evaluated, and never forgotten. This is necessary for making balanced and effective decisions that will take into account all aspects of this or that, sometimes difficult, issue.

To collect such objective information on the problems that concern our people, we have created a special unit – the Coordination Center. Many were in it. It is built on the most modern technology. It is there that data and feedback are received in real time, and a lot of opinion polls are conducted. We are learning – I think we have already learned – to measure the contribution that companies, government institutions, development institutions, national projects, government programs, our events make to the achievement of the national goals set by the President. This dimension is a very important element that must be adjusted with the expert community, it must be transparent and understandable for us.

Expert advice is another facet of this approach, including for the formation of objective feedback from the scientific community, business, from experienced experts, people who have their own personal opinion on the problems that we will discuss.

We have already gained experience of interaction. With your participation (almost everyone I see took an active part), 42 initiatives for the country’s socio-economic development were formed, which were approved by the President.

Monitoring of activities within the framework of national projects is underway. Public expert councils are also involved in decisions on their implementation.

Our main goal is to dramatically improve people’s lives. To do this, we plan to develop our infrastructure, create new points of growth in the economy, improve the healthcare system – now, during the coronavirus pandemic, this is especially important – and, in general, create a comfortable environment for the life of our people. After all, a comfortable environment is not about abstract changes. It includes practically all important issues for a person: good hospitals, good roads, high-quality water, living conditions in which people live. This determines the desire of people to stay, live and work in the region.

Therefore, it is no less important for the Expert Council to establish feedback with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, with our regions. Their position on how the measures taken by the Government are working on the ground will allow us to more accurately adjust our actions.

I am absolutely sure that through joint efforts we will be able to move faster, including in achieving national development goals.

I will say once again that each of those present in this hall has vast experience of work both in the Government and together with the Government, and he perfectly understands how the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers are organized. All of you have solved large-scale tasks for our country. And since you represent large public and private structures and are recognized experts in your industry, this will allow us, it seems to me, to work together, including with our ministries, departments, federal executive bodies and development institutions.

Now a new generation of experts has emerged that, I would say, is free from prejudice. This is good. It seems to me that they need to be more actively involved in this work. They will not blindly, as is sometimes the case, look back at foreign experience or look back decades and are able to soberly, objectively assess the advantages or weaknesses of a particular solution, respectively, suggest the most effective approach.

I know that many of you have suggestions for priority issues for next year. I instructed my deputies to build a systematic and constructive interaction both with the council itself and with the council members. And I would like to note that the Government Office is ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance and support. I asked Dmitry Yuryevich Grigorenko, Deputy Prime Minister and Chief of Staff of the Government, as well as his deputy, Alexander Sergeevich Gribov, to take this work under my personal control.

Let’s get started. I would like to give the floor to the coordinator of the Expert Council, scientific director of the Higher School of Economics, Yaroslav Ivanovich Kuzminov. You are welcome.

To be continued…

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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