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A meeting of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria on the restoration of peaceful life was held in Damascus

Today, Damascus hosted a regular joint meeting of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria, dedicated to the results of the work done in the outgoing year to return refugees to their homes and revive peaceful life throughout the Syrian Arab Republic.

During the event, the heads and leading experts of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters discussed the implementation of joint Russian-Syrian initiatives to return refugees to Syria, as well as further steps to restore peaceful life in the country.

During the meeting, it was confirmed that the return of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes remains a national priority for the Syrian leadership.


interagency coordination headquarters
Russian Federation and Syrian Arab Republic
on the issues of intensifying the process of returning Syrian refugees to their homes

As a result of the efforts undertaken by the Syrian leadership, peaceful life is being actively established in the regions liberated from terrorists. Work is gaining momentum to rebuild infrastructure and destroyed agriculture. Projects are being implemented to revive the road infrastructure and build power lines, new residential buildings, and open schools and hospitals. Particular attention is paid to the modernization of water supply systems, the commissioning of pumping stations and the technical re-equipment of artesian wells, which makes it possible to meet the needs of the population in drinking water.

All this contributes to the return to their homes of Syrian citizens from other countries and temporarily displaced persons.

To date, since September 30, 2015, thanks to the effective work of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters, carried out on the basis of the basic principles of the United Nations, more than two million three hundred and thirty-eight thousand Syrian citizens have returned to their homes, of which over one million three hundred and seventy four thousand are internally displaced persons and more than 963 thousand from other countries.

Acting within the framework of the agreements reached, the Russian Federation provides comprehensive assistance to the Syrian side in solving urgent humanitarian problems.

As part of the development of interstate cooperation and the provision of comprehensive humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, in July and November 2021, the Russian Federation organized working visits of Russian interagency delegations to Syria. They were attended by representatives of 22 ministries and departments, 23 constituent entities and 18 organizations of the Russian Federation, which confirms the attention paid by the Russian state to the restoration of the SAR.

According to the heads of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria, this format contributed to increasing interaction between Russian and Syrian ministries and departments in various fields. Currently, bilateral cooperation between our countries is expanding in such areas as: education and medicine, culture and infrastructure restoration, joint trade, economic and scientific and technical projects. This year alone, 10 important agreements were concluded between the Russian and Syrian departments, designed for the long term.

Thanks to the active position of the federal executive authorities, constituent entities and organizations of the Russian Federation, 1,775 tons of humanitarian aid was delivered to Syria in 2021, which included electric generators, medical equipment, medicines, food, school supplies, clothing and other essential items. During this time, 183 humanitarian actions were carried out, which covered almost the entire territory of Syria.

On the eve of the New Year holidays and in order to congratulate the Syrian children affected by the hostilities, a Russian delegation arrived in the Syrian Arab Republic, which held a number of humanitarian actions in the provinces of Syria with the distribution of New Year gifts to children.

New Year’s performances with Russian Santa Claus were also held for the children of the killed Syrian military. We hope that the planned New Year’s events will help Syrian children forget the horrors of war as soon as possible and look to a bright future with confidence.

Summing up a brief summary of the work done, we can say that the concerted efforts of Russian and Syrian specialists have solved a large set of tasks in returning Syria to a full-fledged peaceful life.

At the same time, along with positive results, there are also problems that the Syrian government has to face every day. In these conditions, the position chosen by the United States and its allies, which aggravates the already difficult situation of the post-war country, is perplexing.

The unprecedented sanctions pressure from the United States and its European allies, as well as the illegitimate presence of foreign military contingents in Syria, have a negative impact on the socio-economic and humanitarian situation in the country. And the political conditions put forward by them, allegedly necessary for expanding humanitarian assistance and building up work on early recovery, impede the establishment of a peaceful life in the republic and contradict United Nations Security Council Resolution 2585.

In areas controlled by Western countries, a critical humanitarian situation remains. The most disastrous situation is developing in the Rukban refugee camp. The majority of its population is poor, food insecure, unable to educate children and receive adequate medical care.

On the territory of the Trans-Euphrates controlled by the USA, in the refugee camp “El-Khol”, a security situation has developed, and there is a tendency towards radicalization of its inhabitants. This year alone, 84 cases of murder and 23 attempts on the lives of camp residents were recorded. This testifies to the actual inability of Washington to take control of the situation, to ensure order and security in the regions of the country under its control.

In addition, open politicization of purely humanitarian issues continues. The topic of the need to provide assistance to the Syrian population exclusively through cross-border humanitarian corridors is being actively promoted. At the same time, contrary to UN Security Council Resolution 2585, all attempts to deliver humanitarian supplies by an alternative means – through the contact lines – to meet the needs of the Syrians, including to the Idlib de-escalation zone, are blocked. Thus, the cargo of the August convoy delivered by the world organization to Sarmada was still in the warehouse as of the beginning of December, it is in this regard that the humanitarian actions agreed by the Syrian government under the auspices of the UN for the population of Idlib are constantly postponed. This state of affairs contradicts resolution 2585 of the UN Security Council and testifies to the West’s intention to continue supporting the enclaves controlled by the militants in order to preserve hotbeds of tension in the country.

We call for an end to the politicization of humanitarian activities in the Syrian Arab Republic and not to ignore the importance of resolving the social problems of the population. We consider it important to exclude the use of a cross-border mechanism for supplying militants of terrorist organizations that use UN humanitarian aid as a lever of influence on the civilian population and openly profit from supplies.

We are confident that only the consolidation of the efforts of the entire international community in humanitarian assistance to Syria, as well as the lifting of illegal sanctions against the Syrian people, can give a new impetus to the process of internal Syrian political settlement and make it possible to move forward along the path of post-conflict reconstruction of the republic.

Head of the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for the Return of Refugees to the Territory of the Syrian Arab Republic – Head of the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation


Head of the Syrian Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters for the Return of Refugees to the Territory of the Syrian Arab Republic – Minister of Municipal Administration and Environment of the Syrian Arab Republic

H. Mahluf

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