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The meeting participants discussed increasing the accessibility of the urban environment for people with vision problems.

Tatyana Golikova met with students of boarding school # 1 for training and rehabilitation of the blind in Moscow

In the House of Government, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova met with students of the 11th “B” grade of boarding school # 1 for training and rehabilitation of the blind in Moscow. The meeting was also attended by the school director, social teacher – class teacher Ivan Vishnivetsky, Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, Head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Moscow City Population Yevgeny Struzhak, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Labor of Russia, the Ministry of Education of Russia, the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Ministry of Construction Russia.

“I am very glad to welcome you within the walls of the House of the Government of the Russian Federation. After our meeting at your school, guys, I have the best impressions, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister, addressing the students. On September 1, 2021, Tatyana Golikova visited the school and invited the children to make a project on the accessibility of Moscow. The guys did a great job, summarized the existing positive experience in adapting the urban environment for the blind and identified problematic issues. As a result of the project, a video was edited and a presentation was presented with proposals on how to increase the accessibility of the urban environment for people with vision problems.

In Russia, more than 330 thousand people have disabilities due to visual impairments, of which more than 31 thousand are children. Many blind residents of Moscow move around the city on their own. When moving around the city, a blind person, like anyone else, often has to use public urban land transport. The students proposed to develop a mobile application that would make it possible to conveniently use transport when traveling, as well as to extend the Assistant Service in the Moscow metro and to other cities. “We use the metro very often and propose – at each metro station, MCD and MCC to make shuts-lines; to make a sound navigation system at the entrances, exits and passages, ”stressed Ilya Fedorov. Alexander Minin also noted that in Moscow more than 90% of traffic lights are equipped with a sound signal, which can be used in other regions.

As the students noted, tactile tiles are needed for safe and comfortable movement around the city. In Moscow, pedestrian crossings are decorated with modular granite structures. “The absence of tactile tiles causes a number of problems for people with visual impairments, since it is necessary for safe and comfortable movement around the city, we ourselves in Moscow give suggestions where we need it,” Nikita Shaikin emphasized. The guys proposed to use tiles according to specific requests of the blind, where it is really necessary, to develop cheap durable materials for the manufacture of tactile tiles, and also to bring regulatory requirements to uniformity.

At the meeting, special attention was paid to braille displays. “For study, work, communication, reading books, some blind people need a braille display. We use it at school, but it’s a good personal communication tool. And we would really like the displays to be given out to everyone who needs them, ”said Ilya Fedorov. The guys asked to add braille displays to the federal list of TCP for the blind. “Now such displays according to the federal list of technical means of rehabilitation are allowed only for the deaf-blind, for the blind there are none. We understand that not all blind people will be able to use it, and such a device is not cheap and it is ineffective to give it to everyone, so we propose criteria for assigning displays to an individual rehabilitation program, ”said the school director Ivan Vishnivetskiy. Tatyana Golikova instructed the relevant departments to work out the issue of criteria.

In addition, the students noted that it is necessary to have more videos that tell how to properly help blind people in a particular institution, for example, in a shopping center, store, pharmacy, entertainment center, in order to make their life more fulfilling. They also asked to create a single information portal that would collect all the information related to the life of blind people.

“In conclusion, I would like to note the positive experience of Moscow, since colossal work has been done to improve accessibility in the city. We believe that the experience of Moscow will serve as a good example for other regions to borrow on all the issues that we have reported today, ”said Kirill Shmelev.

Tatyana Golikova met with students of boarding school # 1 for training and rehabilitation of the blind in Moscow

Tatyana Golikova thanked the students for the meeting and their work and promised that all the proposals received would be carefully worked out, and also congratulated the children on the upcoming New Year and presented them with gifts.

“You are unique, diligent, worried about others – not for yourself, but for others. Our meeting is taking place on the eve of the New Year, and I sincerely wish you that your wishes, which you have inwardly made up your mind, will definitely come true. The miracle is always with us. This is the brightest feeling that can only be, ”the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

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